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30% off RM Williams Boots (e.g. Comfort Craftsman $416.50) @ David Jones


David Jones are offering 30% off boots today only. These include RM Williams.

Should be free delivery too.

Don't forget 4% cashback from Shopback or 2% cashback from Cashrewards

Enjoy :)

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David Jones
David Jones

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      Made in Adelaide

  • Online only or in store as well?

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      Offered in store (Melbourne CBD), not price matched by the RM boutique.

      • Do they only have G width in the CBD store?

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      Also offered in store in Sydney CBD

  • Don't have the black comfort craftsman unfortunately, the hunt continues. Great price though.

      • Looks like that's the distressed leather and not the classic yearling one they offer.

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          Cheers, you learn something new every day!

        • I actually have distressed comfort craftsman, and regular dynamic comfort craftsman in black. I prefer the look, wear, and feel of the distressed leather. The dynamics are still crinkled (although perhaps not as worn in) and lack character. The arch support offered in the dynamic range is great, but both have their perks.

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      Perhaps this establishment will suit your requirements?

      • Wow! Must be good shoes

  • Does anyone know what width the shoes are? And are the 'UK' sizes the standard Australian sizes?

    • Yes, AU and UK are the same size. All should be the standard G width unless otherwise noted.

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        I'm a 10G in RMs however there are multiple "Size AU10" with no width references. How do I know which width I'll receive?

        • You SHOULD receive a standard G width. If I received something else I’d be very angry. Unfortunately this incomplete type of description is pretty common with DJs. If you’re a 10 g just order AU10

          • @The Almighty Dollar: That's the problem though, there are up to four AU10s to choose from in the drop down. I'm worried they all represent different widths, but no widths are stated

    • go 1 down.

  • Where can i get discounted DJ gift cards ?

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  • Ordered thanks! Couldn't see the width sizing, hope I get a G.

  • Of course the black adelaides aren't available in my size :(

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      Try checking Theiconic, they also have 30% off with 7% cashback,I remember looking yesterday and they had Black Adelaides in most sizes

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        amex has a spend $200 get $30 credit on theiconic too.

      • You're a legend thanks!

  • Do they offer exchange? Not sure what my size is

    • Not sure about exchange but I have had no issues returning in the past.

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      I was able to exchange sizing previously by going to an RM Williams brick and mortar store, they were happy to do the exchange even though I made my purchase online. 10/10 customer service

  • Ordered - thanks!

  • Can somebody please help me. I tried RMW in one of their stores in Melbourne and was told that the Comfort craftsman fit for me is 9.5F.

    I cannot see the F in here. I called RMW now to confirm that 9.5 in RMW is same as 9.5 UK at DJ. Now what about the fitting? How will I ensure it is F.

    • Call DJs

    • It won't be F. It will be G.

      • Will I be able to live with G if I fit F? Is the difference noticeable?

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          Hard to say. They should technically be more comfortable off the bat but your foot might move around a bit more in them. Do you have quite narrow feet?

          • @frbargain: Hey thanks for your response. I came to Chadstone RMW to try 9.5G and it looks like F is more appropriate fit for me. G is okay but it tends to bend on top due to more width on the sides. If I can wear thicker socks I can live with it. But no, DJ is never gonna be an option now. Have to reach out to Nungar.

        • F is a more narrow fit. So it will be a bit looser on the sides of your foot, but it should be fine.

        • I was sized as an F too, but brought a G from the Qantas price error deal awhile back. It is definitely acceptable and fits fine, but slight movement that shouldn't be there

  • RM Size = UK Size
    For example, if you know you want size 11, order UK11.


  • I’ve been considering a pair (or two) for sometime now since they’re quite pricey. I’m no stranger to well built shoes but RMW has always been way above my price range.
    I own several pairs of Spanish-made good year welted meermins that I rotate over my 5 day work week. Like most, I work an office job but I usually go on rather long walks during lunch and notice my leather soles and rubber heel wear out rather quickly and each trip to the cobbler cost me anywhere from $40-$70.

    Now I’m keen on getting these RMWs confident of the durability of the uppers, but if my pronation will still end me up at the cobblers every 9-12mths I’m not sure if I should pay the premium for these boots.

    Anyone familiar with the quality of the RMWs vs other well made good year welted shoes care to comment?

    • Can confirm the rubber heal definitely still wears out like my previous cheaper boot.

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      Cant avoid uneven wear and tear if you naturally rotate one way or the other

      You can minimise it though,

      I wear/you should be wearing orthotics with all your shoes. Even store bought one is better than nothing.

      I went from 2-3 resoling the heels a year, to once a year. This with rotation of two boots.

      I go to a Mr mint who reheel my boots for $30 using RM william heels, cheaper for generic

      I've got a 10+ year boot that looks a couple of years old. But my other newer pairs barely last 5 years without me maintaining them ie leather conditioner. New cheaper production methods mean RM Williams aren't as good as they use to be. A healthy 5 years is good, more if you look after your boots well.

      Never had a problem with upper part of boots. My 10+ year boot issue is the "seem/stitching"

      • great advice thanks mate.

  • I've never had an RM William boot before but very keen to get one looking at how famous they are within the ozb community. I've normally worn the shopping centre brands like Florishem etc.

