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Rivers Goodyear Welt Leather Boots - $59 @ Rivers


Update: Only Black, Sizes 8-9-10 are available

I was looking for a pair of mens boots for work and/or casual wear.

I saw these at Rivers. They were tagged $129.95, but on sale for $59.
Web site says they are normally $99.

Have received several compliments for their appearance.

Very comfy. Well worth the $59

Rated an average of 4.7 out of five by 17 reviewers (higher rating for same boot in different colour)

3 colours available, all the same price.

Rivers have another comparable boot they call the Australian Standard Work Boot for the same price

The two are chalk and cheese, these Goodyear welts look and feel much better IMHO…
Note however they probably dont pass all the safety standards for an Australian work boot!

The Goodyear welt boots have a reinforced toe but not sure its a steel cap toe…

What is a Goodyear welt?


Shipping is $8.80

or free instore collect & collect.

Use code WELCOMEDA to get $10 off

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    Bought one from the last deal. Quite impressed with the product so far. Had some mentions people thought they were Blundstones with a fashion statement.

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    I tried these but they rubbed heavily against my bottom heel. To the point of aching pain and blistets. Anyone else had this problem?


      I had this too, wearing mine now - put some wool insoles in and just bore the pain while i wore them in - theyre fine now.


      Not with these boots. I do recommend replacing the insole, but I recommend that for pretty much all shoes.


      you have to wear them in.


      Yes ! I have this problem, not only it's heavily rubbing against my bottom heel but the base layer is coming off and green coloured material is coming off sticking on to my socks. Perhaps it is cause I got one size bigger than what I should've gotten.

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    shipping is $8.80

    or free instore collect & collect.

    use code WELCOMEDA to get $10 off


    size is AU or US?


    The order is failing.

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    Not $400 so can't be instagram worthy.


    How is the goodyear welt boot compare to their chelsea boot? The price is the same but from the photo, it seems like chelsea boot looks more like a formal working shoe than goodyear welt.



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      I bought a pair of those chelsea boots 6 weeks ago to wear to the office. - paid $35 C&C.

      nice boots.

      the goodyear boots are a chunky work boot. the chelsea more of a "dress" boot

      I bought size 11. i take US size 11, Aus size 11. UK size 10

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      Got the Chelsea boots maybe 9 months ago for like $40. Nice and comfy and cheap. Wear em everyday to the office. I haven't really taken care of them though and theres a scuff mark developing on the outside edge of one shoe. Pretty quick to wear in so there was no discomfort at all.


        Are the soles/heels made out of rubber/wood or a mixture for the chelsea boots? Quite curious as my other pair of chelsea boots's heel area is made out of wood which is not as comfortable and makes my footsteps rather loud. TIA


      Formal Boots tend to have a thinner sole BUT all boots are considered casual or on the lowest end of formal.


      Don't have these myself but would be cautious about buyuing the Chelsea boots if you're looking for welted shoes. The Chelseas don't seem to be advertising it in the description so I'm guessing the stitching is rubber made to look like stitching (yes, it's a thing).


        I'm wearing a pair of the cheleas now. The stitching is definitely thread stitching, however I don't know whether it's structural or decorative.


    Anyone know if these are a wide fit (2E)? No info on the site, so assume it’s a regular width (D).


    Are these boots water-proof?


    Has anyone got them resolved? And would they look reasonable as office attire with a sleeker sole?


      If you want something for the office I would suggest one of the chelsea boot range. These are more like work boots (minus the steel toe).


        I agree. If you look at the photos the Goodyear Welt are like a work boot in thickness, whereas the Chelsea has a sole like a normal dress shoe.

        For everyday in the office I'd look at the Chelsea. For casual Friday the Goodyear Welt is fine.


      I'm wearing mine now with green jeans, admittedly it's casual Friday though.

      I'm waiting for their leather chelsea boots to go back under $50 and i'll bite with a $10 "new user" voucher.


    Heaps of size options in store. Just not the 7s, I’m after.

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    I went in store and tried on both the Chelsea and these ones.

    Sizing was a little different - I needed a 13 in the Chelsea but was ok with the 12 in the Goodyear Welt. 13 was too big.

