7-Eleven Fuel App Watch - Nationwide - January 2017 to January 2022

7-Eleven Fuel App Watch - Nationwide - Current

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This thread serves to let everyone know how much you have saved on your 7/11 fuel app.

Step 1: Subscribe to this thread to get email updates. You can change your subscription settings in your Ozbargain account to enable more/less email updates.

Step 2: Upon filling up simply fill in the details in this format:

  • NAME OF 7/11 STORE


  • Richlands QLD
  • ULP
  • 111.9/litre

Step 3: Upvote the comment if you found it helpful

Note: OzBargain or the OP are not responsible for your use of the 7/11 app and you should abide by all terms stipulated by the app. This thread's content is not endorsed by the OP or OzBargain.

Cheapest prices:

Other Useful Resources:

Further Info/Tips

There are two "tricks" that can be extremely beneficial as there is a common trend experienced by 7-Eleven App users: 1) If you receive an error processing your credit/debit card, you can purchase a 7-Eleven Gift Card in-store and apply the credits instantly onto the App. 2) You do not need to use the funds on your App to pay for the fuel, you can lock-in the price and pay via Cash or Card at the checkout saving the hassle of constantly topping up, gift cards, etc.

Master131 spends a lot of time creating and maintaining the script at Project Zero Three that we all know and love.

Working Methods (Updated 14th July 2020)



Note: There's currently no APK or Android Simulator (Nox doesn't support Android 9) Available.

Credits to master131

Mod: Please don't ask for vouchers, obtain the lock yourself or use the classifieds for any wanted requests.

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      • cause id rather not use play store where absolutely everything I do is sent to the warlords at google

        • cause id rather not use play store where absolutely everything I do is sent to the warlords at google

          Then I'm guessing you also don't have Google Chrome or Google Play services installed via opengapps and only have Lineage 19's AOSP browser?
          7/11 also uses google maps

          7/11's auth page doesn't work with the default AOSP browser, you need to get Google Chrome
          You're welcome to attempt to use other browser

          • @cwongtech: no i dont have chrome or play services, i installed microg for that.
            7/11 uses google maps, cool? im not using google location services tho.
            7/11 auth page didnt work your right, i used fennec, a firefox fork.

            • @abjsdhasehasee:

              7/11 uses google maps, cool? im not using google location services tho.

              To find the fuel stations, it uses that to display the fuel stations while it's searching.
              Interesting if you can get a fuel lock working without google maps installed

              7/11 auth page didnt work your right, i used fennec, a firefox fork.

              Does it work now? Please report back, the more info we have, the better.

              • @cwongtech: my 7 eleven app now does load, but still same problem with locking in fuel, its using mapbox maps inside which uses OSM.
                this could be my problem however going into store locator, it does know my spoofed location and does know where stores are.

                yes using fennec works.

  • +9

    Moonee Ponds, Vic
    [email protected]
    Co-ords: -37.7732195,144.9251806

  • The price of fuel depends on your local social development, hope

  • -3

    Can I use an iPhone 6 as my chopper?
    Or is there any minimum requirement?

    • +1

      Yes. Minimum requirement is iOS 12.

      • Okie Thanks …. ! !
        I appreciate it ….

  • Hoping someone can help me with this!

    Have used the iFakelocation app in the past (thanks master131) but having issues running it on a iPhone 7 now.

    Bit of background, spent whole day trying to root an old Samsung S8 but it proved to be too troublesome.
    Instead got an old iPhone 7 and tried to run the iFakelocation app using my Macbook Pro and since that wouldn't work I then tried to do it using my old Windows 10 machine.

