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  • Richlands QLD
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  • 111.9/litre

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There are two "tricks" that can be extremely beneficial as there is a common trend experienced by 7-Eleven App users: 1) If you receive an error processing your credit/debit card, you can purchase a 7-Eleven Gift Card in-store and apply the credits instantly onto the App. 2) You do not need to use the funds on your App to pay for the fuel, you can lock-in the price and pay via Cash or Card at the checkout saving the hassle of constantly topping up, gift cards, etc.

Master131 spends a lot of time creating and maintaining the script at Project Zero Three that we all know and love.

Working Methods (Updated 14th July 2020)



Note: There's currently no APK or Android Simulator (Nox doesn't support Android 9) Available.

Credits to master131

Mod: Please don't ask for vouchers, obtain the lock yourself or use the classifieds for any wanted requests.

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      • Or Coles 4c + Carsales app / Linkt app 4c to easily saving 8c

    • Vic fuel prices has been more expensive than other states (can be up to 20c more/L), this makes sense of locking fuel prices from another state fuel price to save a few bucks

      Also, looking back from all the 7-11 fuel deals most are related to U98 that were sold at U91 price because particular fuel station has ran out of U91, and they were selling U98 at U91 price

    • +2

      yeah I went from using 7/11 fuel for 100% previously to like 5% now whenever there is the rare descent price lock in my area. Without it theres a Woolworths fuel servo nearby which is cheaper as others have stated

    • +1

      Agree with you. As COVID19 chaged our life, new forced 7/11 app have changed our servo preferences. Sad.

      • I was sad too, until I realised that I last bought petrol over 2 months ago so the lost saving is absolutely inconsequential!

    • And also no more free coffee

      • Even sadder

    • +1

      yes.. costco fuel for me now .. although 7-Eleven just few blocks away.. yesterday filled up u98 @ 117.9 and 7-eleven @160.9 ..

  • -3

    anyone know if getting the android sdk and installing a android 10 device will work?

  • +1

    Saw a couple of volunteer p03 pilot from the this thread. May be someone can compile a volunteer list of sort. I am happy to fly around in my spare time.

  • Using Ifakelocation but im getting "Unable to start simulatelocation service."

  • Weird. Locked in a price for 98. Logged out and then into my second account. It wants to charge me more. For some reason even though I'm standing in the exact same spot it's not picking up the cheap fuel.argh.

    • Maybe you were unlucky and the price changed.

      • Nope, tried it again standing in the exact same spot 20min later and it was fine. May have been on the cusp of going into a different area. Was very strange, but all sorted now.

  • Tried giving my S4 a new lease of life and be able to use the new 711app(worry about faking location later ☹️😰😰) by flashing TWRP 3.2.3-0 with Odin from my computer and then install lineage 17.1 and Open GApps (unable to install GApps) downloaded onto my device with TWRP everything went smoothly but unfortunately it
    bootloop. Tried using older version bootloop as well. Tried instructions from XDA forum, YouTube & every website I can get from Google search from those who experience same bootloop issue without any success. Not sure what I did wrong. Confirmed from review that my s4 jfltexx bootloader is not locked. Only those from AT&T and Verizon are. Also believe my device is not brick as I can still boot into download and recovery mode. Would appreciate any help from anyone who has overcome this issue. Thanks in advance.

    • On my ZTE (probably different), it had this fastboot thing. When i installed that, it would bootloop. So only did TWRP. Flashed it to stock and started again many a time.

    • Same story here. After pass with Odin, it's gone to bootloop. Trying now with heimdall CLI.

    • +1

      Try going back to just the Lineage ROM no gapps.
      Then ensure you can use the phone without boot loop.

      Work out which GApps you need.
      I've had issues with Google Pixel Launcher that comes in micro and above. You only really need Play Services, so try the smaller pack like nano
      Make sure to get the correct versions you would want ARM, Android 10, Nano.

      Install GApps and confirm it it works before doing anything else. You should be able to add a google account at this point.

      Make a TWRP backup.

      Get Magisk Zip and install via TWRP recovery
      Boot and check Magisk can run check for updates.

      Make a TWRP backup.

      Get Smali patcher, enable USB debug, connect the usb cable and run the smali patch.
      Copy the smali.zip to the phone

      Install the smali zip from TWRP, Check the phone boots.

      Make a TWRP backup.

      Get the app ninja app, setup the privacy rename stuff and set the mock locations default.

      Now install 7-11 app from PlayStore.

      Setup magisk hide selecting 7-11 app

      You should have a nice helicopter.

      • +1

        Hi mate I assume your instructions are pertaining to my issue. Yes my first try was installing lineage only as GApps installation failed and it went into bootloop. As for your other instructions I need a long time to digest as I'm not tech savvy. Thank you very much for your help.

    • +1

      I've successfully re-purposed an S4. It took a few days for me to work out the problem which turned out to be incorrect or incompatible versions of Lineage and Gapps.

      What eventually worked for me was a un-optimised Lineage 16.0 and stock Open Gapps arm 9.0

      • Thanks will give it a go.

      • Still didn't work for me unfortunately.