    Those loops at the front, are they common in such boots? I've only seen loops at the back of the shoes. Do they look ok if one is wearing a short chinos and they're visible?

    Sorry for a noobie question.

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      It's the iconic look. You can tuck them in too.

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      You can get "Sydney" which does not have the front loop

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      tuck your pants into your RMWs for that super cool city look.

  • Thanks for the heads up!!!! Just confirmed that they offer refunds within 14days of delivery.

  • Severally years ago the Australian Army purchased cheap shit boots for it's dress shoes, they were rolled out over a year and then on Anzac Day they were worn on masse for the first time. Hundreds of soldiers marching in public parades had the soles of their shoes fall off mid-march because of a fault in the shoes' glue. Shortly after the shoe debacle the ADF rollled out RM Williams service wide. I was issued a pair a month before I discharged. Handy pickup.

    • And they're still being issued! Good ol' ADF Redbacks and Lymington Pacific shoes.

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    I'd recommend trying these on before buying as RM's sizing is very different to the "standard" fit.e.g.I normally wear an 8 (Au/UK) and therefore a 9 U.S.but my Craftsmans are 7H.
    Most Anglo's here have wide feet so the H fitting is popular.
    P.S.the front loop is to hold onto while you pull the boot on with the rear loop.

    • does that get in the way of pants 'flow'? I've had boots before with a tab that just gets in the way of my pants falling.

      • It does get in the way and it's annoying. I've contemplated cutting them off but I'm thinking about flogging mine so I haven't.

  • Does anyone know if they stock other widths than G in Melbourne stores?

  • What’s with AU 10 having four selectable options in the sizing chart?

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    had my size before a meeting, now after the meeting it and most of the stock is gone. Well done lads.

  • Thank you OP. These will continue to build upon my young liberal success!


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    no longer discounting - my mate was told by David Jones that the RMs were supposed to be excluded from the 30% off deal…hoping i still get mine!!

    • Hope they don't cancel our orders - will be pretty annoyed if they did!

  • I was in the Sydney store and the sales rep seemed annoyed when someone called asking about the 30% off offer. She confirmed it and then slammed the phone lol

    • lol did you get a pair instore?

      • Nope, already got too many shoes

  • Thanks OP. Much appreciated!

    I got mine instore in Brisbane, Queens Plaza.

    The sales guy was very helpful and the manager told him to override with the discount (I tried to click and collect but it wasn't available as the pair was the last one of that style/size in that store).

    Combined with 8% off gift cards too - awesome!

    • what a lucky you are
      I am in the Brisbane store as well, they said they cant do it :(

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    Nungar Trading just does this price every day.

    • can confirm, and last month I priced matched it in david jones with no issues

      • Why do you go to those jerks. I bought my pair from Nungar - no problems. Support the small business that makes that price match even possible imo.

        P.S. have purchased quite a few items from Nungar without issue.

        • I dunno if I could ever buy RMs online given how different the shoes can present, even when they are the exact same SKU (Not surprising given they are hand made by different people).

          Today at DJ's, the bloke was nice enough to let me look at two different pairs of my size and sure enough, the leather and composition were very different. The difference between the one I bought with and the one I left behind was enough to point out 5 or 6 clear presentation flaws.

          • @OG Puppy Banana: Buying shoes online is similar to buying shoes in a shop. Provided you know your size, you will receive a pair which 9/10 will be fine. If you do have an issue or the product is faulty, you return the item and get another one in return.

      • U price match in-store or online ?

  • Last time I looked They had the classic craftsman for $450.

    David Jones was $400 with the cash back.

  • Thanks grabbed comfort Adelaide in Havana suede ;

  • DJ’s confirmed it was a pricing glitch, but all orders made will be honoured.

    • dam mine got cancelled

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        Mine got cancelled as well, I ended up buying from an authorised seller on Ebay. with 15% from ebayplus this weekend you can get the shoes anywhere from 420-440

        • thanks for that, had staff discount so went down to 330 but was too good to be true.

        • If you buy from an ebay reseller do you still go to RM Williams for any warranty or back to seller?

          • @shaz0316: Probably back to seller I'm guessing. Would be pretty safe though, they are just RM Williams authorised brick & mortar stores who have an ebay account

    • Do you have an email from them? I cancelled mine

      • yeah they sent an email

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    Go the Adelaide cuban heel if you want to impress the ladies and make your enemies jealous.

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    Just got my tracking information! Woot. Thanks DJ

  • Got my boots today, got the sizing off and DJ doesn't have stock for H width.

    Tried to exchange them at RM Williams Canberra, but they don't do exchanges for 3rd party sellers.

    Called up a few Sydney stores and they were more than willing to help out with an exchange, guess I'll be doing that when I'm next in Sydney!

    • Received mine today, they sent me the wrong size. I will be exchanging it in store.

      • That sucks! It might be useful to find which stores have the sizing you want - only 3 stores in Australia have 8.5 in Chestnut (with each only having one pair)…

        • Yes, I'll have to call up tomorrow. I have the 8.5 Chestnut, after an 8. So one store will have an extra 8.5 shortly.

    • Do the DJ stores have a H width?