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Further Info/Tips

Master131 spends a lot of time creating and maintaining the script at Project Zero Three that we all know and love.

Working Methods



Note: There's currently no APK or Android simulator available. (Nox simulator does not support Android 9.)

Credits to master131

Mod: Please do not ask for vouchers. Obtain the fuel lock yourself or make a request in the Wanted Classifieds.

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  • +13

    Grats to everyone's comments. We managed to break Ozb!

  • -2

    Is there a way to fake location for android and how should I decide that which location i have to select for cheapest prices ?

  • +10

    My 7-eleven setup instructions
    Configuration Guide - by Cwongtech

    Also relevant
    Method to address Safetynet fail - CTS profile
    You may need to download kdrag0n's safetynet fix 1.2.0 as well - mentioned by Korban Dallas
    Relevant xda link

    There's an alternative to SmaliPatcher (Magisk module) that i've seen that works, Riru and Riru - LSPosed, though I have not used this myself.

  • +6

    Jailbreak instructions should be updated. Shadow is the latest tweak used to bypass jailbreak detection. Relocate Reborn is the latest best tweak to fake location. Any jailbreaking issues are best covered by /r/jailbreak

    Currently: As of Jan 2022, iOS 15 and above cannot be jailbroken.

    • @alvian

    • LibertyLite over Shadow
      LocationFaker over Relocate Reborn

      • Each to their own. I had issues with LibertyLite Beta on iOS 14. I find Relocate Reborn more user friendly compared to LocationFaker.

        • Hasn't Relocate Reborn been taken off Cydia? You can only find a deb file online? I found Relocate Reborn crashed on ios14 :( maybe a conflicting tweak.

          • +1

            @deezenuts: I've got a deb for RR. Also it might be available on a Nepeta Mirror repo. I've used RR on iOS 14.1 with unc0ver 7 and on iOS 14.8 with unc0ver 8, no issues.

  • +4

    For all the newcomers: please don't ask questions until you've read every single word of the original post (esp the last line "Please do not ask for vouchers"). You WILL be negged into oblivion.

  • You can also use xcode on mac, tutorials on youtube on how to spoof location

  • +1

    Magisk + Magisk hide + Smali patcher + GPS Joystick works for me

  • -2

    I'm not keen to let yet another entity have my details. I fill up once every two weeks, and even then, it's only ever a half tank (I do a lot of remote work + drop-offs to my office). Is it going to be worth risking my details/data out there? I have a Camry 2012/4cyl.

    • +2

      You can use a dummy email
      Just need to receive a verification link via email

      No other information really matters.. unless you intend to claim on when the 7/11 system is down (7/11 support team will send you a reimbursement by way of a 7/11 gift card to make up the lost discount if you had a valid fuel lock at the time of fuel purchase when it could not be redeemed due to their system issues)

      • +1

        Thank you. Appreciated. :)

      • Thanks, wasn't aware you need an accessible email for reimbursement. Thinking an option would be to setup a mail forwarding rule to gmail or similar.

      • Keep a backup of the barcode. If the app is down, scanning the barcode still might work to get the discount! Worked for me a couple weeks back but I guess it depends on which system is down.

    • +1

      Not sure why a neg for a reasonable question? Have a great weekend.

      • +1

        Wasn't me, but use a dummy email with trash info

  • +3

    Great that we're starting anew! Thanks, @cwongtech and @sween64 for your continued help and support.

  • +3

    Ouch, diesel prices. :(

    • That's cos we're at the top of the fuel cycle.

      • +3

        Diesel doesn’t really have a fuel cycle

        • Ah, good to know. I've just got a diesel, so will be more sensitive to its prices now. I miss my E10. :(

  • I use android smali since several months. Work like a dream.
    Today login got error: G09
    Anyone with same error?

    • +2

      Suspicious activity, you'll need to create a new account.

      The only issue is if you linked Virgin Velocity rewards to the suspended account, you can't like the same Velocity account to a new 7-Eleven account.

  • +1

    wow, is this a first? a thread archived due too many comments.

    • +1

      Considering it had a 5 year run time shouldn't be surprising?

  • Any help in setting desired location?

    I tried above mentioned ifakelocation and 3utool with no success, software doesn’t run.

    I have Monterey 12.2 MacBook Air and old iPhone 5S. No jailbreak

    • What error do you receive with iFakeLocation?

      • If it's the same issue as me on my M1 there's no error message, iFL just doesn't open. I've got .NET 6 installed but it also wasn't working with .NET 5 either.

        Haven't had time to look at it and I'm able to work around it using my old Mac.

