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20% off All Spigen Products + Free Shipping @ Progadgets


They're rarely ever on sale, and it's cheaper than their eBay store.

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    I've not bought from their store before, but have bought from their ebay store once, seems I'm half in their database as I can't add a new account with my ebay email address but it won't send me a password reset either. Odd!

    • I've bought from their eBay store a few times, and it automatically creates an account for you on their website. I just had to do a password reset and my account was up and going.

      • I tried password reset twice and no dice so just used another email address, no biggy just interesting.

    • My new password came through about an hour later. I only found out when I woke up.

      • Password reset is super slow - I did mine twice lol

  • +1

    Thank you

    • That's okay! :)

      • La Manon case for S10+ purchased.

        • I am using that one for my s10. It looks nice and has a good quality but not comfortable on my hand. I think i am Gonna buy a soft case or a thinner one.

  • +4

    Good products. Without realising it I’d bought their gear for many devices in a row when looking for reasonable but simple protection and plainish styling

    • +2

      Agreed, all my past phones have been using Spigen cases. They make good cases at affordable prices.

  • looks like their ebay prices have now been changed to match the website. useful if you have codes or gift cards to bring the price down further.

    • Not for the S10 cases :\

  • Bought more than five spigen phone cases from them for the past three years. These guys are good to communicate with, the quality of phone case is great.

  • shame the Note8 Screen protectors are a bit on the expensive side :( need a new one soon

    • +1

      if you haven't tried Whitestone dome knock-off screen protectors, I highly recommend it. A lot cheaper than whitestone dome. It feels like the original screen, with no distortions of images. However, the screen protector does get ugly because of the webbing effect overtime.

      • ebay the best place to look for them? mines getting pretty grubby those water type ones… did the job but yeh now its gathering gunk on the edges lol

        • +1

          Aliexpress usually has it cheaper. Search for loca glue screen protector. It's a bit of a pain to install as well. You can watch a tutorial here: https://youtu.be/PqHUNbFFPhk

          • +1

            @18: THanks! :) will check it out

  • Discount doesn't seem to work on this one

    It does say $49.95, then reduced to $40.95 on the product page (maybe its already 20% off)

    • Spigen products only

      • Ahh right makes sense!

  • Thanks OP! Gonna get a spare casing for my S10e

  • Cheers OP, looks like it’s time to update my Xs Max case. Love the protection and simplicity of their products which is why my wife, kids and myself all have them fitted.

  • Bought an Ultra Hybrid clear case from them last year. Makes my custom wrapped phone look even better.

  • Saw this brand on Amazon (Prime) as a deal not long ago so was curious about the quality. Recommend you check out Amazon price if you have Prime, or if you miss out on this discount.

  • Thanks OP! Got 2 for my iphone XS. Spigen Rulz!

  • Just got a 16.99 screen protector for my S10 down to around 13.92! A discount is a discount. Cheers OP

  • fellow s10 peeps - just wondering if anyone has bought glass screen protectors that work with the fingerprint scanner?

    • +3

      I have found the Lamorniea Nano UV screen Screen protector ($5) on Aliexpress quite good and much cheaper than the white dome glass.

      Watch this installation video to install it correctly or else you will have trouble with the finger print sensor not reading. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRudDCXBpt4

      • Thanks!!

      • How's the finger print recognition?

        • Recognition is good. No issues here.

      • Did the glue leak into the speaker grille or sides of the phone?

  • Any recommended screen protector for S9 Plus? Thought of Spigen, but many negatives on Amazon:


    • Have had good results with Eastele hydrogel or MaxShields screen protector on ebay. Easy Installation easy as well. See here

      • Can they fit a Spigen Liquid Armor Case?

    • I've used it for my note 8. I liked it, don't know why there's so many negative reviews. Also fits with my Spigen cases

  • Grab some accessories for my brand new Huawei P30 Pro :)

    Tx OP

  • bought mate 20 pro Spigen screen protector $30 from them. mould built up under the protector after 6 months and they are not replacing a new one for free with free shipping.

