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SUV Doorstep/Easily Access To Car Rooftop/Recommended by 4WD TV(Australia)
RECOMMENDED BY 4WD TV(AU), 4x4ventures(ZA), Drive South Africa(ZA), JOE ROBINET(CA), Andrew St Pierre White(AU)

The SUV Doorstep is Made from stainless steel 430 hinge pin, And multiple contact points disperse load on door latch. After professional testing by Australian institutions, its maximum pressure limit - 510 pounds = 230kg


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VIDEO ABOUT SUV DOORSTEP - https://vimeo.com/336528446


Made from aircraft grade aluminum 6106, weight limit of 510lbs
Package Dimensions: 6.8 x 3.5 x 1.9 inches, Item Weight:11.2 ounces
Rubber bumper and coated hook protect vehicle
Includes: Door Step and set up guide
AU & US & CA patents. Patent NO: 2018101500


ORDER NOW:https://suvdoorstep.com/products/car-doorstep

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    Welcome back


    Despite the patents, etc…plenty of sellers on eBay selling similar for half the price. As a consumer, what would you do? Do you support the original or buy an aftermarket?

    Reminds me of the current trade war that’s going on.


      This is ozbargain have to go for the cheaper alternative. Is the original also made in china?

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    After seeing a couple of new YouTube reviews, I went out to stand in my 4x4 interior floor and had one foot on the door hinge. One problem I find is difficulty keeping my balance from falling backward because my body has to lean right up on the car body. I have to hold one hand on the interior handle or on the rood rack to balance myself. A step ladder is still needed if I want to have both my hands free to load/unload items from my roof tray.

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    $15 plus delivery from eBay.

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    This RRP keeps going up and your prices keep getting worse! In the tradition we've maintained so far, have a neg for continually trying to rip people off and getting more expensive

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    What "Australian institutions" have "professionally tested" it ?


    You must be f*in kidding us, right? At least you made me giggle :)
    Get on eBay for a couple of dollars.


    For the same reason as above. Cheaper elsewhere, gets more expensive with every posting, the original one they sold was a counterfeit copy of a Moki design.

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