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365 Day Super Pack $99 (Unlimited Calls, SMS, 12GB Total Data) via in-Store Voucher @ ALDImobile


This is an Aldi in-store deal not available online.
Previous AldiMobile in store Super Pack deals had a yellow pack containing a sim card and voucher code available at the checkout.
Sometimes all stock is sold in minutes.
The Voucher code expires on 31 December 2019.
$99 for the year great for unlimited calls and SMS on the Telstra Wholesale Network if 12GB for the year suits your needs.
As a comparison Belongs popular $10/month PostPaid plan works out to $120 per year for 12GB.
Details are now available on the AldiMobile website.

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  • Don't forget for an extra $52.10 you can get 3gb every 30 days with this deal -
    Kogan Small 365 Day Prepaid. Unlimited Calls & SMS + 3GB/30 Days $152.10 (Was $179)

    • +14 votes

      Kogan uses Vodafone

      • and this is second tier telstra…

        • +28 votes

          Which still pisses on the Voda network.

        • @tessel: It doesn't. It has better coverage but not performance. I moved from a Voda provider to Aldi 6 months ago. That June Telstra wholesale outage affected me for four days, never had anything like that on Voda.

        • +12 votes

          @tessel: I wouldn’t be so quick to praise Telstra on performance. I’ve regularly found Voda much faster and less issues than Telstra in Brisbane and the coasts.

        • @kipps: all depends where you live and you make most of your calls ….people generalise too much about coverage without looking at maps of towers ….i’m on optus and voda has better coverage than telstra at my house, but if i travel 200 metres in one direction telstra is better and 200 metres in the other and optus is better …..elwood 3184 , all 3 have a tower within 1km of each other.

          in some p,aces carriers share a tower, in some they have their own based leasing they arranged.

        • @garage sale: Correct. Vodafone can't even give me coverage in a whole city neighbourhood, such is their incompetence.

        • @garage sale:

          It also depends on the phone that you have. If you have a cheap import phone, e.g. one of the Xiaomi phones, it most likely will support LTE bands 1, 3 and 5 but not 28. As such it will work much better on the Vodafone network than on the Telstra or Optus networks due to the different bands the telcos use for 4G/LTE.

        • @tessel: rubbish

        • @tessel:
          I have tried the telstra second tier network and it does not piss on anything…

  • These are good deals for older people who mainly text and call, and occasional data - but for majority would be not enough data.

    These are the types of deals would be a great incentive for people to ditch their landline phones and 100% of calls via mobile…cheaper!

    • And for children.

    • +18 votes

      And for people who are always within the range of accessible wifi networks

      • But not this deal. If you want data, Aldi Mobile has 24 Gb pack for $95 with 365 days expiry. Or, if you need a lot of data, they also have 240 Gb for $395 (which is significantly cheaper per Gb).

        • Not sure about this. They advertise $95 data ONLY option. But they do not say it can be used as a bolt-on to VALUE services that have calls/sms. They only say it can be added to PAY AS YOU GO services. Most people would be wanting to use it as a bolt-on to the value services I would think.

          "If you want to be able to make calls and send SMS messages at the same time as using the $95 Data Pack, you will need to ensure you have Pay As You Go credit."

          Edit: Here's the option: $15/3gb. Quite pricey.
          "If you run out of data before the end of your 1 year expiry, you can buy a 3GB Data Add-on to keep you going, for just $15."

        • they also have 240 Gb for $395 (which is significantly cheaper per Gb).

          Surely a monthly 30gb for $36 for a year on Optus is better value than that. 360gb for $432. Gets you lots of national/international calls/texts too. And Optus Sports.

          The advantage of the $95 Aldi offer is that you can't get that low ($8/month) on a regular monthly plan.

    • This deal is good for people who don't necessary need to be connected 24 hours a day 7 days a week to a constant data connection.

      You don't need to be old, just sensible with data.
      Most places now have free wifi and at home it's wifi also.

      A lt of people I know say they need it for things like google maps etc when they can easily download Here Wego with Australian maps using wifi and then never need data again for maps.

      Streaming music and movies can also pre-downloaded.

      I admit 1 GB per month is not a lot, but a lot of people pay for heaps of data when they either don't need it or use it needlessly.

  • it's $80 not $99

    Check this

    • $80 is really good deal

    • Looks like a typo, everywhere else mentions $99, plus the catalogue someone posted earlier on today.

    • They have fixed the $80 typo in the banner and it now shows $99 like everywhere else.
      The other Super Pack has 80GB so that's probably where the 80 typo came from.
      Copy, paste, edit oops missed a bit perhaps

      • thanks for the deal GCsteve, long time looker but signed up to say thank you as just about to purchase a sim deal for parents and found out about this. Great timing. Keep up the good work!

  • +11 votes

    I still think Belong is better value just cause you can get half price sims and a ton more data, no huge upfront fee too.
    Like the half price $40 sim would last you 4months for $20, but you can buy data etc too if needed.

    This is alot more convenient but 'meh' when you may want more 6 months later.

