ASICS GEL-Kayano 25 for Women (Various Colours) $144.45 + Postage (Free with $150+ Spend) @ Running Warehouse Australia


Pretty good price for the Kayano 25. Various colours available:

If the code "SUNSUPER15" does not work in the checkout section, give them a call and they will apply it manually.

I asked them to fix it when I ordered and they said they would.


**Note: There are some other great deals to be had, in last sizes only (so only few sizes available). Examples are the Saucony Shoes and some NB - definitely worth checking out!

Other examples for a good deal on Asics Men shoes is the Gel Cumulus 20 for $119 with the code:

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    ASICs views do not align with mine. As such, buying their products has become untenable.

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      Care to elaborate?


      My guess its either because ASICS dumped the halfwit Israel Folau because of his minority views, or its because they make their shoes in some 2nd world country where earning a couple of bucks a day is a massive windfall compared to what else they could be earning in their country.

      It could be for something else just controversial, but at the end of the day the Kayano's are a damn good shoe… and for $150 terrific value.


        Do you consider Folau a halfwit because he is a Bible believing Christian, or because he refused to compromise his principles for money?

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          You can still be a "Bible believing Christian" and not vilify entire segments of the general public.
          In my opinion he's a halfwit because instead realising that basic notion, he's lost millions of dollars for nothing.

          It's not a matter of "compromising his principles for money". It's a matter of following your beliefs, without forcing those same beliefs down peoples throat in a public forum- or more importantly in this case, misrepresenting a company's views on those beliefs.

          If he wants to be a good Christian, that's fine. All power to him.
          But his job in the public sphere involved representing a company in the best possible light without prejudice to anyone. He wasn't paid to promote his Christian beliefs.

          That's called being an adult. I can't let my personal beliefs override the job I am paid to do. Remember, his job didn't demand that he actively participate in homosexual acts. Nothing in his job description demanded he do anything against his beliefs. HE chose to actively bring personal matters into the business sphere needlessly.

          That's why he's a halfwit. Not because he's a Christian, but because he couldn't differentiate between personal beliefs, and the beliefs of the company he represented. No one asked him to compromise on his beliefs by supporting something he didn't believe.

          He went on the attack needlessly…. forcing himself into the position of either personally apologising (compromising his beliefs), or not apologising (in the position he sees himself in now). It never had to come to this, and his family is now millions of dollars poorer because of it.

          He could have continued to be a "Bible Believing Christian" AND had millions of dollars. That's the definition of halfwit in my books.


            @UFO: That seems to be a long way of saying he can be a Bible believing Christian, so long as he shuts up about it?

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              @blaircam: Nope. He can be a preacher all day every day. Just not at work as a paid spokesman for a company who disagrees with those views.

              Pride comes before the fall.
              Israel Folau has learned that expensive lesson.
              By the sound of things, you haven't.
              I wish you well in the future.


                @UFO: Your latest post still comes down to the same thing - believe what you want but keep quiet about it.
                For the purposes of your scenario, when exactly might Israel be 'off the clock' so he is free to say stuff?
                If he is 'at work' on his personal social media channels, when is he not?


    Asics Kayano 26 is on it's way to OZ.
    Great time to find some bargain on Asics Kayano 25, good post OP.


    Have Kayano 25s.. Most uncomfortable shoes which hurt so much! The sole digs into my heel, they cause blisters. Absolutely horrible shoes.

    Never ever again!

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