    Comfort was the main thing for me: the Chelsea were to thin in the soles and I didn't find them comfortable. I am currently used to wearing the Hush Puppies Chelsea (again, size 13) which were far more comfortable. The Goodyear Welt felt good, and although not as formal in style I reckon they are good enough for work with casual trousers. I don't wear a suit and these would not be any good with suit trousers.

    Hope that helps.


    Thanks, grabbed a pair of the black ones. Should be better than wearing sneakers while working on the car/garden


    much better value for money vs the RM Williams that was on the front page yesturday

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    Grabbed a pair in store. They had light scuffing and some fading so the store reduced the price by a further $10. A quick polish will make them new again.


    Definitely not sold out in store even if it is online.

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    Went to a store to try these on. Size 8: Back of heel felt like it was jammed into pinched triangle, really tight about halfway along across the top of my foot, ok elsewhere, but my toes were already 1.5 inches from the front of the shoe. Size 9 was floppy and toes 3" from front of shoe.

    I don't know why I keep going into Rivers, because I haven't got anything usable there since I bought the only real leather belt in the store years ago when they first opened. Bought a shirt there recently marked down and 3 or 4 buttons constantly fall out of the buttonhole. Same thing for 1 or 2 buttons on a second completely different shirt (forget now because I don't wear them for this very reason until I can 'doctor' the buttonholes somehow).


      I am glad Rivers exist.

      For mine Rivers offer mixed quality garments and shoes at reasonably good prices. I never pay full price as I know they will always have a sale with at least 20% off within a few weeks.

      Some of the quality is lacking in some garments, but in some its great. Thats true for most stores.

      In particular the jackets and shoes I have bought have generally been very good quality for the price charged.

      Also if I have had a quality issue with a garment (twice in the last 4 years) I have found they refund or replace with no hassle in store.

      If Rivers didnt exist, it would reduce competition in a already small market.

      There are not a lot of places selling reasonably priced menswear. Myers and David Jones prices are sky high and they dont cater much for anybody larger than XL.

      Target's range is limited and sizes are too. Big W's range is worse than Target's.

      I find Hallensteins to be rubbish.

      Lowes are OK but range is limited and they dont sell many shoes.

      Most of the the specialty mens clothing stores are way overpriced.

      Online is always an option, but I do like to try on clothes and shoes before buying and Rivers do have quite a lot of stores.

      I am curious where you buy most of your mens clothing, maybe I am missing a good store?

      • +1 vote

        The thing is, we're so used to rubbish, we now think stuff like Rivers is good. People in their 20s have probably never seen decent clothing - and I mean even from expensive stores. We used to be able to get good quality, heavy 100% cotton shirts and trousers from Kmart, BigW, Lowes… it was a rare thing to find a white shirt that you could see a man's chest hair through - it was only seen with really cheap polyester business shirts. Even business shirts from David Jones, Grace Bros now… pfft - so thin you have to get dark shades - navy, purple, black - to not show skin.

        Years ago $30 Dunlop K26 joggers from BigW were better quality than today's $300+ junk in Athlete's foot. They're now made in China, the materials used are AWFUL, the fit has completely changed like they measured the sizes from people suffering from malnutrition.

        Where do I buy clothes? Usually I don't, LOL. Sometimes I find old quality clothes in op shops. e.g. Several years ago I found a shirt made from hemp. It is so thick it must be close to 900g, but in summer it's the coolest cotton shirt I own.

        If I do manage to find something good I'll buy several, then only wear them when leaving the house. At home I'm wearing t-shirts bought about a decade ago, full of holes, with badly frayed edges and the necks tearing away - to keep the rarely-found better clothing viable as long as possible.

        When I was in Rivers yesterday, just a common long sleeve 'houso' flannel shirt was $60 or $70! I struggle to find leather belts anywhere, and if you do they cost a weeks income… It's depressing. I'm seriously thinking about learning to sew my own clothes, although the last time I was in Spotlight a few years ago, even fabric was like clothes today - thin, see-through, no weight to 100% cotton, etc. [Sigh.]


    Thanks OP. Purchased a pair of chestnut colour from Gosnells, WA. They had more in stock.

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