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        • I am disabling the recent change for now so viewport is only set for mobile site. I'll investigate further.

          • @scotty: Thanks Scotty for investigating. Can confirm it’s looking back to normal now.

  • Site seems to be broken on mobile, at least for iOS 12.5?

    “New” comment tags aren’t visible, the arrows for next comment etc aren’t showing up, the drop down for pozzing and negging isn’t working, and the reply drop down is now loading in a new screen.

    • Replying your comment on Safari… Working fine at least on my iPhone 8 running the latest iOS/Safari.

      Are you able to upgrade the OS? Some recent changes might not be old browser compatible.

      • It’s the newest OS available for my phone. I guess I’ll have to try a different browser and see how that goes.

        Just for curiosity sake, when did the changes take place? It was working fine around 06:30 this morning.

        • We had a site update this morning adding about half a dozen features/bug fixes. Looks like you have an old device, and Safari version is bound to the iOS version so there's no way to just update Safari.

          We are using optional chaining in some of new Javascript code which is only supported after Safari 13.1. I can try to fix it & push out an update later.

          However the reality is, it would become more and more difficult for us to support older iDevice that can no longer get browser updates.

  • I'm still seeing all new deals posted in "New Deals" even though I've changed my minimum in settings (yes I clicked save at the bottom and it's been hours now since I changed it).

    • Appears to be working fine now…

  • Voting doesn't work for me. This is displayed when I am logged in:
    "Why can't I vote?
    You must login to cast votes.
    Don't have an account? Registration is free and simple! We'd love to see you actively voting to encourage other users to post content that appeals to you."

    • -1

      Works on Firefox on my phone, but not Chrome. (default version on my phone: v66) I guess you've "updated" some code and broken its functionality for older browsers.

      • The current Chrome version is 92, you'll need to update it as v66 came out in early 2018.

  • has dark mode suddenly borked it for anyone else? I have to manually set it on each page i visit now.

    • OzBargain keeps the per-browser darkmode setting in localStorage, so that the setting is kept when you navigate between pages. Maybe some extension prevents it from working?

      • I use Brave browser. I tried disabling extensions for no fix. I have further isolated behavior to when I open a link in a new tab it opens without dark mode. If i just click through link it opens in dark mode. EDIT: Ironically it was the Dark Mode extension screwing with the cookie. I confirmed this by checking a new profile, and new VM. Sorry bout that

  • Mobile view seems to be broken since yesterday. This is on Chrome Android btw

    • Can you give us a screenshot? Can you confirm you are on the mobile site, just hit the link in the footer that says "Mobile Site".

      • On iPhone & iPad running iOS15, tapping My Account on full site view across any browser, no longer delivers the normal drop-down list. Rather, it takes you to the user profile page. Cheers.

        • It does that on iOS12 as well.

          • @mapax: Was definitely working fine prior to today. Not sure what's changed. Cheers.

            • @tightarse: One of our staff was able to replicate the issue on an iPhone. Issue logged.

            • @tightarse: Scotty has fixed the issue and I can confirm it working again (both iOS and Android with Full Site on Mobile)

      • Sorry didn't know there were replies . Yeah it's working good now 👍

  • Desktop view not working like it used to on mobile (android) now.

  • Grid view no long has up or down votes that can be usually seen in the left bottom corner of the deal picture. Was that unintentional?

    • Yup unintentional. It's fixed now.

  • Hi all,

    I tried viewing this comment last night on my Samsung Galaxy S10+ running Android 12 in both Samsung Internet and Google Chrome 96.0.4664.45. For a split second, the table is correctly sized, but as soon as the web browser loads the ( preview for each of the links in the table, it pushes the contents of the table to the right so that the table contents overflow past the right-hand side of my screen.

    I found it interesting that I could select the content in the table, copy its contents and paste it into Google Keep or another app, and I could see the full contents of the table.

    A screenshot of the issue is here.

    Does anyone else get this issue?

    • Basically the table is too wide, and the Markdown generated table does not include code for horizontal scrolling. I've put in the fix in the code which will be pushed out tomorrow morning.

  • +1

    I think that since yesterday or the day before, on Safari iOS with desktop mode on I the right hand sections: Notice, New Deals, New Competitions, Random Discussion, etc show nothing but a “Loading” text.

    • It works fine for me on iOS 12.5.5

      • Mobile mode or desktop mode?

        • Desktop

    • What's your iOS & Safari version?

  • Found the culprit. The same problem happened on Firefox on Windows. The ad blocking on both platforms/browsers block jQuery that’s loaded from

    The fix: disable adblock on iOS and allow googleapis domain on uMatrix. However that didn’t happen a few days ago.

  • OzBargain was down from 3:45AM AEDT to 6:45AM AEDT (3 hours). I was notified that our database server was offline, and was unable to restart it from the control panel at BinaryLane. So instead of waiting for the hosting staff to come & fix it on an early Sunday morning, I just provisioned a new server and copy over the hot-backup to get the site going.

    OzBargain might still go up and down in the early hours in the coming days, while we fine tune the new server.

  • New regression.

    The notices/new deals etc. on the right hand side have recently started to require Javascript enabled to load.

    As of ~2 days ago.

    Worked fine without Javascript for years prior.

    • OzBargain hasn't been working fine without Javascript for many years.

      • -2

        Categorically incorrect. I regularly use it without Javascript on a daily basis. Voting and commenting require it to be temporarily enabled. This regression is very recent.

  • +2
    Merged from 500 Internal Error Reason: "page" exceeds maximum allowed value

    Threads can't be viewed past page 100 anymore, seems a restriction set in error

    • It has been resolved.

  • OzBargain's Mobile page - the 3 stripes on the top left corner are not working correctly, this happens even in incognito mode.

    Means as a mobile user, we're unable to do anything but view the main page

    • Could you provide more information such as device, OS, browser, etc?

      I cannot replicate the issue on my Samsung Device running Android 11 using Chrome Browser.

  • Something seems to have changed in recent days, such that on my mobile, the "topics/deals" typically shown on the right are now all the way at the bottom (as if the container wrapped). This is when using desktop mode in both Opera and Chrome. It means that on the Deals page, I can't see the "front page deals" or "top deals", as scrolling down to see them causes them to move ever further down (continuous scrolling).

    • That's the desktop template trying to be more responsive to various screen sizes, and the most common scenario is tablet screen in portrait mode. Basically the desktop site is not going to work properly on a mobile device, as desktop site is designed for desktop or tablet screens.

      You can turn off infinite scrolling though (in your settings page), if you still wish to scroll down to reach the sidebar element that got pushed to the bottom of the page.

      • Yeah, it's my personal gripe with "mobile view" that's the real issue. I don't like the simplified view with missing content and a font size for the severely vision impaired :)

        This only started happening recently though. The layout was fine before. Maybe my phone got an update that affected both browsers?

        • Yes it was a recent update to support narrow desktop browsers (i.e. tablets in portrait). If font size was an issue, wouldn't the desktop site making it worse as everything is zoomed out?

          • @scotty: I don't like massive fonts. I rather have small fonts and zoom in as required. I like desktop layout because I get the same familiar layout, without any missing features. But I'm weird - for ten years now, my choice of browser is determined by whatever renders Ozbargain best :)

  • Arrow buttons not working.

    • Working fine for me

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