    • +1

      They are not or they are now?

  • +2

    Don't need anything this sale, but just adding my +1 to Spigen products and this shop. Both are really good.

  • +1 for an awesome company. Someone stole my phone case from my postbox, and the replaced it no questions

  • Shame it is only spigen, saw a couple other good cases there.

  • I like the look of the Spigen cases but I don't trust them that much. I bought a few for my phones in the past and they have always been very slippery to hold. Bought a tough Spigen case for my partner's Note 5. She had a Speck before that. She drops her phone constantly but the Speck was always fine. She dropped the her phone once with the Tough Spigen and it destroyed the phone. Smashed screen, dead digitizer, the works.

    I just stick with Tech21 cases now.

    Case aside, Progadgets are great. They've always been super quick with delivery.

  • Thanks OP, been wanting to get the case with a kickstand, got some for family members too.

  • Thanks purchased the liquid air for my iPhone X.

    I have the ultra hybrid clear case already but for $12 this is a nice feeling case (when I had it on an older iPhone)

  • Had a car run over my pixel x2 and not a scratch or a dent and phone is being used as we speak!

    • I also had a tank run over my phone. Still going strong.

  • Thanks OP! Very surprised Spigen had a case for the Pocophone - just had to grab one!

  • Owner of progadgets is a good guy, he's helped me out personally on quite a few of my purchases. Thanks Matt!

  • Recently bought the Spigen Rugged case for my Redmi Note 7 from this sellers eBay store at the start of this month for the same price thats offered in this sale.
    But I also combined with a $10 coupon…so best to check eBay first.

    Great case, though I never usually use a case as I hate the extra bulk, but this one is nice and stops the phone being so slippery.

    Postage was very fast too, great seller.

    • Where can I get a $10 coupon?

  • Thanks got a case for Mi9 and A70. Used a Spigen on my old G6 for years and it was great great. Most remarkable save was dropping it off the top of a 4m transformer onto a concrete pad with no marks. Just checked my order history and apparently this is where I got my G6 stuff from too.

  • Spigen Slim Armor CS Card Slider Holder Protective Case Apple iPhone 6. Bought. Thanks OP!

  • +1, have personally drop tested their cases from a height of 5m. Best case you can buy for your phone.

  • +2

    Any recommendation on cases for s10?

    • I like the Slim Armor personally, had them on my last two phones. Currently have an S10+ with the Rugged Armor Slim Soft, but I am switching back to the Slim Armor for the extra solid protection and the kickstand :)

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    This discount is not being applied for me for some reason, add item to cart, go to checkout - price stays the same, click on paypal checkout, login to paypal - price stays the same - same as on the website initially and same as on progadgets ebay shop. Where is the deal or what am i doing wrong?

    • Have you selected a Spigen product? I tested an our ago and worked fine. Automatically applied when checking out.

      • Genuine Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case Cover for Apple iPhone
        cleared cookies
        adding to cart and clicking view cart - the discount applied, as soon as i go to checkout and login to my account - the price goes back up!

        • Weird. I just tried adding an Ultra Hybrid Air Cushion - came down from $17.99 to $14.39 - and I'm logged into my account

          • @nafe: maybe it's something to do with my account - it's an auto-created one where i see all my purchases from their ebay page, anyway, i've emailed them via their contact page, hope it's sorted

  • Just received an email saying my black phone wallet wasn't available in black but I could have it in mint. Mint! Mint is 1980's green.

  • Anyone received their item yet? I've been waiting since Sunday.

    • Received in the letterbox yesterday. Progadgets have always been reliable for me.

      • Yeah got mine earlier today too.

    • I got a non-Spigen product (laptop case)

  • Got my Pixel rugged armor case today, quality is worth the price in my opinion, can also confirm that it's the revised version with the larger camera sensor cut out.

  • +1

    Got my iPhone XS Air Skin today…goddamn it’s thin, feels like it’s made out of tracing paper.

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