    • +2 votes

      Yes, much better than this, because of $20 credit using code + half price starter pack + also you can introduce friends and get $20 credit for each friend. This is my 4th month, still paid only $20.

    • Can you still get half price sims?

      • Check post office. It seems there is a promotion there.

      • Grab 2, so you can port in and out with a $2 sim or you can activate the 2nd one for 30GB data and send it across to your main number, then deactivate it.

        Basically $40 4 months,unlimited calls and text, 32GB.
        $40 8 months 8GB, whichever you prefer.

      • Think Coles are selling the $25 Belong packs for $10 this week, i.e. starting today.

    • problem is effort to activate new sims with belong , the 1/2 price deals aren’t recharges, usually new sims, but belong does accumulate unused data and you can top up with just extra data.

      good if setting up a service for the grandparents, $10 mth they are ready to go and they don’t have to worry about renewals …..amazing how many old people are on still on 8 year old plans ……

    • Yes, I bought the $40 Belong sim for half price a while back. Just recently used it to sign my mum on the $10 per month 1 GB plan - 4 months paid for only $20!

    • Agreed. Refer to an earlier post: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/391729

      If you buy a $40 Belong starter pack for $20 (http://catalogue.auspost.com.au/offer/mobile-phone-accessori...) and use referral to get a $20 rebate, effectively this $40 starter pack is for free.

      You could use the $40 credit to get a 15GB plan for the 1st month, but you will get 30GB data as per the above earlier post.

      You could then change to a small 1GB plan for $10/M from the 2nd month, you pay $110 for month 2 to 12, but you get total 41GB of data for the 12 months period. An extra $11 (comparing to this ALDI deal) will get you 3.4GB data per month on average, I think that's a better deal.

      Plus, all data credit will be rolled over to next month, and you could gift data to your family members or friends. If you do need more data, just get one month on 15GB plan for $40, that's 3.75GB per $10.

    • I'm a little wary as to whether its still possible to do this as some of the comments further down are confusing me. Im just looking at Belong's half price $40 starter sim at Post office website and the description states "monthly expiry".

      Are you certain you can still use the $40 credit to sign up for a 4 month $10 plan?


      • Should…
        It only adds $40 to your account. You can do whatever you want with that $40.

        It's the unlimited calls and text that expires every 30days.

        I have 2 starter packs on my desk and am waiting for my $5 catchmobile plan to expire next week.

  • If only it's just 24gb, would jump on this! 1gb a month just too little for the contents these days

  • This will be great for my parents who use very little data. Thanks OP.

  • What is the activation deadline?

    • In OP: voucher expires Dec 31, 2019.

      However, I couldn’t find it in the web site. It only states you can recharge your old service before March 1, 2019.

      • Couldn't find it on the website either.
        On Page 8 of the current catalogue in the big red highlight it says
        "Only $99 FOR 365 DAYS Voucher code expires on 31 December 2019"

      • The website says expiry 31/3/19.

  • +1 vote

    Excellent deal OP.

  • What happen after 365 days? Will I be able to continue with $99 for another 365 days without hassles?

    • Highly unlikely

    • With previous Super Packs there has been a recharge option for the same super pack.
      There is also a window for existing Super Pack users to recharge to this plan without the voucher.
      The CIS says…
      The ALDImobile $99 1 Year Super Pack can be purchased:
      • In ALDI stores from 22 August 2018 until sold out
      • Online via credit card before 1 March 2019 for existing customers who have previously had a 1 Year Super Pack on their service

    • You can if you buy two of them now.

    • It's quite likely that in 365 days multiple carriers will offer unlimited calls+SMS+1GB/month for <$10 anyway.

      The reason carriers are selling 365 day prepaids is because the value per $ is only increasing in the foreseeable future so the game is all about getting committed revenue.

      Not saying this isn't a good deal - it is. But you also don't need to worry about having to pay /more/ in 12 months time.

    • After adding the $99 super pack you can select Manage account, recharge, then list my options under Value and Data packs, and see that the $99 super pack has been added to the list as a recharge option for when you need it in 365 days time.

  • Are these located near the checkouts?

  • 12gb data would last me 72 hours

    • Wow, such a valuable insight.

      Given that, its very simple, just but 10 of these every month and your problem is solved

      Ozbargain is here to solve any issue

  • Where do you find such voucher? Do you ask the checkout?

  • I cannot recommend Aldi Mobile enough. Fantastic speed & coverage. No monthly restriction - it all just rolls into 365 yrs validity, and this is a bloody great price.

  • I feel amaysim is better because of:
    "Any MMS that includes Video or Audio is charged at $1 and deducted from your Pay As You Go (PAYG) credit"

  • -2 votes

    12 gb for 365 days. What is this 1990 ?

    • Not if your are like my parents.
      They've been using Aldi mobile for over 2 years now and running on Small to Medium size package. Never seen them go over the gb allowance.
      What I have seen is they have gone over the minutes in calls and I'd have to top them up again.
      This 365 day pack is ideal for people like my folks.