        • Works on my M1, but I'm on 12.01 Monterey

    • iFL was not opening at all, but I worked it out. It all running for now.

      I would like to do this sort of thing in my old spare laptop but no luck, iFL doesn’t run/open
      If any one have experience kindly share

      Old MacBook Pro have IOS: EL Capitan


  • +15

    So I found a way to set custom locations and lock using a windows 11 PC, here's what I did:

    • Followed these instructions to the dot I think and I'm getting E01 error when I try to lock in on the 7-Eleven app.

      The Mock Mock Locations app works fine in shifting my mock location to where I need it to go but the 7-Eleven app won't let me lock in the fuel price.

      Any suggestions on how I can address this?

      • Make sure safety net fix is enabled. Also, try putting 7eleven in denylist in magisk.

        • Having the same issue, looks like it works and then as soon as I attempt to lock I get the error, seems everything is installed correctly, has anyone actually been able to lock in this way?

        • yeah did you actually have a successful lock? I'm getting E01 as well.

          • @obit11: I deleted the previous installation and installed it again to make sure. Can confirm it works. Here's a video showing it in action. I am using LSPosed-v1.6.3-6253-zygisk-release.zip though so maybe give that a go.

            • +1

              @Dbdpcg: The video doesn't show the final "Lock in my best local price" button being pressed, that's the most difficult part to pass.

              Finding the best price can be done even with safetynet test fail but upon pressing the lock in button it will return with E01 error

            • @Dbdpcg: yeah i've gotten as far as you have in the video. but the actual lock bit goes to E01 like @cwongtech said. Can you see if your device passes Safety Net? thank you for the video. yours looks soooo smooth compared to mine haha. To be fair, running it in a Windows 11 VM. So VM into VM :D

    • You won't be able to pass SafetyNet which is what 7-Eleven uses during locking. This is noted in the FAQ for MagiskOnWSA:

      How to pass safetynet?
      Like all the other emulators, no way.

      Even if you try using MagiskHidePropsConf it's the same outcome.

    • How to install safetynet and zygisk (zip files) on Magisk windows 11 PC.

  • On the 7eleven Android app it is requesting "location accuracy" (wi-fi, cell networks and sensors) to be enabled otherwise it won't let you press the "Find my best local price button".

  • +4

    The My 7-Eleven App will be put into maintenance mode for a quick update from 10PM AEDT on Wednesday 2 February until 2AM AEDT on Thursday 3 February 2022.

    During this time you won't be able to use the My 7-Eleven App, but everything will be just the way you left it when it's back online.

    • +2

      Got that email too. Hopefully the chopper will continue to work after the update/maintenance.

      • +3

        Chopper still working. :)

  • +6

    I've added my own app to the mix alongside ElevenMe's app on the iOS App Store. It grabs the lowest fuel price across the country and notify you when there's a significant discount. This is set server side, to avoid further potential costs and keep things simple.

    Search for 'Pump It Up' on the Apple App Store or https://apps.apple.com/au/app/pump-it-up/id1604395279. It's free.

    Don't forget to tip the creator of https://projectzerothree.info/prices.php, as that's the source of data for the app but notifications are handled on my own server. You can tip me also through the app on your iPhone.

    This app does not provide location spoofing, please use one of the solutions above to spoof your location.


    • +1

      I'd download it but it requires iOS 15.2 or higher and I won't be updating as there's no current jailbreak for iOS 15.

      • +1

        All good mate. I’ll see what I can do to support ios14

    • +3

      Thanks for acknowledging the source of your information
      Perhaps you should also do a cross-check against Vu's refinery.fyi prices as a source of redundancy

      Good stuff on making your own app interface!

      • +1

        That’s a good idea and I’ll look into adding that. I’m sourcing my own data for historical prices at least I think I am atm I haven’t had time to check or I’ll use another source for that data if it also becomes expensive to keep but should be okay

        I feel like I need to explore widgets so that’ll be my priority so that I can add to this app and my future apps

        • +1

          A customisable widget would be awesome.

      • Do you know if the fuel check is still working on Android with Magisk / Smalli?

        • Yes, this setup still works. I used it last night.

    • +3

      +1 for you mate, good on ya. Will wait for the Android version, as I stay away from Apple.

  • I see this when I try and search for fuel and it does not let me continue unless I accept - https://imgur.com/a/h5WYJGh but If I accept it gives my real location and not the mocked one.

    • +1

      Hmm. I added google play services to Magiskhide and it seems to have resolved my problem 👍

  • +5

    This has been a long drought.

    Been filling up with 145c+ in the last month, come on 7-11!

    • +1

      Even worse now. Yesterday morning 151 by the afternoon 155. I didnt get to lock in the morning….Price has jumped 10c within 1 week.

