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Mid-Year Warehouse Sale up to 90% off New & Refurb TVs & Electronics, 24" $99, 65" $499, 75" $999, $1 Wall Mounts + More @ SONIQ


SONIQ is having a massive EOFY Warehouse Sales with thousands of products at heavily discounted prices! Come and check it out this weekend 14th to 16th of June.

Check it out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/402260807289649/

  • Daily Giveaways
  • Located at 178 Boundary Rd Braeside
  • Includes new and refurbished stock
  • Deals are limited to stock availability

Some of the products include:

  • $1 Wallmounts for VESA TVs 23 to 40 inches (limited to 1 per customer)
  • $25 Wireless Car Phone Charger
  • $19 Travel Chargers
  • 24" TVs from $99 (Refurbished), $119 New
  • 55" TVs from $299 (Refurbished), $399 New
  • 58" TVs from $349 (Refurbished)
  • 65" TVs from $499 (Refurbished), $599 New
  • 75" TVs from $999 New

Able to organise the delivery and installation for additional costs

All Refurbished products come with an 18-month warranty and are comprised of either light scratching on the back of the TV or stand (not the front) or repaired units using genuine manufacturer parts.

Many of our larger Smart/ Chromecast TVs come with an included 36-month warranty if you register them on our website

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  • Shame the warehouse is nowhere near me.

  • We used to have a "dumb" Soniq 50"(?!) HD that we bought on special around the 300 mark from JB. Best TV ever for that price. Could not fault it.
    Recently I convinced the Mrs to replace it with this 75" UHD model as we were "lucky" enough to have some local stock https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/451078 .

    Size is impressive, picture is quite good considering the price, sound is s###t (as with most units this days) but nothing you can't fix with a nice soundbar oz bargain.

    However first thing we noticed- the Sound when going through the soundbar is of sync.
    Tried various "fixes" found online but the offset seems to coming and going; might depend on the content.

    But this was only a small issue compared to the real problem: Casting!
    This TV is sold with "inbuilt" Chromecast and while it worked fine at first it started playing up pretty soon. Phone would simply not connect any longer. Yes we tried different phones but it will always attempt to connect and then state "casting stopped"(or something along those lines); while on the TV screen it does not even start for a sec.
    Resetting the TV and setting it up again fixed it for a short while and then the issue starts again.
    And I am sure it is not our Network as we have three other Chromecasts (1st and 2nd Gen) working fine as well as a Mibox and and Xbox.
    We actually have the MiBox hooked up to it atm to cast via the Box. Bit defeats the purpose of getting such a TV, but can't be bothered constantly resetting it.

    And now we also have Green Stripes coming up on screen on start up.
    Not all the time, but it seems to become more frequent. Most times they are only showing during start up and then disappear but we also had occasions where we had pull the power plug and restart it as it was stuck with this black screen with green stripes (actually took a video of it)….

    Overall not happy at all and while the old unit was rock solid I can't see this one lasting tooooo long.

    Actually if it keeps getting a little worse/carries on like this I'll start looking into a warranty claim.
    Only reason I have not done so yet is that I am not looking forward to being treated like an idiot("have you reset"? "What is the status light on your Wifi Modem"?…)and having to convince people that unit this is not fit for purpose…(A TV with Chromecast where the Chromecast part isn't working)

  • What are the chances of any $1 TV mounts being left on Saturday, slim to none I'd say. Although only up to 40" so maybe not big enough for most

  • My old soniq LCD was rock solid for quite a few years before I sold it privately. now I am looKing at a 4k uhd smart TV around 50" for bedroom. Not sure if I should buy Soniq again as I see quite a few unhappy reviews online and here on ozbargain for the soniq smart TV series.

    • Definitely can confirm that- see my comment above. Might just have been unlucky but if I could I would rather have my money back and put a bit extra on top for a decent Deal with for example Hisense.
      We have a 65" Hisense (P6 I believe) from a deal mid last year, ended up being around 1500, and that is a great TV for the price. Can tell the difference in build quality (or should I say appearance) and picture. Sound is also a bit better, though we have both hooked up to Son soundbars, so that doesn't really matter.

  • All this 'FROM' pricing leads me to be believe this sale will be a massive disappointment.

    REP are the prices quoted for NEW tvs or refurbs?

  • I bought a N55UX17B-AU 100Hz recently to live outside (undercover) behind the bar.

    On SD free to air, the picture is poor. HD content is far better, and I have not tried any 4K content yet.

    I bought this tv as a bit of a test, to see if it was worth getting a 65 or 75 for the shed.

    It was not.

  • I don’t think you can use the up to 90% off when the only product that is 90% off is the wall mount. Unless your markup on TVs is absurd.

    Most if not all these prices have been had before. There are 24” tvs on clearance at target for $70 and they have a built in DVD player.