Suggestions to Get out of ADSL Contract?

I made the bad decision last year to join Belong on a 12 month ADSL contract thinking that our NBN install date would be pushed back again. It was pushed back a year so I figured it would be late by a few months at least.

Anyway fast forward a year and it is pretty much on time surprisingly but I've got 2 months left on my contract. I don't want to stay with Belong on another 12 month contract as they are heaps of better options out there. So I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to get out of it?

My last resort is the fact that my Sonos player does not work on the Belong modem because they are pre-configured and can't be changed. If they don't allow me to get out of my contract I could call the TIO but I'd prefer not to do that if possible.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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    to join Belong on a 12 month ADSL contract
    but I've got 2 months left on my contract. I don't want to stay with Belong on another 12 month contract

    Huh? How long do you have left on your contract man? If its just 2 months, it might be best to just ride it out

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      Good point not clear enough, I knew why another contract haha reason being I would need a new modem when I finally get NBN so it makes sense, with Belong anyway, to get a free modem on a 12 month contract.

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        If the only thing you're looking for is a free NBN modem, why not Kogan?

        The way I see it, stick it out for the 2 months with Belong, then move over to kogan (and get the free modem).

        Are you sure you even need a new modem? Your current modem may support VDSL…

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      I don't think NBN gets installed same/next day.

      And since you don't want to be without internet, it may make sense to have 1-2 weeks of internet overlap. (although I know that it may get screwy, assuming your NBN will be delivered over the same pipe)

      I'd just wait and then go to Telstra / Aussiebroadband / someone that buys enough backhaul in your area to maintain the speed of connection you need.


    Dealing with the TIO will be easier than dealing with Belong, so I know what I'd do.

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    FTTP or FTTN?

    I think you have 12 months to take up NBN before copper is disabled.

    As suggested above, wait out the contract. Where to then for you?


    You don’t sign a new contract after 12 months in any contract i’ve had. You will be on month to month so can cancel any time after the 12

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      OP is still in contract. Reads like only been with Belong for 10 months.


        Not sure what the big deal is then for the sake of two months. I read it as he didn't want to go over two months thinking it would kick a new 12 month contract in



      Not worried about getting it in time I just want to get NBN as anything is faster than what we have haha might have to wait out the contract!!

      I know it won't be as fast as others but going to try Kogan as it's a free modem, $66/month, month to month and as a bonus QFF points.

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    You're in a legally enforceable contract for two months, the TIO has no role in this… The good news is that by mid-August you're a free agent with the ability to take your talents to Telstra, Optus, TPG, South Beach, iiNet etc.


    You entered into a legally binding 12 month contract for a cheaper monthly rate knowing that the NBN was coming around this time and now want the TIO to get you out of the contract.

    What does your contract say about leaving early?


    Ask Belong if they’ll switch u over in a month to month NBN plan and waive your ADSL plan exit fees


      They would do that but I'd need to buy their modem when I can get it for free on other plans.


        Just buy a used modem (gumtree or facebook marketplace) that supports VDSL and use that? Then when you're done with the contract switch providers and sell the used modem.


          Thanks for the suggestion. If I wasn't going to get a free modem in 2 months I'd definitely do that. Will just ride it out.

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    Pay out the existing contract and go with whoever blows your hair back for NBN?

    BTW, there's no way the TIO is going to have any interest in your Sonos speaker not being compatible with your Belong modem.


      Cheers but it's a $40 cancellation so better to ride it out like others have suggested.

      Trust me I've dealt with the TIO many times over the years and I know I'd have a case to put forward as the modem was part of the contract. I've been with a few providers and none of the others preconfigured their modem like Belong. Looks like it's a call to the TIO then.


    what model modem, as i will say you are just not setting the sonos up correctly.


      It's the standard Belong modem. I even spoke to Sonos and they were super helpful who confirmed I can't do it. Ended up hooking up my old modem just for the Sonos.

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    Pay it out early or stay.


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    You want to go to the TIO because your Sonos doesn't work with Belong?

    Jesus Christ.


    Thanks for the positive suggestions, much appreciated. Although a few haters that thought I was wasting my time. Spoke to Belong and explained the situation - they are sending me our an NBN modem and putting me on a month to month plan until my contract finishes. So if the new modem still doesn't work with Sonos I am free to leave.

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