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Soniq UX17A 75" 4K UHD Smart LED TV w/Chromecast in-built $995 + Shipping or Free Warehouse Pickup at JB Hi-Fi


Pretty insane deal, first 75" TV under $1,000? I'd say so.. stock will probably be limited. Not sure on the quality but at this price it shouldn't matter…

NOTE: You have to go to the warehouse in Dandenong / Adelaide / Mildura /Sydney / Melbourne to pick it up, thanks in comments for heads up! :)

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  • Note that JB don't let you click and collect this from the store. You have to go to the warehouse in Dandenong to pick it up.

    • C&C at the following warehouses:


      Won't deliver to WA

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      Not like it's a rule that you can't click and collect in store, it's more that no store really bothers to actually keep any in stock as it just wastes space for more popular/higher profit margin items.

  • Now that Soniq is dead I'm sure we'll see more of their TVs dropping ;)

  • Yeah Soniq going the way of the now defunct/pretty much non existent/extinct/dead Dick Smith..

    I give em less than a few years before they go completely under or at least fade into obscurity i dunno i just get super cheap vibes from them whenever I read about them might be completely bias and not objective at all but for some reason I feel they are the Telecube of TV's aka unsustainable or just really cheap quality but I guess TV's are completely different market to RSP's so we shall see

  • That's ridiculously cheap

  • Soniq is cheap nasty shit, so sick of dealing with the 15+ units each week for warranty its no wonder JB dropped them ! They're as bad as the kogan/Viano ones anyway..

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      Ive had a soniq tv for 10 years (As a 2nd tv) and it hasnt missed a beat. I think its hit n miss for what you pay for.

    • 7.5 years with a 42 inch Soniq. Still going strong.

    • Paid $300 8 years ago for my 42 inch Soniq TV and have had zero problems. This deal is hard to resist despite all the talk that they’re going out of business

  • Surely these are still great compared to that absolute crap JVC and Viano stuff they sell at BigW

    • just read the comment right above urs dude… lol

      • But just like the cheap Chinese phone market some must be superior to others. As for putting Viano in the same category as Kogan is an insult Ruslan

  • You have to go to the warehouse in Dandenong

    Nvm, it'll probably get stolen on the way back home lol

  • I'm in Carnegie and it said it could ship here for $59

  • Am I the only one concerned that at 75" all the Soniq flaws would be magnified?

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    A lot of brand snobs in the thread.

    I bought a 65" Soniq 2 years ago that I've been very happy with. Was actually an OzBargain I think?
    People make the mistake of comparing Soniq's against LG's and Samsung's… and of course they aren't going to be as good.
    But for the $600 delivered I paid for mine as the family room screen, it's served me very well.

    $1000 for a 75" screen is a damn good deal.
    And JB's dropping them just means they'll find another retail outlet to sell from… or otherwise sell direct to the public online like they used to.

    The killer for them is the pricing is too high their TV's, and models aren't being updated as often as they used to.
    Used to be a gen or 2 behind what the others were selling, yet now I still see they are trying to flog models from a few years ago for the same prices.
    That Nakachimi? speaker 65" model has been on the books for a few years now… not a good look.

    Hope they get back to what they used to do. Keeping prices high so the middle man (JB's) could still make a cut was a mistake.
    Sell direct and sell cheaper.

    • How is it a mistake to compare this tv to LG and Samsung? Both of those manufacturers also have budget models, which a lot of people own so it would provide a good benchmark to compare it to.

      A Samsung or LG label doesn't always equate to better quality.

      • I have a budget JVC and an LG. Both LED/LCD
        Don't get me wrong the JVC does it's job, but it doesn't compare to the LG… actually it doesn't come even close.

      • @TEER3X

        Because when one TV costs 4 times as much as the other, it's clear that technology and quality definitely comes into play.
        I don't see the value in such ripoffs either, so I do agree with you to a point that expensive doesn't ALWAYS equate to better quality.

        But don't kid yourself. If given the choice between two free TV's… you'd generally pick the much more expensive one, because it IS typically better. I'd never pay quadruple the price for it, but for free??? Of course I'd pick the better one, and so would anyone.

    • Yeah nah, Soniq is genuine garbage.

      Most stores have been selling more boxed refurbs than actual new TVs for years. That's how high the failure and return rate is.

    • As I tried to state above, I purchased a cheap JVC TV from Dickies years ago and it is rubbish but I chose to purchase a Signify TV advertised on ozbargain, it was like I had gone to a premium brand. As always though people don't compare apples with apples

  • There are a lot of mixed reviews about this Tv and soniq in general. Plus with their brand looking like it will go belly up then there is a fair chance that if this Tv has a fault in the near future your throwing 1000 dollars away

  • Rather than rushing off spending $1K on a crappy budget TV that is going to give you grief and inconvenience regarding warranty/breakdown/lines on the screen etc .., just wait and invest more and get a real one.

    Many PPL see this: 4K TV 75" = $1000… wow!…. not 2 months later, turn it on, red light displays below and no-body is home.

    I mean the budget Samsung and the LG's 75" are now scraping around $1600 on a good day … so wait a little .. it'll eventually get to $1200 - $1300 and save grief. Cheers

    • but then ill be wanting the 86" for under $1000 please advise when i shoud buy one coz the 90" is after that, i would like to watch game of thones some time this decade if possible?

