expired Seagate Expansion Portable Drive, 4TB, Black (STEA4000400) $127.20 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Drag and drop file saving, right out of the box
USB powered
Fast data transfer with USB 3.0 connectivity

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    Decent price


    Should work as an external HDD for the PS4 Pro yeah?

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    These things always go to a decent price when i have no spending money :( Need a new one for studies.

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    Thanks OP, finally used my $30 voucher from the Western Digital HDD refund.

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    This deal is cheaper if you're not in a rush


    How does the seagate's compare to the Samsung T5 in terms of transfer speed?

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      Dont think it is fair to compare that. T5 is much faster internally as it is basically an external SSD drive. However, the maximum speed is limited by the USB port connection.

      Seagate is running USB 3.0 max, T5 is also on USB 3.0 but with USB-C connection on the other end, not sure if there is any different though.

      The main difference actually lies on the physical drive, T5 is all electronics without any mechanical parts. Seagate is a mechanic drive which will fail when drop.

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      While I own both drives and could do a speed test, the performance depends largely on the type of content you are transferring. Mechanical drives are pretty good when it comes to sustained write speed but crawl when random access is involved as the drive head needs to move into position.

      From what I recall the last time I used both, for sustained writing rate the seagate gets around 120-140Mb per second (this speed will drop as you fill up the drive and the contents are written closer to the spindle where the angular velocity changes). There is also some confusion if the 4Tb Seagate uses shingled recording to achieve such densities (which makes the drive more suitable for write once/read many or archiving purposes). If the drive does use that method then subsequent writing to parts of the drive will be slowed down even further.

      The T5 using an SSD Gets around 450mb per second so, on first blush the T5 is about 4X faster in sequential access, and would wipe the floor on random access vs the seagate.

      If you're looking for a drive to do a regular backup the 4Tb capacity gives you plenty of room. Drop it as netbies has mentioned and it will probably be damaged.

      The SSD is perfect if your transferring lots of little files, out and about dropping it, taking it everywhere and needing something that is very durable, compact, and lots of storage is not needed but performance is.