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NetGear Orbi Outdoor Satellite (RBS50Y) AC3000 Tri-Band High Wi-Fi System $229 + Delivery @ MSY


Just happened upon this while doing a quick search on staticice
Next closest price is $443.

Most stock is not available for pick up so you need to consider delivery. $20

This seems like a great extender for those who own the Orbi. I got my RBK50 for $300 from the goodguys deal from ozbargain. That was 2017, nothing has come close since then. Had to get 2x of these as the Orbi was weak in two spots on my 350 sqm floor area 1 floor.

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  • RBS50Y shows next closest on Staticice for $329. Shows no stock for me on MSY site.

  • I bought in Brisbane. delivered

  • I assume you guys are using this for business purposes, or have huge homes? lol

    Sounds like cool tech though.

    • Acreage homes with a lot of emphasis on the outdoors. Ie pools.

      I use this so I can cast in my greenhouse (no ganja. Pinky swearsy)

    • For getting WiFi in the garage

    • Wouldn't really consider my home huge. It's 350 sqm. The RBK50 orbi covers roughly 5000 sq foot 464sqm , but realistically speaking im dropping off at the 4 corners of my house. (really annoying for the wireless security cams on the corners of the homes).

      • Ah ok. Now that I read the specs, I can see it says 2500 on top of the 4000/5000 provided by the main unit.

        I must admit, I had assumed that this unit was aimed at delivering a much larger area of coverage? But that was based on my own circumstances and usage, using a billion 7800n which is covering approx 250-300m2 area. I expect that if I swapped my 7800n into your home setup, it would be inadequate.

        • I would say you would be fine. Indoors is not a problem with RBK50 for your size. I got it for the mesh and simplicity. I hate extenders and multiple SSIDs

  • No stock anywhere

  • Again available for delivery

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