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Free Courses - Data Science with Python - Beginners | Maya 3D Architecture @ Udemy


What you'll learn

  • Through this training we are going to learn how to use Python to create fascinating data visualizations.
  • Learn Data Visualization, Development Setup and Language Learning Bridge between Python and JS
  • Learn Reading and Writing Data with Python, Webdev 101 and Getting Data off the Web with Python
  • Learn Heavyweight Scraping with Scrapy, Plotting and Visualization, and Data Aggregations and Group operations
  • Learn Financial and Economic Data Application

Maya 3D Architecture PreVisualization

What you'll learn
Learn how to model, shade, render and composite an interior scene completely from scratch.
Model Architectural Visualization Projects.
Make own textures
Have a great feel for the advanced professional tools
Dramatically improve your rendering skills
Learn all architectural animation techniques that can only be taught in animation firms.

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