Samsung Galaxy Note9 128GB - $75 Per Month, 30GB Data (24 Months) @ Optus


Finally, the Note9 on Optus has dropped. Cheapers was $80 / 4GB.

This is the OWN A PHONE option. Not Leased.

128GB Model - Blue or Black

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    Damn, $1800 over the next 2 years, there’s plenty of cheap outright note 9 on eBay and get a prepaid options.

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    Considering I got the Note 9 512gb with 100gb a month for $91 a month almost a year ago, this isn't great. You're better off finding the phone outright.


    Harveys just started their Eftpos Gift Card promo too

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    For some reason I prefer it over my s10 plus, somehow the screen is more enjoyable to look at and use, did all I could to fix the dull and washed out colours effect on the s10 plus put can't get the liveliness and that digital vibrance that previous amoled screens had. Speakers sound on the s10 is terrible, too trebely and not loud enough, maybe coz of the whole bazzles all screen race. Battery life is definitely worse even though it has a 4500mah battery, drains faster somehow then note 9,probably poor battery optimisations, has no notification LED light anymore, one of my favourite features to know if I have any notification and what type it is, easily determined by the colour of the light blinking. Found a 3rd party way around it but I've input too much work trying to make the phone to be as it should have been out of the box, finger print scanner is a gimmick, won't work at all if you have glass screen protector on the screen, and even if you don't it's a hit and miss if you've placed the finger on the scanner properly for the reading, using face unlock and happy with it, it's fast and much more reliable. Nice phone but flawed and rushed, unfinished project.

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    Bought the blue one for $889*85% with woollies 10% off ebay gf, plus $10/mth belong, comes to $38/mth.

    Get a few cheap $40 belong sims to boost your data bank, then u get <$38/mth for a while ;)

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