      • That's fine mate.

        If you are absolutely hanging for it, cannot sleep a wink and are going through borderline depression wanting to buy this 75" TV, then buy it. No one is stopping you!

        Then get back to us a month later posting a new thread "Soniq TV died after 2 months and cannot get warranty support"

        .. and then at the same time, there is a new post "Samsung RU7100 75" TV $1120 + delivery"

  • ok fine its under $1000 but a terriable terriable brand, you HAVE to spend the little extra and atleast get a hisense 75" for $1400 or so, really , otherwise you will regret it for a long long time….

    i compare this deal to going to a restaurant and them having an unlimited all you can eat seafood buffet for $10, except that catch is its all gone off and spoiled… pointless.

    • Yes it's better to get a TV that you will love for a long time

    • Let's put your analogy more under more perspective regarding cost.

      You are taking 10 of your friends to a restaurant all you can eat seafood.

      Rest: 1 $1000 for 10 and going by some reviews, the food is very average quality and many have had issues with the service.

      Rest: 2 $1300 for 10 and going by some reviews, the food is good quality and only minimal has had issues with the service.

      Which one would you pick?

      Value = Quality/Cost

      • $130ea for a party of 10 for dinner?

        That's a bargain!

        Said no ozbargainer ever.

        Not when we could get a $4.95 hot and spicy fill up box from KFC.

        • We can go back and forth, use 1000 different scenarios however I am very sure that the OzBargain community will vote unanimously that the Soniq TV is very crap quality.

          It is hit and miss with the reliability and quality if this TV.

          $1K is decent cash to spend and I would invest in something better.

          I mean, it is huge and when it kaks itself, get ready to call the council to use up your yearly garbage collection from your front yard.


          • @vinni9284: There is no back and forth to be had. I wouldn't buy a soniq tv.

            And I wouldn't spend $1k on dinner for 10 friends.

            • @MagicMikez32: My analogy above was respective for cost vs value and it is not to be taken literally.

              At least one thing that we have in common, is that we both wouldn't buy this TV. :P


              Btw, i didn't neg your comment above

  • You obviously get what you pay for but the annoying thing is this deal distracts from finding a decent bargain for a decent TV.
    A TV purchase is made somewhere around every 5 or so years at least. So proper value for money is a product that you will appreciate watching over that period.
    I don't think this TV makes the cut but frustratingly it makes decent TVs look too expensive!

    • Every 5 years? What is this absurdity you speak of?

      Every 10, MAX.

      • Yeah you're right, I was going to say 5-10 but yes a good TV should last at least 10 years.

        I've had my Sony Bravia 1080p 43inch for 10 years but for the last couple of years I've been waiting to jump on a new TV deal but they keep getting cheaper, better and bigger every 6 months or so and I'm confused. Deals like this just add confusion!

        65 inch seems like the magic size but will 75 inch become the magic size? I guess OLED is the benchmark right now but still too expensive.

        • Im in the same boat, bought a Sony Bravia 46" LCD 10 years ago (will be this November) and it refuses to die (and from what I remember it also had a 3 year manufacturers warranty). Keen to upgrade to a new 65" or 70" OLED this year but can't justify the cost until the current one goes belly up. Recently my 19" Samsung TV monitor died after 13 years of service. Pretty sad to see that go as it was 16:10 flat screen and just awesome. I've replaced it with a 24" Akai TV (I don't game on PC) for $160 with a 2 yr warranty so hopefully it will last at least that long.

          • @Trishool: Yes I must have the same one as it's 46inch not 43inch as I mistakenly said above. No signs of death yet and with Apple TV and a Sonos speaker system it does everything except an awesome big screen.

            I'm just waiting for the right deal on the right TV!

  • I've had a Soniq 49" for 8 years now. Spends it's time as an outside TV under the patio.
    No problems with it at all besides the tinny sound and the horrid operating system.
    Other than that, decent TV for the price

  • Well most of old buildings can't fit in a 75inch TV.

  • I can't find one review for this TV but the previous 65 inch model has some horrible reviews. Pass.

    As for the brand myself, freinds and family bought a total of 5 of the 42 inch L42V11A in 2011. All are still going strong. Only issues were FTA sound dropouts of about a second every 10-20 minutes in sound (fixed by a firmware update thankfully, quite annoying), no MPEG4 decoding so HD channels require a separate tuner, otherwise image is blank, and a really crap buggy unusable EPG if you're going to try using it for taping FTA shows. Other than that great viewing angles, better sound than newer bezelless TVS, and good enough for gaming (havne't measured lag properly but not noticed issues). A real bargain back then at $399. So I definitely think hit and miss is accurate and we were fortunate enough to have a hit.

  • We've had a Soniq 42' inch that is still going strong after 7.5 years. Cracking brand. Been very happy with screen quality.

    Downsides on cheapies like these are the speaker quality and 'smart tv' functionality, but can easily be addressed with sound bar and OTT box.

    I recommend!

  • Now $945.25 till Saturday using 5% off voucher sent to email subscribers.

  • If it's similar to old Soniq models, then it's not bad! My old Soniq 32" from 8 years ago is still going strong.

  • For goodness sake OZbargainers. Please try it out in a store before you put down $1k for this!!