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8x 28-Day amaysim Renewals of 1GB Unlimited Plan $9.95 @ Groupon (New Customers)


Awesome value for mum/dad/kids that need minimal data, yet can make all the calls and send all the texts they like. $9.95 for eight 28-day renewals of amaysim Unlimited with 1GB per 28-days works out at just $1.24 per 28 days. Enjoy :)

(1) New amaysim customers only, (2) Redeem voucher before 21st June 2019, (3) Activate SIM before 30th June 2019.

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  • Promo code INDULGE brings it down to $9.45.

  • If I have used Amaysim before but it has been more than 3 months can I use this deal again?

    (question about what their new customers policy is)

  • Thanks ..How about GET10 code to get $10 Voucher code ? Not sure if any hidden TnC to use this code

    How to receive $10 Groupon Credit

    Step 1 : Purchase any Groupon Deal worth $1 or more by Thursday 16th of May.
    Step 2 : Enter your promo code GET10 at checkout before completing the purchase
    Step 3 : Enjoy your newly purchased deal, we will email you once your credit has been added to your account

    Terms and Conditions: Minimum purchase price $1. Limit 1 per customer. Some deals are excluded from this promotion. Purchase must be made by Thursday 16th of May 11.59 PM to receive credit the week after. Once added to the account, Groupon credit will be valid for 30 days.

  • Currently with Amaysim.

    If I port out (to say Telstra), can I sign up again, or is there a time period for which I cannot be a new customer?


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      No time period. Port out and port in is fine. Kogan has a 30day policy.

  • 8x 28-Day amaysim Renewals of 1GB Unlimited Plan $9.95 ($9.45 while code works)

    So if you are in the fifth month and the code expires, then you're screwed?

  • Great deal!!

  • Wow all the awesome sim deals in the past few weeks !!

  • Thanks Op

  • I guess you can remove your CC details to stop auto recharge? Just want to give this to in law so even after 8th month, he can still receive calls only.

    • CC details need to be attached the whole time (sucks, I know).

      It’s so Amaysim’s system can automatically charge $0 for the renewal to continue, since the voucher brings the plan to $0.

      • Thats no good if it forced to have CC details attached, meaning I have to cancel the service or port out to avoid the 9th month auto recharge back to $10?

      • you can remove the CC details I believe, just change the payment method to BPay

        edit: Just live chat with Amaysim, got confirmed you can change payment method without affecting the promotion auto renewal.

  • Does the plan expire at the end of the 8th month or do they bill you a higher rate for the 9th recharge?

    Edit: found the answer $10 per month after the 8th month. Nice deal.

  • This is too good to be true.
    8 months (8x28) 10 bucks = $1.3/month all you can talk and a bit internet…
    I just got Kogan deal, otherwise will move to Amaysim.
    I hope they are not going down.. Great company without phone support…

  • Thanks.

    • Excess data charged at $10/1GB
      Risky, use more than 1GB unintentionally will break the deal…, but I still get one, hope my mother will not make that mistake.
    • no… pretty sure u have to purchase it seperatly if u run out

    • From Amaysim's FAQ

      What happens if my data runs out?
      We'll send you data usage alerts via email and text message to let you know when you've used 50%, 85% and 100% of your data allowance.

      It can take up to 48 hours for these messages to send, so we recommend keeping an eye on your balance using My amaysim, the amaysim app, or by simply texting BAL to 568.

      Are you Prepaid?
      If you run out of the included data in your UNLIMITED plan, you’ll be switched to our casual data rate of 15.4c/MB, however you’ll only be charged this rate if you have additional credit in your account.

      The UNLIMITED 1GB and UNLIMITED 2.5GB plans will not be switched to the casual data rate if you run out of data. In these instances you'll need to wait until your plan has renewed, or add a data top-up in order to continue using data.

      Regardless of what UNLIMITED plan you're using, if you run out of data we recommend adding a data top-up (1GB/$10) - it’s easy and a much more cost effective way to continue using data.

      Your data top-up will be added to your plan’s pool of data and will expire at the same time as your UNLIMITED plan.

      Are you Postpaid?
      To give you continuous access to data and help you avoid excess charges, instead of having to pay 15.4c/MB for excess usage, we’ll automatically add a 1GB top-up for $10 if you run out of your plans included data.

      Data top-ups will expire at the same time as your UNLIMITED plan and if you use up your 1GB data top-up before your plan renews, we'll simply add another one so you can avoid any nasty bill blowouts.

      So presumably this deal is pre-paid and when the data limit is hit then it's no more data until the next renewal period which is just fine for my kids.

      • Thanks a lot, mate, I used VAYA and it automatically charged me $10/1GB for additional data when the data was running out, so I thought all the provider will do the same thing.

    • i thought this is prepaid? if 1GB used up per monoth, you no longer have access to your data for that month

  • If you are new to Groupon, you could also use BRANDNEW to get 15% off, bringing the price down to $8.46.


    new groupon account and use code BRANDNEW to get 15% off = $8.46

  • Anyone know how long will it take the sim card to arrive?

