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This thread serves to let everyone know how much you have saved on your 7/11 fuel app.

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Step 2: Upon filling up simply fill in the details in this format:

  • NAME OF 7/11 STORE


  • Richlands QLD
  • ULP
  • 111.9/litre

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Note: OzBargain or the OP are not responsible for your use of the 7/11 app and you should abide by all terms stipulated by the app. This thread's content is not endorsed by the OP or OzBargain.

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Further Info/Tips

There are two "tricks" that can be extremely beneficial as there is a common trend experienced by 7-Eleven App users: 1) If you receive an error processing your credit/debit card, you can purchase a 7-Eleven Gift Card in-store and apply the credits instantly onto the App. 2) You do not need to use the funds on your App to pay for the fuel, you can lock-in the price and pay via Cash or Card at the checkout saving the hassle of constantly topping up, gift cards, etc.

Master131 spends a lot of time creating and maintaining the script at Project Zero Three that we all know and love.

Working Methods (Updated 14th July 2020)



Note: There's currently no APK or Android Simulator (Nox doesn't support Android 9) Available.

Credits to master131

Mod: Please don't ask for vouchers, obtain the lock yourself or use the classifieds for any wanted requests.

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  • +1
    • Malvern Springs WA
    • ULP
    • 117.3/litre
    • -3

      Thanks heaps mate!

  • +1
    • Thornton NSW
    • ULP
    • 114.7/litre
    • According to this comment it's now 116.9 for ULP 91.

      But over in Richlands QLD E10 is 111.9.

      • +1

        I'm seeing 114.7/litre for special unleaded last updated at 5:33am yesterday.

      • Richlands (Progress Rd & Garden Rd 4077) for me is showing up as 142.9 ULP.

        • Yep, just updated today. I see the same thing.

  • +1

    Anyone having issues, I've got a galaxy s6 and fake gps free.

    Open fake gps, search then engage location

    Open 7-11 app and search local price

    When it gives you an error, go settings and turn off app developor mode, before you go back in to app.

    Scroll down to bring up fake gos and stop location.

    This has worked first go every time for me

    • +1

      Z5 Here.
      1. FakeGPS Lock in Location.
      2. Open 7/11 search location, Error then close both in TaskManager.
      3. ALSO close FakeGPS in the Notification drop down.
      4. 7/11 App Search Location press twice and will lock in one go.

      • worked on my Xperia Z2 also

    • I have the same phone it stopped working after OS version 6.0.1 Now I get mock location detected. Any way around it?

      • Yes install Xposed and make sure your rooted then press module then fake mock locations

        • How do you get around root detection?
          Root cloak makes the app crash on launch..

        • @cwongtech: I couldn't get it to work since then. I paid 149.99 today for Unleaded. Still hurting.

      • This is the way, that has been working for me consistently since recent developments.

        1. uninstall both apps.
        2. d/l and install mockation
        3. load mockation.
        4. set mock location app in phone's developer options.
        5. load and lock your location.
        6. uninstall mockation.
        7. d/l and install 7/11.
          8.lock your fuel discount.
        8. for next cycle, repeat from step 1.

        Hope this helps.

  • +1

    The how and what are here


  • +2

    Sweet this is a great forum topic!

    Btw with the leftover credit in app.. we can't do anything with that can we? Just leave it for next time?

    • +1

      @illumination Sweet this is a great forum topic!

      It's very illuminating ;)

    • +1

      leave it for next time - they seem to have some sort of arbitrary limit on how much you can top up from your credit card every week

      i think you can use it to pay for anything at 7-eleven stores though.

  • +1

    I dream of your petrol prices. It's 146.9 here for ULP

    • +1

      Join us in our ozbargain roadtrips!

  • +2

    Thronton NSW
    ULP 91

    • +1

      Thanks, locked that in. Worked perfectly for me with FakeGPS free after a few errors. Closed both GPS and 7-11 app, went back to 7-11 and it worked. Put $50 on my 7-11 account and going to fill up today.

      • +1

        I did exactly the same.

        • Just filled up. Too easy, saved about $5.

    • Cheers, locked in.

  • +1

    Some prices for Diesel please!

    • +2
      • Thornton NSW
      • Diesel
      • 117.9/litre
  • Those are great prices! Near me in Victoria, ULP is around 142

    • Most places in Sydney are 130 for ULP too.

  • Croydon Park for Extra 95 was the only decently priced one that was working for me. It's 130.9/L which is still pretty damn good

    • Thronton NSW

      • Thornton didn't come up on my app.

        • +1

          usually need to type "Thornton NSW"

        • @nardz: I found it in the GPS app, but the 7/11 app didn't display a store there.

        • @chipmunkdude:

          weird. it's definitely there.

  • Just saved $14.60 too easy

  • +3

    There's an app update available. Holding off just incase ;)

  • -1

    Thornton, NSW again…
    113.7 E10
    115.7 Unleaded 91

  • +4

    Can confirm 7-Eleven Fuel v1.0.9 still works.