    • In 1990 my 9600 baud modem can download at 1.2KB/sec, or 98.8MB/day or 35.2GB/year! 12GB for 365 days is definitely not enough even for 1990. /s

      Or maybe this is good enough for those poor work-from-home guys who don't get to go out much, i.e. me :(

      • +3 votes

        In 1990 no-one downloaded 35.2GB a year. Not from the internet that did not exist outside universities.

        Even in 2000 most people were not downloading 1GB a month (pron guys excepted), it was only when DSL and digital streaming came along that usage exploded. For most people that was around 2005.

        12GB a year would be OK for messaging, email and some apps like TripView. Not for constant YouTube or Facebook.

      • Hehe, well my 300 baud full duplex would have been struggling to get to anywhere near that on bulletin boards, games back then were only 120 mb, now they were great coders to cram all those graphics into such a small byte count.

    • I've spent my whole life outside of like the last 2 years on the long life plans where all you do is call and text.

      For about a year I was with Aldi pre-paid where it was 12 cents a minute / text and that was good until the nextwork kept dropping for me and a few other people on Aldi. So I moved to another network, Vodafone, Lyca, and Amaysim, to be exact and they were all fine, Voda was too expensive though, Lyca stooged me with the payment on my second month so I told them to shove it, and Amaysim were absolutely fine but I got a better deal through Kogan. For the last two, I was 10 a month for a gig and unlimited calls / texts.

      I've since been on Kogan Mobile for a month or two now from one of the lovely deals posted on here, with 3gb a month. I have 4 days left on this month. I've been actively trying to use all the internet I could, I've watched some YouTube, been on Facebook a good bunched, frequented OzBargain, even visited the hub of porn a few times, I've left WiFi off most of the time and strictly used data for everything. Downloaded 30 odd games too for the phone.

      I've used 24% of my 3gb.

      Know what the reason is? I'm using a BlackBerry Bold 9900 from 2011, with Opera Mini's internet compression system going on. If I did everything I listed above on a shiny new Android, like the one I have over there anyway, it would have definitely chewed through a lot more internet due to the quality and the speed and size of the apps, etc. etc. but I didn't. In terms of the actual amount of data people use, it's not just dependent on their habits, it's dependent on their devices. Typical grandma / grandpa users, on cheap old Androids with around 420p 4 inch screens ain't gonna be streaming 4K 60 FPS videos are they? Hell, the thing couldn't even handle it. Likewise I doubt they'd be downloaded things like Grand Theft Auto that have an average two point something gig download too, etc. Plus a lot of these phones are 3G connections, rather than 4G, meaning they will download a lot slower and a lot less overall too.

      Long story short, a gig a month is WAAAAY more than enough to get by if you use a phone from like 2012 or so, like a metric shitload of people still do, and that doesn't even take into consideration the fact there's WiFi hotspots everywhere, and thus, the continued need of your own internet diminishes even more.

      • I feel so ancient. I have a fairly recent phone but I hardly get through a few hundred MB a month. Of course it goes without saying that I don't watch videos or stream music away from home. I just check my email, events, or map location, do a search now and then, and of course check OzB. A few messages using WA. Social media, what's that? Once in a while I forget to take my phone and I've survived.

        • Same, just use it for emails and directions pretty much. I find listening to music on the phone or reading my kindle a lot more fun than browsing videos / social media

      • +2 votes

        Remember also, it is not 1GB a month it is 12GB a year. So if you use less for a series of months it gets bigger relatively.

  • Can I port my existing number using this 365 Day Super Pack $99 deal ?

  • Limited appeal I think, but is there a cheaper deal for unlimited calls/texts than this?

    I have a second phone with data turned off so this looks perfect.

  • I bought the $249 super pack in November last year which came with 42GB of data I believe. Just checked my data usage and I have 34GB left so this one is right up my alley haha.

    • Same. $150 less than last deal makes this a steal.

    • Presuming you got the same as me but Aldi have bumped these plans up to 80GB for the year. Got my pack around the same time as you. Sadly I have only used 3.41GB so far. Still have another 76GB to use up.

  • Kinda tempting but cant help but think what offers will be out in 12months time.. Data is a little on the light side even for light users.


    really decent deal. was with aldi a few years ago and found their coverage good.

  • Since I use about 2gb/month, it might be worth me swapping and just living with the fact that I would need to buy about $60 of data topups. Equating to $13.25/mo to be on the Telstra network. I require coverage in extremely remote areas, not speed.

    Edit: Nope. Crappy terms and conditions on the data add-on ruin that.

    The 3GB Data Add-on gives you 3GB of data to use in 30 days, or sooner if your 1 Year Super Pack expires in less than 30 days. You should bear in mind that when you add a 3GB Data Add-on, it will wipe (forfeit) any data you have from a previously purchased 3GB Data Add-on….Or you can use data on your phone provided you have Pay As You Go credit on your service. Data will then be charged at 5c per MB.

    Effectively $15.75/mo for 2gb. Needing to buy the data add-on every month for the last 6 months.