  • +1

    @obit11 Unfortunately I've wiped everything and didn't do a backup. Downloaded a stock ROM but apparently that file is corrupted.

  • How often are the 7-11 app prices updated ?

    I have been trying to lock in diesel at west Ipswich for 101.9 but the best price I get is 115 at silkstone , do the app prices not update in real time ?

    • yeah me too

    • 7 Eleven deliberating stuffing about.
      Anyhow Kelso 109.9

      • +1

        Yes it looks like 7-11 west ipswich is having a price war on diesel with a local competitor , but the app wont display the price.

        • +3

          Yeah metro at 99.9
          Anyhow mount pritchard is doing 105.5

  • +31

    I'm still locking prices upon request for anyone that needs, generally a few hours turnaround. Need username and pw

    • +2


    • +13

      Good stuff. I'm happy to do some price locking If anyone needs it.

    • PM sent thanks.

  • +2

    Tried using my voucher today (locked normally) and it wouldn't work. The person kept trying and said there's something down with the server. I hope this helps anyone else who came across this issue.
    Sometimes my barcode takes 10 seconds to load up, so it seems like you haven't locked anything in. I have 2 accounts so having no information showing also makes it tough. I appreciate they want to protect themselves, after the issue last year, but it seems like such a step backwards.

    • +3

      Locked 9:20 AM yesterday in Sydney somewhere, used this afternoon at 5:20 PM in Brisbane with no issue.

  • +1

    Pretty annoyed tonight as I had locked for $1.04 and wanted to use it tonight while $1.45. my coupon was still valid but the attendant at the station said it's not working so I got hit with full price. Have sent them a note on FB so hope they reimburse the difference as I have screenshots and the receipt.

    • +5

      There's an option to do it directly via the app's contact page

      • +2

        Thanks! Wish the attendant told me that. Have sent through the details.

        • I had the same experience last week, did the same thing as you guys talk above, finally they said will send me back the gift card. Thanks guys.

    • +1

      Try to ask them to use another terminal to scan, it happened to me once and it worked.

  • 13.6 zip Xcode developer disk image won’t download, does anyone have a copy?

  • +2

    Has anyone else noticed they have removed the store locator in the new app? Not a huge issue, but it was handy for looking around for closest stores when in an unfamiliar area. And it was interesting to look around at local fuel prices.

    • +4

      There are many complains in the current playstore / appstore about store locator (with fuel price checked) being removed
      The development team has replied saying this feature will be coming back soon in future release

      See here: https://ibb.co/X7WMpnq

      • Cheers, im glad its been acknowledged.

  • Still no non-root solution yet? Might have to go out and find myself a cheap android

    • +3

      or if you have a apple device like iphone or ipad. you can do it without jailbreak.

        • +4

          here we go again. Can you just please back read, up read or whatever read you want through the pages here and you will find the answer. It's even included in the summary at the top of each page with the link to the needed softwares. jeeezzzzz

    • Not all cheap android can be rooted for spoofing

    • -1

      I believe the answer is on every page 👍 (top sticky post)

      Glad I could help 😁

  • Could someone please lock me in? would highly appreciate it.. VIC prices are a staggering $1.44.. why!!

    • +1

      did u manage to lock. PM me your details and which type you need. I will lock if for you.

  • Anyone had any luck getting the new app to run on an old OS version with JB?

    Thought it would be easy but can't seem to make it work.

    • How old? What device? The app requires iOS 12 or greater.

      • iPhone older ios than 12

  • trying to lock in u91 fuel this morning and getting an error with edgeworth store. saying

    No Local Price Available. Your selected fuel type is not available near your current location.
    In fact, no fuel is available.

    This is on an iphone. Just updated the app and checked again. Still no go. Anyone else experiencing this?

    • Worked out I was having difficulties locking in Edgeworth NSW… had to carefully navigate to the correct location.

    • I had the same thing yesterday and then I realised my location was set to Edgeworth in the US. hahaha

      • Hehe yeah same here

      • +6

        Conversation I had last week while in the car:

        “Hey, can you punch in the address? How long will it take?”
        *punches in address, shows 9+ hour trip from NSW to address two suburbs away
        “Ummm, I gotta reboot my phone.”


        • +1

          I'm using Cameron Park NSW to lock in for Edgeworth, easier to find

  • +6

    I can lock in for a few people now (next few hours) if anyone needs it.

    • +7

      Locking in again now for anyone.

  • So I finally rooted my Lenovo Tab4 after days of failure and having to change meta data and the such.

    I used magisk to hide my 7eleven app so it no longer says device not supported. But now when I try and use the GPS joystick it says 'oh oh we've detected your location isn't correct' or something like that.

    I can't seem to solve it. Anyone have a resolve. I've read through the last heap of pages but am a bit slow after a huge morning working.

    • +1

      Smali patcher

  • Hey there! Is anyone able to help me lock in unleaded fuel? Thanks a ton!

    • literally a few comments up…

      • I have pmed Pepe :) Thanks!

  • +1

    Can someone please help me with locking the unleaded 98 for me. Thanks in advance.

