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[Android] Free 1 Year Premium - Calimoto - Road Trip (Was $69.99) @ Google Play


Spotted this at mydealz. New app with good ratings and looks like useful app Motorbike riders.

Same App in IOS - Premium yearly $69.99.

Breathtaking landscapes, beautiful view points and awesome roads. The developers of the world's most successful motorcycle app are on the fast lane and present the next genius idea: calimoto - Road Trip.

Make every ride a perfect road trip, whether it's a oneway trip or a whole organized roundtrip. We deliver the best rides for all car enthusiasts, no matter if you're into Cabrios, oldtimers or if you love going on vacations in your family car. calimoto - Road Trip is the answer for all needs. Discover beautiful places in your surroundings and let us inspire you.

Your tour planner on your smartphone
- Our unique algorithm will guide you to your destination along the nicest roads.
- Create your own custom tour with unlimited via points.
- Combine different route options like "most beautiful way" or "fastest way" in just one trip. They can be set for the whole trip or even sections of the route between each waypoint!
- Find POIs like gas stations, view points or beautiful bays, and integrate them in your route.

Looking for a spontaneous round trip
- Simply provide the desired length and our unique algorithm will do the rest.
- You want to stop on that really good beergarden you like? No problem! Simply drag the via points of your tour to the preferred location.

Turn-by-turn voice navigation
- Your fuel light comes on? The next gas station is only 3 clicks away. Afterwards calimoto - Road Trip directs you right back onto the route.
- Get notified about danger zones (e.g. speed cameras) directly during your navigation.

World's most beautiful places
- Discover marvellous beaches or solitary bays.
- Create amazing rides along view points or mountain passes.
- For the little snack on your ride we provide a huge amount of POI like beergardens or ice cream shops.

Tour catalog
- Save your favorite routes and explore them as many times as you want.
- Your past rides are analized and saved neatly in your own tour catalog.

Tour analysis
- Check out your maximum velocity or acceleration for each tour.
- Visualize your speed, altitude and acceleration for each tour in graphs.

Share your adventures
- Share your favorite trips with Facebook, WhatsApp or directly inside the app.
- Become a part of the calimoto community and take advantage of the experience of thousands of other car enthusiasts.

- Just riding? calimoto - Road Trip will take care of tracking your adventure.
- Always have an overview of your time on the road, the places you've already been to and your average speed.

Sign up to our community
- Create a calimoto profile and we show you how many kilometers you have driven with calimoto - Road Trip.
- Digitalize your garage and save your vehicles with pictures and additional information.

Try calimoto - Road Trip for free and discover beautiful roads, amazing places and interesting routes. Become a Premium member now and get unlimited access to all maps and exclusive features like danger zone alerts (e.g. radar warnings). calimoto - Road Trip, the answer to everything for all those with gasoline in the blood!

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    Looks like a good app, but permissions look a bit sketchy, or is that the norm? I bought a new Android phone recently and don't understand why these apps want access to your data. I mean, I know about data-mining but changing, modifying and deleting your data? Wth.

    • I'm not sure you understand what this app is for?

      I haven't installed it but there are features where they log your trip and there's a calendar to plan future trips. Some people will then share with friends or on fb or want to export the data etc and so the app needs to access your storage for that to happen.

      GPS for obvious reasons

      Bluetooth because its for motorbike riding/car driving

      Media/photos I'm guessing because you can take photos/videos and amend them on your trips or share with friends.


        Thanks, but OP outlined what the app is supposed to do. I tried to understand how changing, modifying or deleting data is relevant. I'm yet to fully determine how and why.

        A calendar to plan future trips - Okay, that makes a bit of sense in terms of modification.

        Sharing on FB - Automatically allowing an app to share your trips sounds more like a disguised ad than a personal share. No doubt the company name will be featured somehow.

        GPS - Doesn't explain deletion.

        Same goes for Bluetooth and sharing photos.

        I'd rather just hit the open road and do a simple search in the area. Everything this app can provide can be found on a search engine and you can already share your photos when it suits you, not the app.

        Less apps equals less updates, less roaming data use, less phone storage, and less headaches about data mining.

        Anyway, I appreciate you trying to explain and, on the surface, it appears like a good idea (i.e. amalgamating search/ share functionality), but I'm not interested.

  • code not working :(

  • Thanks op, looks like an awesome app that I should get some real use out of

  • This OP is a great Ozbargainer. Always posts the fine deals.

  • Weird - it shows premium trial expires June 2020 below a button to "Get Premium"… I can download all maps free, so must be working.

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