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[Switch] NBA 2K19 $2.99 (95% off) @ Nintendo US eShop


Possibly pricing error. It's rare to have such price on Switch. Be quick to change your region to US and buy it on your Switch. Enjoy!
For AU eshop its price is still $49.75 (Usually $99.95)
This is my first time post. Thanks to all OZ bargainers.

PS: I didn't expect that you guys facing so much problems. Your account should not have any pending credits when you are about to change your region. Or maybe you can create a new US Nintendo account. (I have three accounts AU, US and JP).
For the payment, My credit card which was opened in China can pay all the currency in eShop with no issue. (I used to change my region to even Mexico and Russia in order to buy some games with much lower price)
For the address and postcode used in US eShop, I used Alaska 99833, and you can have a try.

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  • Not a pricing error.
    Same price on PS4.
    It is end of season, soon to be replaced by NBA2K20, and I hear some modes are riddled with microtransactions (at least on PS4).

    I bought it for PS4 just for a couple of casual games.

    • For switch platform such price is rare…
      In Au eshop it is $49.75 (Usually $99.95, ends 18/06)

    • Most of the game is riddled with micro transactions yes, but this is a good price to pick the game up and just play local multiplayer in the play now mode. MyCareer and MyTeam require heaps of hours to grind or heaps of $$.

    • Link? I can only see it for $34.95 on the PS store

    • When I saw the pricing for this on reddit, one user claimed that the Xbox version was a pricing mistake that people jumped on, so they made it the sale price across the board.

      Thats why it is still full price for us, as the US got the accidental price and we still pay the "f**k you guys in Australia" tax.

  • I changed my region but the price still appears as $49.75. I could only change it to "Americas".

  • How do I change my region and can I change it back?

  • thanks! for about 4 bucks, definitely can't pass on it

  • Is the switch version downgraded from the ps4 version? I like the idea to be able to play it on the go but not if it's missing content compare to the park/Xbox version…

    • It’s $4 dude. Even if it was missing 75% of the content, who cares.

    • As someone who's played every 2k game since 2k9 and played exclusively on Switch since the games have launched there, these titles are feature complete, but run at 720p/30fps. This is something I had no real issue adjusting to though as a portable NBA game is something I've been wishing for since the original DS

  • So I switched countries, .50 fee, then couldn’t pay as cc post code not matching sales tax post code!

  • I grabbed it. Not sure why, but then again.. Why not? Thanks OP!

  • Damn I changed my region but then couldn't link my PayPal or CC. So swapped back to add funds and then went to switch back again and it told me I need to forfeit my current funds in order to do so. Just cucked myself out of the deal I think. Not going to throw away $10 credit to try and get it now.

  • +9 votes

    Finally figured it out. For idiots like me who never did this:

    1) Create a second account online and set the country for it to the US when signing up
    2) Link that account to your Switch
    3) Go to BestBuy.com and create an account
    4) Grab an eShop digital code from BestBuy, in this case they have $5 ones (credit card worked but PayPal didn’t) - they also allow international orders and provide a valid address you can use
    5) Log in with your new US Nintendo account on your Switch and redeem the code from BestBuy
    6) Profit

  • Got it thanks

    Anyone looking to get US eShop I buy from here (they accept paypal)


    Also use the following ZIP codes at checkout to avoid tax

    97330 – Corvallis, Oregon. 03222 – New Hampshire, Bristol. 97222 – Milwaukie, Oregon

    • thanks for this. anyone tried to play 2k19 online? do u cancel your AUS Nintendo Switch Online and sign up to US Nintendo Switch Online?

  • Any other big discounts on US estore?

  • Can you change region if you're a family group leader?

  • Do you need the Nintendo online subscription to play this game ?

  • Guessing this deal will reach australia in 1-2 weeks? Given the delay on the Australian Eshop compared to other regions. (I think i read an AMA in the past where they said Australian Eshop have to be submitted 2 weeks before NA).

    Hope it does would love to pick this up on Switch.

  • Considering the game is hilariously bad I don't think I'll bother with the effort


    • It's a portable, feature-complete NBA game. It has worse graphics and 30fps, but is otherwise a fully playable game.

      This looks like you've based your entire opinion upon the experience of someone else

    • This review is hilarious; not worth the time/effort.

      • I agree it's not the best review but he does make a few good points

        • Terrible graphics. I don't mind 720p, but the actual detail is awful - like PS2 graphics
        • 30 FPS
        • Input lag
        • Riddled with grind
        • Again, as someone who has actually played the game and enjoyed it rather than basing my thoughts on someone else's review:
          -During actual gameplay, graphics are unimportant. Game still feels like 2k and it's portable
          - the 30fps is very consistent, much more so than 2k18 on Switch, which means your brain adjusts to it quite quickly - especially when using the 2k camera angle
          - Never noticed any input lag when playing. Again, I actually played the game.
          - the grind is entirely optional, doesn't affect enjoyment if you actually enjoy playing the game rather than just buying your way up to a 99 overall and exclusive to one mode. It's almost like a sport Sim is trying to replicate being a professional athlete. Weird.

  • Sweet deal, probably never play it but bought anyway

  • http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/06/save_up_to_50_perce...

    Full list of the USA Nintendo E-Shop pricing. A lot of these deals are better than on the Aus Eshop, and some games are on there that the Aus E-Shop doesn't have.

  • Did not enjoy this version at all. I hope one day we can get back to a basic NBA game.

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