    Device/App specs/status for Mac:
    iOS version - 15.2
    Mac version - Monterey macOS12.1
    .Net core 5.0 - Installed (thought might be an issue with this, so used .dotnetcoreuninstall app to uninstall all .net core runtime versions and reinstalled .net core 5.0 again but that didn't work as well)
    /Applications/iFakeLocation.app/bin/DeveloperImages - has images for 15.2 (let it download through the app and after that didn't work, deleted existing images and replaced manually with xcode 15.2 dev images from the github repo but that didn't work as well)

    Device/App specs/status on Windows:
    Windows version - 10 Home
    iTunes - installed
    Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 - installed

    Also since the iFakelocation app wasn't working, I tried the 3utools application on my Windows 10 machine and still had same issue. (3u tools was stuck on applying mock location screen, waited about 10mins but it just wouldn't go past it)

    In all cases, screen was unlocked and iFakelocation/3utools was able to detect my iPhone 7 fine and I had trusted it on all devices.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Currently thinking of downgrading iPhone 7 from 15.2 (though it looks like it would be troublesome) or running the app on an Ubuntu instance but not sure if that would fix whatever the problem is!

    • IFakeLocation did not work for me either. Also feedback from others suggest it is hit or miss. Have you tried 3uTools as that worked for me easily

      edit - sorry didn't read your comment fully. May be others can help if none of the solution worked for you

    • iOS 15.1 can still be installed on an iPhone 7using iTunes restore. Not sure if it would solve your issue though.

      Have a read of the comments that lead up to this post they might help you with iFL.

      • Thanks, just downloading iOS15.1 now and will try and restore it to see if that helps.

        Have read most of the comments regarding iFL in last 30 or so pages of this thread and also installed all the dependencies as per the repo a few times now but still doesn't solve the issue currently

        • Downgraded to iOS15.1 and tried again, still no luck :(

          • @hola011: Got an old netbook running Windows that can be used instead of your Mac?

            • @pogichinoy: Already tried to run on Windows (using iFakelocation & 3utools as per above)

              • @hola011: Turns out for whatever reason, I can't use my old iPhone 7 (Japanese version) with the iFL app but an old iPhone 6s (AU version) works ok! Not sure if that helps anyone but it remains a mystery to me as to why the iFL app wouldn't work on the iPhone 7 I guess…

                • @hola011: Are both phones on the same iOS ?

                  • @sween64: No different OS one's running 14.8, the other is 15.2

                    • @hola011: Maybe that’s why. There’s been a few people having issues with 15.2, maybe the developer image isn’t working.

  • been using ifakelocation fine for the last year or so but tried to use it this morning all of a sudden it comes up with this error "Mount failed with status: N/A and error: ImageMountFailed" when trying to set fake location. Nothing has changed at all, my phone is still using the same ios and I've tried creating a folder for developerimages and downloading the images from github but to no avail. Any ideas? (on ios 14.7.1 using macos)

    • I got similar error last month on PC… fixed by rebooting PC and iPhone.

      • cheers restarting did the trick

  • hoping somebody can help me. Does a screenshot of the barcode work? My phone is slightly old and I could use my partner's phone to lock in, but will a screenshot work?

    • +1

      Screenshot works as you are only presenting your membership card barcode

    • +1

      Yep. Or barcode generator. Hell you could print the barcode out and laminate it.

      • +1

        thanks both, i did try screenshot today at my local 7-eleven and it worked

  • Have android and can fake location but app is still not accepting fake location any guide?

    • any guide?

      There is a guide linked in the original post…

  • +5

    P98 142.9 (and P95)

    Taylors Lakes, VIC
    -37.702531746102, 144.80118745485

    • Thanks for this!
      Do you think it'll drop any further?

      • +2

        139.5 is 7/11 best nationwide for 91
        Doubtful it can drop much further unless TGP also goes down AND another station runs out of fuel.

  • +2

    Expired.. 162.8 now

    • just as I fired up the chopper.

      edit - 95 still at 1.42

  • Merged from [VIC] Unleaded U98 Fuel $1.559/L @ 7-Eleven, Armstrong Creek
    Go to Deal

    Cheapest around AFAIK

    Lat -38.231320
    Long 144.373033

    Get to the Chopper! (ride of the valkrie plays)

    • +1

      U98 153.9 11-Seven Melton
      according to projectzerothree

      • -3

        awesome! I thought that would have expired by now

    • +1

      According to store locator in 7-11 app, Melton West is still 153.9 for U98

      • -2

        awesome! I thought that would have expired by now

    • Is there anyway to lock this price if I'm in Sydney?

