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365 Day Super Pack $99 (Unlimited Calls, SMS, 15GB Total Data) in Store @ ALDImobile


This deal is back for a limited time or until sold out.

  • Unlimited Calls & SMS
    Standard national Calls, SMS and MMS included.
  • 15GB data included.
  • 365 Day Expiry

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  • +28 votes

    Wife's aldi yearly plan is about to expire but the current boost 12mth plans seem like much better value currently

    • Yeah agree, extra $50 for 80gb.

    • This deal would have been impressive in December 2018. Get with the times, ALDI!

      Get a Belong $40 Starter pack for $15 with a bonus $20 referral for 6 months of wholesale Telstra.

      Even without pulling a shifty and giving self-referrals to starter packs to live a life of data-saturated luxury, you can pay for 6 months more at $10/month and still have money left over to top up your data at $1/GB or less via Gumtree and other classifieds. In one years time you can evaluate the situation again.

      If it's for nan then you can maybe extinguish the data and leave it shaped at 64 kb/s.

    • Catch connect still has 80gb for $135 or 42gb for $99

    • -1 vote

      OP, we can't read the "Fine Print"

      Can you tell us whose Network &
      which "speed" we can expect, thanks?

      Too many changes in "mobile"
      to keep up with all of them!

      Telstra? 3G? Only Telstra seems
      to want to live in the Past, IMO

      'hope it's NOT the dreaded Voda'…?

      PS And… Only 15 GB across the entire Year…?!?

      Actually, since our ALDI has yet to open…
      I was hoping, that ALDImobile was their
      new way of doing business:

      • To your Door Deliveries…? (No, I guess Not)
  • 15gb for a year doesn't seem like a lot

  • Boost still crushes the competition, $149 for 80GB for whole year, unlimited calls/sms on FULL telstra 3G/4G network

  • These are a recharge voucher rather than a starter pack so you can top up an existing aldi mobile service right?

  • If i buy it, when do i have to activate?

  • awesome! 15gb is slightly more than last year (which included 12gb). 15Gb of data is as bit on the slim side, but is manageable for light usage (email, weather, light web browsing, etc.).

  • Great been waiting for that - Thanks OP for letting know its back.

  • Imagine how stupid I feel buying two $99 packs last year

  • How long do these last for? I bought a 3 month Kogan thing that has to be activated by the end of June, so I will be on that until the end of September.

    Could I buy one of these and activate it in early October by any chance?

    • Most likely. Last year these re-charge vouchers had an expiry of more than 12 months after date of purchase, so you should be fine.

      • I concur. This is correct.

        • Thanks for concurring. I just saw it mentioned in the previous deal that the op liked above.

          • @ozhunter68: Lot of BS in comments lately. I got your 🔙

            • @Korban Dallas: "i got your ?" not sure what that picture is/means.

              Yeah, agree with lot's of wrong/bad/misinformation mainly coming from people going on their shady memories without too much fact checking.

              Hey, we have all been wrong before, even after getting info from more than one source, but things are getting more technical with mobile phone plans/prepaid, mobile phone models with various specs from different countries even if they have same model number.

              And then there are just those who just blurb out and always think their right lol.

      • (profanity) yeah, cheers dudes. The next 15 months are sorted then.

  • +5 votes

    If 1GB per 28 days is sufficient, this 8x28 day Amaysim for $10 and continue paying $10 for another 5x28 days is still better.

    $60 for 364 days, 1GB every 28 days.

  • Damn, 15GB son, that's like getting a phone with 8GB onboard storage. Hell no.

  • 15GB total hahahahahha

    • Good for boomers

      • If you have good internet at home and work, can skate off your family and friends when over their places, have something like youtube premium where you can download movies you want to see, and use a fully downloaded navigation map, and download your podcasts, you could get away with this. Having said that, the question is "is that worth an extra 50 bucks a year?" Most would say no

  • Man. I read it as 15gb a month and was about to rage because I just bought a Kogan Medium plan (13gb) for $194.


  • Currently have 6.56gb and 175 days left on my $99 pack. Sufficient if you have WiFi everywhere.

