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Baseus 45W Dual USB PD Type-C QC3.0 Car Charger $9.98 + Delivery (Free with eBay Plus) @ Shopping Square eBay

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  • Can this power up a laptop?

    • Probably but it seems it'll only do 45W if your vehicle's battery outputs at 24V.
      Otherwise max seems to be 12v 3A which is 36watts.
      it'll charge an average laptop battery in 2-3 hours, but it probably wont charge while you're using it for anything stressful at that wattage.

    • Some laptops. Depends on the one you have. This charger looks like a great find. If I was you I'd lean to something a little bigger to get decent results with a laptop https://www.gearmo.com/shop/usb-c-power-delivery-60w-output-...

    • I bought one for $19, which my dog chewed, then bought another at same price days ago. Still might buy one more.

      Best car charger I've ever had. It powers and charges my 2019 Spectre notebook (baseus pd cable) and charges my Note 9 at the same time. Very impressed

  • They're showing as $19.95 for me

  • Cables are showing no stock.

  • prices are up now

    • No, they are not.

      Just bought the USB C car charger, it's $9.97 total delivered.

      Hmm, I don't even drive much though 😂

  • Nice price, can’t resist. But this little thing gonna suck real hard for the battery if used constantly for 45w, isn’t it?

  • Grabbed a car charger but does anyone have feedback on the lighting quality on the 3 in 1 cable?

  • It states in the eBay advertisement that "Note: 20V output can only be realized while inputting 24V vehicle model (large trucks)". This means it will not be able to put out 45W. For me it would not be able to charge my Dell XPS 15, this would also include some Macbooks, Nintendo Switch etc. So unless you have a large truck you may want to check your specs.

    • I don't know the science, but it does great with my 13" HP. It came with a 65w adapter. If yours was 90w it could be a stretch I guess

  • I bought the car charger in silver with USB C and USB A. Doesn't seem to work at all? Any ideas?

    The light works fine on it but plugging in any cable to any device, nothing happens

    • Could be a dud. This one comes in black, blue and red only. Probably worth $10 to avoid the trouble of investigating a fix

  • Thanks op, picked up 2. Seems like this brand is getting some traction and might be the next Blitzwolf

  • It states 5v 6a for the max output, does that mean if both ports are used each device receives 5v 3a?

    If yes, does that mean >5v is only possible if one device is plugged in?

  • Unfortunately the postage costs without eBay Plus kind of kill the deals available.