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Logitech G560 $159 Delivered @ Amazon.com.au


Not the cheapest, but has been a while since the last deal.
This is part of the Amazon mid-year sale.
Price is 20% off ($159 from $199 original price), plus combine with your favourite cashback for extra savings!

JB Hi-Fi has those speakers at same price if you prefer a physical store (although no cashback as far as I know)
Here is the JB Hi-Fi deal: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/pc-speakers/logitech-g560-lightsyn...

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Bought these a while back through Harvey Norman (price matching JB). They are great! Haven't been able to use them to their full potential as they're quite punchy and loud, while I game mostly later at night when the kids are asleep.

    All of my peripherals are Logitech and I'm using the Logitech G Hub software to control them, all of the settings are available within the one control panel and RGB lighting in synced across all of them (generally off).


      Do you find that the lowest volume is still too loud (windows)? I have it on 2/100 and its too loud at night.

      • Yes! I turned it down to 2/100 as well and even set the bass to 1/10 via Logitech software. It's still far too loud at night.

        Most of the time I have to resort to using my monitors in-built speakers to keep it low enough.

        It's good to have the option there however, if I get some gaming time earlier in the day and want to crank it up a bit.

        • It should be noted that 'far too loud' is in terms of having a sleeping family nearby. Others situations would perceive that this volume level would be far too low :)

          • @sghetti: odd, I set my to 40/100, though some games may get turned down with in the game, but I've tended to always do that anyway, even before I got these. but yet, these are great speakers.

        • So perfect for when your having a 'gaming session' with the other half :)

        • I remember reading this in some reviews before I bought mine but haven't had that experience at all. I can turn mine so quiet that I can't hear stuff properly if I really wanted to. HAve you tried a firmware update to see if that makes any difference. Some of the older reviews suggested that was something being fixed via firmware.

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            @conan2000: Updated this evening and the firmware update solved the audio issue, but now my RGB lighting has stopped working ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Back to the drawing board.

      • strange, if I set mine to 3/100 I can barley hear them
        have you updated the firmware?

    • Do they have independent volume on top of Windows? Always fiddly choosing which one to go with.


        If connected via USB, the volume is linked to Windows.

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    These are great sound quality as long as you don't ever need them to be quiet, as you'll never get them to be quiet. The lighting is also a complete gimmick as far as matching your monitor goes - there's too much delay that it just feels wrong, but it's quite nice for static lighting.

    I'd also warn that in their infinite wisdom they decided to put the on indicator LED in the front of the right speaker, so there's a big white dot at the top of it the ruins the aesthetic of the LED backlighting. A bit of tape over it works fine, but FYI.

    • Also that when you turn off your pc, the speakers start cycling through the rbg spectrum rather than turning off completely..

      Unless someone's found a way to fix this..?

      • Guessing that's a usb power issue in bios, though haven't touched these myself

      • There’s a power button on the back of the right speaker that turns it all off

      • it cycles through with the backlight + frontlight for about 5 min then the backlight turns off and only the front light remains cycling util the pc turns on again, that I can deal with.. I dont bother turning off the rgb anymore

  • The Logitech Z-5500 is still the best PC speaker system ever.