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[ACT] Unleaded Supreme+ 98 Fuel $1.299 Per Litre @ 7-Eleven, Spence


Price is back down at 7-Eleven Spence for Unleaded 98. Get in quick, didn't last long last time.

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    Nox seems not working anymore, is there any other alternatives?

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      update your Nox version, it is working.

  • Nox work? I got an error last time that the android version was too old

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    • Also locked, will load later.

  • 🔒 And 🍞 ed

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      Lock and loafed?
      Lock and breaded?

      • bread, i bought bread too. Glad I have two accounts. I had locked in 140.9 just yesterday. Peoples you need 2 accounts.

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          Only two? You're not OzBargaining right.

  • Thanks! locked in

  • Locked! Finally able to lock before expire!

  • Locked it in this time. Needed petrol too.

  • Thanks OP!

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    Wooo time to go to act.

    • Overnight low of 1 in Canberra. Dont stay too long!

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        It’s Canberra. I know who lives there I wouldn’t want to stay long anyway. Lol

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    Can someone do me a lock in?

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      PM me your details.

  • Thanks mrctan

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      Yep, thanks for reposting the information from the fuel watch thread

  • Lock it in Eddie

  • locked in! cheers

  • Locked. Cheers op.

  • If anyone wants to see the prices faster, look at the fuel watch thread here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/288802

    These deal posts are normally 15-20 minutes after it gets posted in that thread.

    • Or use the notification feature at the project Zero three website

      • That too. However it seems most people wait for it to be reposted to the front page.

  • Locked and loaded. Cheers

  • Thanks OP

  • Locked. My lowest so far for 98+. Thanks OP!!

  • How to use? I selected and locked in 50ltr. So if i fill up 40ltr then it will charge me $1.299 for 40ltr only? And for that i have to go to in-store and show barcode from app?

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      Your lock is simply a voucher to allow you to purchase X litres for X price (whatever you lock in). If your fill up is less than that, you only pay for what you use. If you fill up more, the extra fuel is charged at pump price.

  • Thanks for sharing

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    It was a long drive but managed to lock it in.

    • haha…..love it.

  • Time to start driving to Spence, act(interstate) - I hope by the time I get there the price will still be the same to lock it in.

    Happy to help out locking in the price for people when I get there. :)

    • Not sure if srs

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        What can I say.. I'm keen on driving interatate to lock in for prices like this lol

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          Yes, I too, drive all over Australia just to take advantage of cheap fuel prices ;)

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    Is anyone happy to lock in for me please.

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      Check out my previous comment. Happy to help out if you don't mind me logging into your account. :)

    • There's always one…

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    I want to drive interstate and lock in too one day but am scared of any consequences

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    This is how they offset their losses from OzB.

  • Is there a new version of APK file? mine stopped working and haven't used for a while.

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    Can someone once and for all tell me if i will get significantly better mileage with 98 premium if my car is designed for the normal E10/U91?

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      No you won’t. Unless your car has been built in a way that can take advantage of the higher octane rating you’re wasting your money.

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      I reckon for the sake of $2-3 over U91 (as per this price) it doesn't hurt once in a while to run it in your car.

    • The higher octane petrol will provide next to no benefits in a car that doesn't really need it.
      Generally though, U98 is a premium fuel and has extra additives that will clean your engine, which will increase performance and mileage overall.

      So as a general rule of thumb, filling up regularly with U98 would be a waste. But once every few months it will help to clean out your engine due to the additives. (I like BP Ultimate but I'm not an expert in which fuels are any better.)

    • You will notice that from a stop/start position that the engine grabs a lot quicker, thats about the only difference. My car doesn't get as much milage with 98 as it does with 91 because of this reason.

    • Cheaper than buying those over the counter fuel additives. I.e. the detergents are supposedly superior.

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    Back to 162.4

  • changed

  • Has it expired?

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  • Aw missed it.
    I wish we could hide expired deals from the New Deals page.

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    What ios app to change our location?

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      Seek, and you shell find!!

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