  • They call 15GB a 'super' pack. A normal pack must be 7GB for 365 days ?

  • This sort of low data plan might work for people who use dual sim phones and have a good data plan, or like me can source cheap data only sim cards that also work in phones for data in sim 2.

  • Are there any plans (not 30-day , 365-day) with good data / $ ?

    • Kogan. Not the cheapest, but rather than give you a lum sum of data you may accidentally used it all, it has a limit for every 30 days.

  • Thanks

  • So far the boost coles $135 deal appears to be the best all rounder deal..

    • -2 votes

      Agree. It was effectively for even lesser.

      RRP of Recharge at Coles = $ 135.00
      Coles Gift Card with 5% discount (on $150) = - $ 7.50
      Flybuys Points (135) = - $ 0.68
      [Targetted] Bonus 1000 Points on $100 spend = - $ 5.00
      [Targetted] Bonus 50 Points on Survey completion = - $ 0.25

      Effective Cost for me: $ 121.57

    • Even at 150 bucks currently it still seems to be the best
      (Have a aldi 12 mths plan expiring next week so have been looking at options this week)

    • The special weekly offer was $135, but good to make it clear that this is currently/normally $150 and still great value.

      • second best will be $40 recharge at $20, top up $150 you get 125GB and 393 days

        • Does Boost stack?

        • That's a good way of doing it if you're porting to boost or starting a new number.

          And yes, the main reason for doing this apart from saving $20 is that the data rolls over/stacks to the following

          12 months giving you a nice 125GB in total over 393 days as stated above by "dlovep."

    • is the Coles $135 deal still available?

  • Still have three months to run on last year's deal but thinking of trying out Boost.
    Not so much for the extra data but I think I recall reading that you also get Volte with Boost.

  • Catch Connect still has 50% off 365 day plans, $99 for 42gb, plus a nice chunk of cash back.

  • Thanks OP. Need one more of these for someone that used 5GB the last 12 months and sends lots of sms.

  • Was hoping for a better data haul this time around. Even if it averaged out at 1.5Gb a month I probably could have justified it. But 1.25Gb is meagre and I don't want to ration anymore. Off to Boost in a couple of months.

  • Rip Off…Catch Connect still have $99 42Gb 365 days…

  • The image says the pack starts on the 26th of June, not 25th. The date of the deal should be adjusted, correct?

  • How small are the data sessions?

  • Whats the non sale price?

  • nice to get cheap sim cars but you have to remember will you get a good service for the price..optus is some areas is non existant or very poor

  • If more and more people jump onto telstra's network, wouldn't the service degrade?

  • Does anyone know if this service will allow receiving phone calls/SMS overseas?

    • Yes. You'd be hard pressed to find a plan in Australia that charges for incoming calls from anywhere.
      Note: If you reply to International SMS/MMS or dial an international number on this plan it will be charged to your PAYG credit.

  • good value for the spared phone, especially when you travel to the rural area, you need a Telstra network to save your life.

    • Best choice for a "spare" is the basic $5 starter Aldi SIM with $15 PAYG. $20 for a year.

  • For kids I'd still prefer a plan that portions the data per month, rather than the whole yearly data bank at once …

  • The Boost "whole Telstra network" gives coverage to an extra 0.6% of the population, whatever that means. I go out to rural properties a lot and haven't had any issues compared to friends with Telstra in the same spot. For most people this additional coverage is negligible. I've also noticed two people on Telstra in the same spot getting different coverage because the antennas in phones create another variable.

    If you don't need the International Calls or Apple Music then the Aldi plan is on par with their SuperPack data topups available at any time (rolled over /added onto whatever is unused of the original 15Gb) 3GB for $15 / 20GB for $30 /70GB for $60

    So Boost is $150/80Gb = $1.875/Gb
    Aldi is $159/85Gb (15Gb+ 70Gb topup)= $1.871/Gb

    The bonus for myself and a lot of people is not being forced to spend on data I will unlikely need on the Boost Plan. If/when it is required it can be added accordingly and be roughly in the same spot financially, until then you're saving ~$50.