    Also the code will auto renew every 28 days for 8 months? I don't need to logon to renew every 28 days manually myself?

    • +1 vote

      last time i ordered this it was about 10 days.

      if you need it in a hurry then get a $2 amaysim sim from coles/woolies/kmart/etc

      • … and hop on live chat to request activating the 8-month plan on the $2, instead of the one in the mail.

  • Do we need to use these 8 vouchers straight one after other?
    Reason for asking is, Im getting this for a family member who is visiting us for 4 months now and then he will be off overseas for 4-5months and then will come back.

    • It's only one voucher you redeem, the recharges are applied automatically.

      • Thanks for the clearing up. Only need to mark down on the calendar last day of 8th renewal to port out.

  • I'm still using the previous deal 6x1GB voucher. Very easy to use.

    On your Amaysim account, Change Payment method to BPay/ Voucher if you don't want your credit/debit card involved

    TURN ON Auto Renew as that will use credit on your voucher.

    Be careful not to over use 1GB data limit, or you will be charged $10

    • How to turn OFF the auto renew/charge setting to avoid 1 GB data limit excess charge? Just change the payment method to BPay?

  • Is there any way to setup limit of 1gb in usage when its trying to go beyond it wont work?

  • Any recommendation on Free SIM, to port-in and port-out ?


        kogan also occasionally have free sims delivered. worth ordering a couple for PIPO

    • Yes, order the free Telstra sim online.

      Quickest option to get back to Amaysim is to then buy a $2 Amaysim starter SIM from the supermarket. After you have both SIMs then port to Telstra. I'd select the Long Life Plus plan on Telstra when activating but there is no need to recharge at that time. Then as soon as you are with Telstra, go to Amaysim live chat and ask to sign up to Amaysim with the Groupon voucher using the SIM you just purchased (remember to use a different email address for chat and sign up to be counted as a new customer). They will guide you through the process and will activate the SIM with the deal.

      Then you are all set. The porting from Amaysim to Telstra and back again should generally take no more than a couple of hours.

      If you want to save the $2 for the Amaysim SIM then you will need to wait 3 to 4 business days for the Amaysim SIM to arrive in the mail after you sign up to Amaysim again. So you might have to recharge the Telstra SIM while you wait or else you will not be able to make calls, etc during that time.

      • So if you are already with amaysim you don't need to deactivate/cancel the original amaysim account before you make a new amaysim account on a new sim card?

        • No you do not need to cancel your original Amaysim account. The account will still be active after you port out and then back again (with a new email address) but there will be no service/number associated with the account.

  • Nice. Just got one for my son. Now the wife can cancel the $40 Telstra contract she got him, sheesh.

  • Just make DAMN sure you have auto renew turned off and even then that may not be enough so if they screw you and charge for another month regardless follow it through until you have some sort of written proof they have resolved it, because they lie.
    I got one of the previous deals (prolly about a year ago) for one month of prepaid, turned off the renew (Ive been doing this long enough to know that) and thought it done.
    Then next month I realize my phone is still working when it shouldnt be so contacted them. At first they said I had to pay it, but I explained what happened and the last thing they said to me was that it was all sorted, so I forgot about it.
    Months and months latter I get $51.65 taken out of bank account for a Periodical Debit Garnishee Payment due to this.
    I dont have the energy to do anything about it, whats the point we live in a world that values business over people, no ones going to care and theres going to be no way I can prove anything as all communication was through tickets from my account (which they have removed) and online chat.
    So just saying from my experience I wouldnt trust Amaysim at all.

    • Did you actually port out from Amaysim just before that one month of prepaid expires? Are you saying that you already ported out and they still auto charge your afterwards?

      • I didnt port out, I dont do the switch networks thing I just get a new number each month.
        Im saying that at the end of the month it should have just died, but it didnt, they kept it going and charged me another months fee, and they didnt remove that charge even tho they said they did and then I got that fine.
        And yes I removed auto renew and my card details (cancelled paypall, which ever one this one is) first thing as I do every time I get one of these deals.

  • Anyone know where I can get discounted voucher to top up a PAYG plan and keep it active for another year?

  • hmmm wait for the price to fall?

  • Christmas in May for all of us savvy SIM sluts. ❤

  • Ordered one, but CR shows 5% CB only, shouldn’t it be 15%? @TA

  • When you're going through the 'use coupon' process, Amaysim posts you a SIM. Is there a way to use a SIM you have already bought so you don't have to wait?

  • Don't forget the 8x 28 day renewals discount for $9.95 is still valid. https://www.groupon.com.au/deals/amaysim-715844826

  • [email protected]@b question: I just redeemed the voucher and activated my account. Would this now be valid for 8 x 28 days or do I have to renew it after every 28 days using the same Groupon Voucher?

  • Thanks!

  • In the Amaysim Redeem screen, if I put in my existing mobile number and DOB, will it start the port / transfer process right away?

    Don't want to port until I've received the SIM.

  • Can I have international minutes on this , by paying some bucks extra every recharge cycle ?

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