    • +2

      PM me your details. Will do it in the next couple of hours if that is ok

  • -3

    Is there no barcode when you fuel lock now? I did a lock and it only shows “your locked price” with a red background but no barcode.
    What do I show the attendant to scan?

    • When you first start the app, there's a short tutorial of the changes.

      You don't have a separate barcode to scan anymore, it is now linked to your 7-eleven account so you can just use your account's barcode

      • Nice! Only one barcode to scan when I redeem their offers too

  • -1

    I'm having trouble locating the Eleven me app which someone made to find the cheapest price in the country. Could copy the coords straight out the app. Can someone please link me?


  • +1

    Anyone having trouble with ifakelocation to download iOS 13.6 disk image? It just randomly crashes and won't complete the download let alone mounting/using the image.

    • I have the same problem - was working with 13.5.1 on a 14.0 image. Then today when I tried iFakeLocation on 13.6 it kept "downloading 13.6.zip", although I have downloaded the 13.6 developer image from github. Tried 14.0 to no avail either.

      • same issue here too

        • Are you guys using a Mac? Can you please try redownloading the application? There was an issue that stopped the developer images from being downloaded on macOS because I forgot to include a file that is responsible for unzipping files (whoops).


          • +1

            @master131: Hey master131, thanks for all you've done. I am still getting the same problem even with the new dmg. I am using a Mac

          • @master131: still showing "downloading 13.6.zip". Am using mac 10.15.5

            • @georgev: Hmm, not sure. I don't have a physical macOS I can use to debug the issue which makes things harder. Can you try right-clicking on the app and click "Show Package Contents". In there, create a folder called DeveloperImages (it might already exist) and create a folder called 13.6 inside of it. Inside the 13.6 folder, put the DeveloperDiskImage.dmg and DeveloperDiskImage.dmg.signature files.

              iOS 13.6: https://github.com/haikieu/xcode-developer-disk-image-all-pl...

              Structure should resemble this:

              iFakeLocation.app [the application you right-click > Show Package Contents on]

              • DeveloperImages

                • 13.6

                  • DeveloperDiskImage.dmg

                  • DeveloperDiskImage.dmg.signature

              • @master131: thanks for the reply. I followed same steps. still no luck same error ""downloading 13.6.zip" and stuck at 93% sometimes 98% like that

              • @master131: ^Can confirm above steps work on Mac, just locked in with the app as well. Thanks Heaps!!

                • @sleepingpanda: Are u on iOS 13.6?

                  • +1

                    @georgev: Yeah I am.

                    My format as below with some edits

                    Structure should resemble this:

                    iFakeLocation.app [the application you right-click > Show Package Contents on]

                    bin -> DeveloperImages -> 13.6

                    In 13.6 folder should be the following two files which you have had extracted from here



                    Then rerun the application.

              • @master131: thanks it works now,

          • @master131: Yeah I'm using a Mac. No issues on my Windows box though, maybe I should've tried that before open my mouth. Thanks for your help though!

            • @mini2: Sorry to be a pain guys, I had it working on iOS 13.5.1, but now with 13.6 it comes up with "unable to mount developer image". Even after trying it in "bin" folder as @sleepingpanda said and tried @master131 technique too.

              • @Barnlord: Sorry again, got no idea what I did, just ended up copying and pasting everything and eventually it worked. My apologies to anyone who wanted help.

  • -2

    This is my first time posting on this - but been following for a long time. I've downloaded and got iFakeLocation happening! Thank you @Master 131 !! However, I'm following the instructions - I got the device connected. It says that if it is a first time user it should do something to my iOS device automatically to set it up as developer mode? It isn't doing that. I'm trying to follow the manual instructions that come with iFakeLocation - but I don't quite understand. I'm fairly good with common sense understanding computers but I seem to be lost.

    So in summary: I just need to get it into developer mode and download something downloaded into developer mode?

    I went here: https://github.com/master131/iFakeLocation

    Then went to how to make it work on iOS X.X? But I don't really understand it.

    I'm using Macbook Pro running Catalina 10.15.5.

    Phone is iPhoneXR 13.4.1.

    • +3

      I didnt have to anything on my iPhone besides plugging it in and unlocking it. Everything else was handled by ifakelocation.

      • Yeah, it isn't doing it automatically on my end. It just connects to the phone. I press "Set Fake Location" it doesn't confirm it's done that at all on the phone.

        It seems to have skipped this step: *Click "Set Fake Location". If it is the first time doing this the tool needs to download some files to enable Developer Mode on your iDevice.

    • +1

      If for whatever reason the automatic developer image retrieval doesn't work, you can manually download them to be used in iFakeLocation. Create a folder called "DeveloperImages" (next to the iFakeLocation executable) and inside that folder make a folder for the iOS version you are running (eg. "12.4", "13.0", etc). Download the matching developer images from the following Github repo and unzip the DeveloperDiskImage.dmg + DeveloperDiskImage.dmg.signature file into the folder you created.


      • Yes I tried this - but I can't create a new folder next to the iFakeLocation executable. That's my issue. I'm using a Macbook Pro OS 10.15.5. It won't allow me to create any new folders.

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