  • Acacia ridge

  • My 7/11 now knows I have mock locations enabled and asks me to stop that first. Is this the end?

    • There is no way they can know that unless you tell them. And they shouldn't be concerned about it anyway, they are still making money and IMO this app is a sneaky way to get people coming back to 7-11 with the money that will be left over on their account each time.

      • I think he means his app not the store lol

        • hahah of course, that makes a lot more sense.

        • I'm indeed referring to the app. Sorry for the confusion.

          I was surprised that the error message was so straight forward, which makes me think they've got it figured out (at least on my platform)

        • @Hansi: I had the exact same error. You just need to fiddle around with FakeGPS and 7-11 app, swiping shut, reopening etc. After a few times it worked. Don't disable mock GPS like it asks you.

    • Android or iOS?

      • Probably Android? Does iOS have mock locations? Even if it does I'd imagine it's called something else.. like iFakeLocation or something LOL

      • Android and I use Fake GPS location pro

    • What version of the 7/11 app?

      • 1.0.7.(789)

        • i'm on 1.0.6.

          Safe to say i won't be updating.

          interesting that there's reports here of people still having success with the new version.

          Has OZBargain been infiltrated by undercover 7/11 operatives?

        • -1


          Has OZBargain been infiltrated by undercover 7/11 operatives?

          A mole, a mole we've been infiltrated. NOBODY PANIC, NOBODY PANIC……… JV HELP US.

  • What version of the 7/11 app?

  • +3

    Thornton, NSW
    Unleaded 91
    114.7 c/L

    • +1

      Back up to 117.5 :(

      • Still the cheapest in NSW atm

      • Whaaaaaat! I didn't lock on it, thinking that it would keep getting cheaper :(

        • Don't drive your car for a while until it drops. :p

  • +4

    Lake Illawarra NSW 116.8 (U91)

  • Hey guys,just relaised a way to search prices of each 7-11 servo. On the app in the menu section on left theres a storefinder option. You can individually check fuel prices for each servo. Hope this helps all of us.

    • You can also check what fuels a particular 7/11 store sells, i.e. some people want 95 only.
      Looks like E10 and Prem98 are at all 7/11s.
      The other fuel variants aren't always available at every store.

  • +2

    7-Eleven Penrith NSW

    30 Henry Street, Penrith NSW 2750

    E10 116.4 | P98 124.4 | PDL 127.9

    • Lake Illawarra still cheaper. E10 114.8

      • +3

        I meant cheapest P98 124.4 @ Penrith

        • I reckon it's a typo P98 should be 134.4 but it's entered as 124.4.
          The other 7-11 in Penrith is 134.4. Bargain!

  • +8
  • +3

    Lake Illawarra NSW 115.7 (U91)

  • +2

    Lake Illawarra NSW 114.6 (U91)

  • +4

    Penrith 121.9 P98
    And I thought 124.4 was cheap…

  • +2

    Lake Illawarra NSW 113.5 (U91)

  • +3

    Shellharbour NSW 113.5 (U91)

  • +1

    Get an extra $15 by uploading your fuel docket to Facebook. - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/290323

  • +3

    Lake Illawarra or Shellharbour NSW 113.4 (U91)

  • +3

    Penrith 120.9 (P98)

    • +2

      Update 119.9

  • +1

    Seven Hills NSW 113.3 (U91)
    Thats down a whopping .1 from the previous best.

  • +2

    Just confirming this price is still active (Penrith P98 for 119.9c/L)

  • +1

    Ryde and West Ryde NSW 112.4 (U91)

  • 111.3 E10 Lake Illawarra

  • PSA: Fuel prices are starting to skyrocket elsewhere.
    Caltex North Ryde (epping road) is charging 1.42cpl for Unleaded.

    Penrith P98 is still 119.9c/l

    • +1

      Madness. $1.42 per litre when AUD is relatively quite high and oil price has been side lining for a bit. I guess everyone is too distracted with the price of electricity.

      Lock in your petrol.

      • Its gone back to 117 for e10 at the same petrol station. Strange

  • We need some price updates from interstaters seeing as there hasn't been a good reliable way of checking interstate prices :P

  • Still on version 1.0.6 and in the past couple of days I've been having a lot of trouble with the mock locations error. Took about half an hour of fiddling yesterday to get through. Anyone have a solid way of getting around it? Should I look for a prior version of the APK?

    • My roadtrips have been fine..
      What phone do you use?

    • +2

      I think I have found a pretty solid way:

      1) Lock the Location
      2) Open 7/11 app and try and fail
      3) Open Location App and Stop Mock Location
      4) Close Mock Location app and 7/11 app
      5) Open 7/11 app and lock in price.

      It seems to work pretty consistently for me.

      • this works good for me.

  • +1

    Multiple locations in NSW including Burwood, Camperdown, Rockdale - 111.9 (U91) 109.9 (E10)

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