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Free Course - Complete Excel 2016 - Microsoft Excel Beginner to Advanced @ Udemy


Very highly rated course - 4.6 (700)
22,732 students.

What you'll learn -
Feel confident using Excel in the workplace.
Be able to create and navigate Excel spreadsheets.
Be able to create tables, charts, pivot tables and more.
Use all of the most common formulas and functions.
Use keyboard shortcuts and productivity hacks to get more done faster.
While I can't make promises, my goal is to help you get the raise, promotion, or new job that you deserve.

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    Thanks another course to the list I'll probably never end up doing 😂

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      I excel at that too :)

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          Your Outlook looks grim.

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            @dheywood: Perhaps he ran out of power? Not enough access to the powerpoint

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              @mdavant: OneNote!! Am I doing this right??

  • thanks

  • Thanks OP! Enolrolled !

  • $14 saving! Cheers, I hope I actually use it one day.

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    Want to learn Excel?

    Best 54 mins you'll ever spend.

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      Seems like a bit of a knob :-/ What was the dismissing of the question with "I don't even understand your question". Having said that, i didn't know about R1C1
      I think this woman does the best videos running through practical examples with simple, clear and quick explanations of scenarios

  • @dealbot any courses on photoshop or similar categories ?

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      Not at this time.

  • Awesome, been chasing one of these. Currently studying at uni and MS Excel proficiency is assumed knowledge, even though like 10% of students actually have any experience.


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      Its a real problem at University. When people studied computers in the late 90s / early 2000's people already had a strong knowledge of using computers and only required 3 years to study at Uni. Now people grew up using well laid out UI's and Tablets but have no fundamental knowledge of Computer Science before Uni and courses are 4 years to help with that missing knowledge. Like mathematics, they might start requiring people to have studied a course before starting a Bachelors.

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        Yeah it's not ideal. According to the teachers, it used to be taught as part of the course (>5 years ago) but was removed because the coordinators figured "it's part of high school education now", when it's actually not for most people (as it was not for me but I finished high school 12 years ago). Most of the students are under 25 and have no practical Excel experience, basically leaving the teachers to fill the gaps but not as part of the course criteria.

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          Do they even teach touch-typing at school now? As just about everyone uses a computer keyboard every day, surely this is a useful and time-saving skill?

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            @Russ: I'd like to think they still do but I can't say. I know I did it in primary school like 20 years ago. I'd also like to think that most people would be across how important a skill it can be, but there are a couple of ~20 year olds in my class who practise two finger hunt and peck, in a software programming course.

  • Thanks OP. Always wanted to learn more about Excel (don't use it that much).

  • Enrolled, thank you OP

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    Thanks OP. 1444 courses and counting :)

    • Any good ones?

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        No idea. Haven't actually done any. Just the number of free ones I've accumulated….

    • Hold my beer: 4952 courses.

  • Thanks sooo much!

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    damn, it's 88% off now. Ozbargained :(

  • damn. i missed it too. i'll buy it i guess.

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