    • +2

      PM if you'd like me to lock in for you, will do it for the next 15-30mins

    • Still got my multiple 98s for 142.9, which is good for my upcoming road trip!

    • +6

      This is not the chepest, no deal.

    • -1

      I'm not up to date with the 7/11 app, but is there a working spoofer for Android without rooting at the moment? Or anything that can be done on a PC?

    • As others have said, not the cheapest.

    • check 11seven before posting mate

  • Hey guys

    I should have dig ozbargain before spent ages creating a service website to make a dollar here and there …

    Read a few posts and why does people look down on service to lock prices in for other people?

    • +6

      Because the sites are profiteering off an exposed loophole and others offer the same service here for free. Or are willing to teach people how to do it, also for free. This is a community where we help each other, not charge each other.

      Also, some might be concerned that if a service becomes particularly popular then 7-Eleven may try harder to close the loophole.

      • +1

        I see, thanks for offering the alternative POV. much appreciate it.

    • Let me get this right, are you asking why a business might have a problem if you profit at their expense?

      • But this is what business is about isn't it?

        There're many tools and system out there, that service businesses are offering their time/effort for those who doesn't wanna do it themselves?

        I do get your point by saying the above.

        • +11

          There're many tools and system out there, that service businesses are offering their time/effort for those who doesn't wanna do it themselves?

          If you make it too easy, it'll attract too much attention and eventually may cause the complete destruction of the 7/11 fuel lock benefits.
          That's what happened with the modified apks when it was much easier to obtain the fuel locks, before they rebuilt the app from the ground up and introduced SafetyNet test
          That's my main concern with these paid engagements, then again the pros is there are slightly less beggars in this thread.

          The long-time fuel lockers are fully aware of other "paid" services, currently there is a little bit of a barrier to entry (committing significant time to learn how to set up your phone to do it)
          Are the monetary benefits that you receive now for performing the service, worth it in the long-run to you?
          You don't need to answer anyone but yourself
          It does cost me approximately 5 minutes per fuel lock as per this comment

          Locking fuel requires the following: - Cwongtech
          - reading the fuel lock request in PM
          - typing someone else's credentials in (we can't copy and paste into a real android phone). Some of them are monstrous passwords as well (it's 7/11, not your banking password, why do you guys need to use a 20 character password?
          - changing GPS locations to match the desired fuel type (might be different locations, especially for LPG, E10, U95, Diesel)
          - checking the fuel lock price is right (P03 is not infallible, might need to switch to 2nd best price), and matches the fuel lock request then carrying it out
          - acknowledging someone's lock request message by replying to them

          In my opinion, it doesn't make sense to charge $1-2 per lock for 5 minutes of my time/work carried out. It's equivalent of $12-24/hr (inconsistent) and my personal time is much more valuable than that, so I didn't go down that road
          But hey, you do you

          I feel it's not unfair to ask for funds for those who are using something you created (with your time) to benefit them, however, long term it does increase accessibility to those who otherwise would not have been able to access the cheap prices. I'm not ready to increase accessibility to the masses, so I help those who show they've given it a go.

          If you think about your paid user base, they clearly will run off at the first sign of a cheaper priced service/competitor
          Are those users, people you want to form a "long-term" relationship with?

          Personally I don't really agree with the "giving back to the community" by locking for others when one finally becomes capable as per my comment here
          So I don't do it anymore as per my previous comment regarding the consumption of my time and other fuel lock capable users. I'm not going to stop anyone, but I've helped enough to see no one ever wants to be self-sufficient

          99% of those who need help locking are those who also will never get off their bum to actually try to lock, and instead will be beggars for life.
          I do occasionally render assistance to those who are experiencing temporary issues, but when I can see I'm being taken advantage of (I've let too many slide in the past) I will politely cut ties

          • +1

            @cwongtech: Yeah, i thought of almost of that time/effort vs $ as well.

