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Hisense 43R6 43" 4K HDR TV $549.60 ($45 Delivery or Local Pickup Brisbane) @ VideoPro eBay


New R6 range by Hisense. I did a fair amount of research and they seem to have a pretty good history with value & customer support.

Original 20% off 60 Sellers on eBay Deal Post

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  • how to these or the P6 go with something like a vodafone TV attached? runs well?

  • Usually, the R6 is the new year's model of P6. Samsung all does this.

  • It’s now dropped to $506.40 after discount.

  • Got this TV because on the website it says it has a game mode. Unfortunately it doesn't. The consultant told me the following.

    The 43R6 doesn’t have MEMC (Motion Estimation/Motion Compensation), so we can say it is always in game mode by default where input lag is less than 50ms @1080p 60Hz.

    I wish I spent the extra money and got the Samsung RU7100

    • I was tring to figure out how to turn that on, but couldn't find it anywhere. That explains why.
      In the end it looks great coming from a 4k with no hdr so I didn't worry about it too much, haven't noticed any issues on lag.

      • How does yours handle motion? I was playing Gran Turismo Sport and there was some side scrolling text that went really blurry. Almost unreadable.

        I've been playing around with the HDR settings and HDR night is the best with a few adjustments I have found.

        • I haven't noticed anything bad, but most motion I play at the moment is farcry 5.

          Mine updated today, but assumed that would have been smart feature centric, nothing picture processing related.