      • Finally! E10 is 106.7c!

        • Sadly doesn't help me as no E10 in WA.

  • +1

    been having real trouble with iFakeLocation recently

    was running v1.5 just downloaded v1.6, on Windows 10

    wasn't recognising either of my iPads (when both worked previously), saying make sure device is plugged in and showing up in iTunes (both do)

    is taking a lot of restarting iFakeLocation and plugging and unplugging of the iPads for them to be recognised, eventually they do (randomly)

    has something changed recently? talking the last 1-2 months it has been getting fiddly to lock

    • Try restarting the ipad before connecting

  • U95 1.70! That's crazy. Hoping for under 1.50 in the next few days..

  • +2

    did anyone see E10 at runaway bay QLD 106.7?

  • Right - time to unlock the bootloader on my trusty backup Mi 9T Pro, dust off the ADB on my PC, and just do it. Thanks OP for the post and the reminder how to do it!

  • +2

    Super easy on iOS, thanks guys!

    • +3

      If you used iFakeLocation and found it helpful, please consider donating to Master131 via his BuyMeACoffee
      Master131 works very hard to keep ProjectZeroThree up and maintain iFL through new iOS updates

      • +1

        Coffees on me

        • +1

          Happy flying, pilot :)

    • +2

      3utools was < 10 mins for a fuel lock noob:

      1. Download on Win PC, install and run
      2. Plug in iPhone, Trust etc
      3. (3utools) More… -> Common Items -> Virtual Location
      4. (3utools) Set the Lat / Long (actually Long / Lat in this case)
      5. Open My 7-11 App, Fuel Lock, click Lock and done!
      • +2

        To each their own. Prefer iFakeLocation because it supports a fellow OzBargainer.

        • I second that …

      • +2

        To add to this guide. I get the coordinates auto copied from refinery website. Paste them into 3utools, zoom in and click to place a marker. This auto fills 3utools for you.

      • +1

        Try placing the cursor into Long box and then back into search box, type the location instead of setting Long/Lat.

  • Nox now has Android 9, anyone got this working again.
    Everything seems good but the app won't price lock.

  • +1

    Cheapest U91 is now 1.58 😵😵😵

    • Be thankful you don’t have a high yield investment Ferrari ;)

  • (Bloody cheap)
    I tried to acquire a chopper using Magisk + Smalli patcher, but I don't think it liked my 32bit computer, and maybe android 9 is not supported??

  • Wow, just saw this post in forums…

    • It's been removed by the mods :)

      • +1

        what was the post about??

        • +3

          Some guy selling his $1.067 E10 lock voucher for $20 in classifieds

          He also posted he'd be happy to "share" his lock for a "small percentage of the savings", based on a $80 saving calculation (Fill 150L, x 1.569 cpl - 1.069cpl = 0.50cpl "extra saving", so that's max $75 really and assumes you do 150L of E10)

          I wouldn't call that a small percentage of the savings =\

  • Today tried to use iFakeLocation with 2 phones. It worked once but then is giving an error "No local price available" in the app. Have I been 'discovered'?

    • Same issue here…

    • Was able to lock using ifakelocation (Mac) using iPhones about an hour ago. No issues.

  • +1

    Apologies all. I've just pushed a new version out for Pump It Up 1.1 and is ready for review right now. Had complications with the database, so you may need to reinstall the app to get the DB reset or it may keep crashing on load. This was to bring in Widgets which requires app groups to share data between the widget and the core application.

    next update I'm hoping to introduce some price history and/or looking doing app clips (for this app) for fun.


    • +1

      I can't see an update history on the app store so I'm not sure if I'm attempting to get v1.1. I'm still getting an error as it requires iOS 15.2+ and I'm on 14.8.

      Would I be able to download it to an iPad?

      Widget and price history would both be awesome. Nice work!

      • +1

        my bad, poor choice of words. It's ready for review in the App Store process, not for consumer/user review. Just saying version 1.1 should come out in the next day or two.

        It works on iPad but I have to resize all the fonts and create the App Store screenshots for the iPads. it's probably a day or an afternoon of work if I'm caffeinated enough.

      • +1

        I've put in some compatibility code for 14.7. I'll see how low I can get bring it down

  • +1

    The My 7-Eleven App will be put into maintenance mode for an update during the following times:

    Tuesday 15 February 2022 from 1AM until 3AM AEDT
    Wednesday 16 February 10PM to Thursday 17 February 2AM AEDT
    During these times you won't be able to use the My 7-Eleven App, but everything will be just the way you left it when it's back online.

    Fingers crossed choppers can still fly after this.

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