            Right now it doesn't make sense, yet. Sigh~

            Thanks for the insights and breakdown tho. I really appreciate your experienced and wisdom here.

  • +3

    Has anyone tried to use overseas 7-Eleven petrol stations to lock in a cheaper price, and then use the locked in price domestically? I can't find any comments on this in the thread.

    • +2

      I don’t think it would work. If you zoom out on the Store Locator, all the stores are located in Australia. The app is developed for 7-Eleven Australia and uses 7eleven.com.au

    • +1

      Says fuel not available in your area (this is what happens when you put a common suburb name)

      As per sween64's comment, the app is developed for Aus only

      • Yeah, thanks for both of your responses. What you both say makes sense.

        • this is what happens when you put a common suburb name

          For clarity, this is when you accidentally relocate to the UK or the US haha

  • This is truly one of the best communities! I have saved a tonne in just the two weeks I've been doing this hack.

    • +1

      Glad to hear. Don't forget to buy them a coffee!

  • +9

    Just a heads up, one of the 7 eleven service stations wouldn't let me use the fuel lock. The dude blocked the eftpos machine with his hand, did something on the POS system and removed his hand which displayed the non-discounted amount. He then said there was an issue with the POS system and i'd have to contact 7 eleven to get a refund voucher sent to me.

    Obviously dodgy as, and I assume that certain servo now doesn't need to fork out the discount because head office now discount me. Anyway, the 7 eleven help line were cool, said there was no issue with the fuel lock system at that time either…go figure.

    • Could you name the servo you went to? I'm interested to know as I'm in the ACT too and never had that issue apart from one genuine store system issue.

    • +2

      Servos never have to worry about “paying the discount”. Head office does.

      • +3

        Agreed. I thought servos got paid a set amount of money per L sold so why were they being a dick about it?
        I've had times where the attendant acted like the money was coming out of his wallet. -.-

        • +1

          Yea, when I called head office they advised that the franchisee only makes about 1-2c per litre. They make their money from the products in the store itself.

          • @Ten: 2¢ per litre, hard to believe that. No business franchise can survive with that kind of margin, even when other by-products are sold.

            • @No ONE: There’s also the “allowed” margin of error with fuel quantity.

    • would love to know what state this was in to avoid this servo…

    • Was it Spence per chance?

    • +4

      It was the Canberra City centre servo guys. I haven't had an issue at any other servo in Canberra before.

      • +2

        Odd, that’s my local and I’ve never had an issue. I’ll be filling up there tomorrow evening so will see what happens

        • No issues, that said bloke looked like he hated his job

  • Can no longer sign in on Android. Getting
    "That didn't quite work as planned, there seems to be a problem. Error A02"
    Tried reinsintalling. Any thoughts appreciated?

    • Are you passing safety net?

      • +1

        A02 normally means network issue or android version incompatibility..
        @chyawala can you post what version you're running (Android ROM, device, 7/11 app version)

        Also try a different-WiFi network/hotspot from main phone/mobile SIM connectivity
        Turn off VPNs temporarily
        Also try the good ol' turn it off and on again.

        Can your android phone access any webpages normally?

  • Managed to get this setup and working on a Moto G8 Plus. Was erroring when locking in the price, and had to run some terminal commands to set the device to a safe fingerprint in order to pass SafetyNet. Once I did that, it all worked a treat.

    Thanks to whoever came up with the location spoofing! Clever people!

  • This forum post has too many comment pages and it broke OzBargain. Please continue your discussions in the replacement forum post. Comments to this forum post will be closed and archived shortly.

  • +12

    RIP OG 7-Eleven Fuel App Watch - Nationwide thread. 22/01/2017 - 20/01/2022. Dying just two days short of its 5th birthday. :'(

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