Buying New Corolla Ascent: Sedan or Hatchback?

I've been looking the prices of the new Corolla 2019 and I was wondering what is the difference between the sedan and the hatchback versions? I've heard the sedan is built in Thailand and the hatch is made in Japan, but unsure if that's true and if it is, would that be the reason for the significant difference in price? The sedan sells for about 23K auto and the hatch is about 28K auto.


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    Sedan is a last generation car where as the hatch is next.


      Is this next gen hatch THAT much better to justify the price increase?

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        Ignoring practical differences, the hatch is superior from engineering to technology.


        Yes. The new Corolla is a step-change. Toyota had been treading water, knowing people would still buy Corolla for "Corolla" for ten years. The new hatch is actually a fantastic car, up there with the best in class in dynamics, design, and drivetrain.

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    I went back to driving a sedan after driving hatchbacks for many years, missing the back wiper a lot. :)


    If you are able to wait a couple of months (possibly early 2020) the new Corolla sedan (2020) does look rather nice and will also come in a hybrid option.

    It's already available in the US, so hopefully will be available here soon.

    Car Showroom Article

    Toyota USA


      I don't really need to buy right now. I have a 2010 Corolla hatch that serves me rather well. I was tempted by the 23K price tag for a new Corolla sedan, which would certainly come down to 22K once you start the negotiations. But if I would be looking at a 28K (potentially brought down to 27K on negotiation) then my 9 year old Corolla with low mileage seems increasingly worth keeping. I do like new tech too, so it's a bit of weigh up pros and cons I guess.

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    The hatchback has recently been updated, the sedan hasn't been. I don't have the sales figures, but from what I observe on the road, hatchbacks are selling much better than sedans (this is true not just for the Corolla, but in general - e.g. same goes for Yaris, Mazda 3…etc.).

    Whether you want a hatchback or sedan depends on your needs. I would never drive an SUV/hatchback because it's far too easy to smash in the back window to steal whatever is in the boot. If you key lock the boot on your sedan, a thief would never be able to get in. They could pry it open with a crowbar, but the effort required and attention drawn would make it infeasible. When I worked as a pro photographer I often had equipment worth more than my car itself in the boot.

    Your 2010 Corolla isn't terribly different enough from the current Corolla sedan, so I would say that it's not worth upgrading given that the highest depreciation years are already behind you. Sure, the latest model will have some nice tech and gadgetry, but the fundamental car is very much the same. I'd say hold out and see what happens over the next few years.


      I had never thought like that about hatchbacks in terms of breakins, that’s a new insight for me. Keeping my old corolla won’t cost me a thing short to medium term. It will be a bigger gap when I sell it for less and buy new for more in 3-4 years, that’s the only thing. I don’t think Toyota will be going back with their pricing, it seems they decided to step it up and go up there with Honda and Mazda.


        It's hard to see how you'd be worse off by hanging onto your current car and waiting for the next sedan refresh.

        1) If you really want the current model sedan, it'll be cheaper once the new one comes out - plenty of demos and run-outs as dealers try to get rid of them before they're old stock.

        2) You get the option of going for the new one if you really want the new one.

        3) If you buy the current model now, it'll likely have a big drop in value as soon as the new one comes out.

        The current Corolla sedan has been out for years - it's at the end of the cycle so better to wait it out. Ultimately $23k is not an amazing price for a Corolla anyway.

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      If you key lock the boot on your sedan, a thief would never be able to get in.

      The sedan may only attract less attention from thief if they don't know what's in the boot. By the way the hatch does have a removable boot cover as well so you can't really see anything from the window.

      It only takes less than 20 seconds to open your 'locked' boot if I really want to. It's much easier than you think. I hope you have insurance on your equipment.

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    Just read that you're keen on the tech aspect of the new 'Rolla.

    Save yourself 21k, go out and spend 2k at a good car audio tech, get a CarPlay/Android Auto enabled head unit installed and some nice speakers. Keep driving your known-quantity, already paid for car.

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    Hmm yeah, corolla hatchback is a lot better than the current sedan.
    I was going to buy a sedan sx for $25,000.
    But corolla hybrid hatchback is a lot better. I was attracted to safety features. But then heaps more benefits I realised later.
    The sedan coming (near end of 2019) has a lot of things similar to the hatchback now, except sedan shape.
    Which ever you choose, I would highly recommend the hybrid version of it.
    So much nicer features. The corolla accent sport hatchback hybrid I bought, I love it.
    I prefer hatchbacks for putting down the middle seats and getting a bigger flatter more usable space, things like ikea packages. I also love the look of the hatchback body. I would say hybrid is like it’s a completely different car. Quiet motor, comfort, fun, smooth ride, saves so much fuel, keyless entry and push button start.

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      Completely, I don’t mean looks. But hybrid vs petrol to me is definitely not the same. Accent sport and accent sport hybrid is not the same either. It’s more than just saving fuel, it has extra goodies.

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