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[in Store] JBL Pop Jr Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Red/Purple $9 (Save $41) @ Big W


Update: Looks like this product is not available online since morning and Possibly some issue with BIGW Listing or price error as catalogue says it for $24 ?

Try in store or price match at OW or JB Hi-Fi

( Some mates were able to get it for $9 by visiting store )
Enjoy :)


This item and price is coming soon in our Toy Mania catalogue!
Available online Monday 17th June from 7am AEST (Home Delivery only)
Available In store Thursday 20th June (including Pick up & Home Delivery)

Kids can party like a Popstar with the JBL JR POP Bluetooth speaker. Parents don’t need to worry because it is built with durable materials and is even fully waterproof. Packed with a rechargeable battery to enjoy up to 5 hours of playtime. The fun built-in light mode will engage young music fans with the music. Ultra-portable with strap and sized for little hands. Plus, JBL JR POP delivers great JBL signature sound and is tough enough to handle the playground with ease.

Product Features:

Wireless bluetooth streaming
5 Hours of playtime
IPX7 Waterproof
Built-in multicolour light mode
Ultra-portable with strap
Sticker set

Price Compare:
$29 @ HN
$49.95 @ Myer

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  • +1

    As a pocketable BT speaker connoisseur I will have to try and get one.

    • Good luck, I know how convenient it is to carry around a BT speaker in your pocket!

    • +4

      I guess you can use that on a bicycle and put Pokemon's cycling theme on.

  • +1

    How does it compare with Logitech X50?

  • +2

    Can also pricematch at JB, handy for those with the $15 vouchers.

  • +4

    Waterproof? Sweet! Might get one for the shower… I wonder if I can spray paint it black…

  • Holy Molly

  • JBL for $9. Naice.

  • +1

    Cool. I can listen to my favourite Bieber and one direction hits on the go.

  • Available online Monday 17th June from 7am AEST (Home Delivery only). So maybe $10 postage ?

  • Suitable for use in the shower?

    • +1

      Whatever you do, don't sing the entirety of Meatloaf's "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" in the shower.

      • +2

        In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida by Iron Butterfly is a better timer.

  • Might use my $10 gift card from $10 Big W eGift Card with $1 Spend @ Groupon, so only $1, with $1 left for a chocolate!

  • +1

    Great. Need 1 in the shower and probably stock some as Christmas gifts to children.

  • +1

    Catalogue says $24

  • Does this play from a Microsd card slot? What kids have phones to pair with this??

    • +1

      Hipster kids

  • Review

    - Crisp, clear audio performance. Fully waterproof.
    - Built-in LED lights.
    - Affordable.

    - Can get louder than is ideal for kids.
    - Weak battery life.

    • +1

      - Can get louder than is ideal for kids.
      - Weak battery life.

      I don't know, weak battery life could be an advantage for a kids device. When they're being shits you don't need to confiscate the speaker, just confiscate the chargers and let the life slowly leave their eyes as the battery runs out.

      • +1

        Haha, that's a very good point mate! Never thought of it that way.

  • If a kid is old enough to have a phone, surely he/she isn't going to want a kiddie Bluetooth speaker?? Not sure if I'm missing something :/

    • My youngest has an iPad (with no SIM) that BTs to speakers for louder music.

  • +5

    There is also this promotion currently running.

    Chance to Win a trip to Las Vegas with JBL

    Promotions runs from 01/05/2019 to 30/08/2019. Offer is via redemption from the supplier. Visit jblfest.com.au for full details of prize inclusions. Winners must be 21 years or over at time of travel. Winners must be available to travel from 8/10/2019 to 12/10/2019. Not transferrable or redeemable for cash. Schedule of events and ambassador appearances are subject to change without notice. Terms and Conditions apply.

  • Looks like the catalogue is live now

  • +1

    Still showing as home delivery not available for me

    • Nah not working bro, why

    • same, think whoever is in charge of Big W online store overslept

      • +1

        lol, maybe system errors

  • Anyone got any luck?

    • big L for me. Wonder who got it

      • Try in store or price match at OW or JB before BIg W fix the price to $24 as per catalogue

  • Nope, still not active. I been refreshing since 7🤬

    • Try in store or price match at OW /JB .few managed to get it for $9

    • tried at my local BIG W and they wouldn't do it.
      didn't have a OW nearby and the JBs said try again THU

  • Been changed to ‘not available for home delivery’. I doubt anybody got this ‘deal’ OP what happened?

  • Could we price match at office works ?

  • The catalogue page says $24.00.Possible price error?

    • $24 isnt better than half price if thry ckaim rrp is $41

      • Save $41, so rrp may be $50

    • Yes possible..

  • Will this last for xmas gifting?
    Just wondering how battery life would be ifvyou gift 6 months from now.

    • I think it will be a pricing error, I just rang the store

      • Nooooo

        • yeah so sad

  • +1

    I couldn't order online so went to store to check. This is not a pricing error. Staff confirmed there is some issue with their online system. I was after 2 units but the store manager agreed to give me just one. So you can try your nearest store.

    • Same price $9? because in advertisement mentioned "In store Thursday 20th June"

      • +1

        yeah bought for $9. When I went in store the message wasn't shown in website. I was able to see the stock availability as well, now no.

        • So how do we grab one if their store manager denies?

          • @Yaren24: They weren't supposed to give me as per the type of sale(home delivery only), but they were kind enough to give me one. You can try your luck or wait till you can get one on Thursday.

        • Let's see what is the experience of others. if it's available on stores, sure I wouldn't mind to go and check it =D

          • +1

            @shahrah: Try at OW or JB for pricematch .. coz price may change to $24

        • yea, tried at a different store about 30mins ago and they wouldn't do it.

  • If this product is not available for Home Delivery, more will be available In store Thursday 20th June

  • +1

    What a mystery this is turning out to be!

  • +3

    Listing is disappeared from their website

  • +6

    Throws an error at the (self) price check machines in store, scans at $49 at the till and customer service operator said they will be $9 on Thursday… good luck everyone!

  • Now scans as $9. There’s four barcodes on the back so use the hand scanner to pick the EAN.

  • Confirmed Canberra also at $9 instore

  • +1

    I confirm 9$ at Big.W!
    Limited stock.

    The sound quality seems to be comparable to my Go which is pretty satisfying for me.
    I wouldn't pay 50$ for this but 9$ is a no brainer!
    Perfect speaker for the shower and seems ultra durable.

  • $24 now at Ow.

    Which store has stocks and still selling at $9 for price match at OW ?

  • Big W Highpoint still have a dozen. $9

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