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Kobo Clara HD eReader $138 + Delivery (Free Delivery with Shipster) @ Harvey Norman (Online Only)


JB Hifi is listing the Kobo Clara HD for $159. This deal will save you $21 + free shipping if you have Shipster. I wanted to share this deal before the free shipping with Shipster finish at the end of July.

YES, this Kobo is compatible with direct ebook download from many public libraries through Overdrive.

Key features
• E-Ink touchscreen, 300 ppi, print quality
• ComfortLight PRO automatically changes colour temperature to help reduce blue-light exposure
• 8GB of on-board memory, store up to 6,000 eBooks
• 512 MB RAM for the most demanding content
• Compatible with EPUB, EPUB3 PDF & MOBI files.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    They also have the Kobo Forma, the top of the line Kobo model at $20 off, for $429.

    It has a nice, big, 8" screen. I was tempted to buy this over the 7" Kindle Oasis, but there were a few quality control issues in some of the early reviews that I read.

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      Yeah the Kobo Forma definitely has QC issues. I have one and it has a dead pixel (bright spot) on the edge and the infamous light stripe.


        The price is too much $429 vs $138 for just 2 inches more.Of course it has few more bells and whistles but the size is the main difference.

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        I was considering a Forma but decided against it. When you are paying that much there should be no quality control issues. Then I read about support problems as well. Not great for what should be a premium device.

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    JB Hifi will price match this, if a purchase there is more convenient.


    Compatible with EPUB, EPUB3 PDF & MOBI files.

    Is this compatible with Kindle (i.e., Mobi) books? If it's as good as the Kindle Paperwhite then this should be preferable to the Kindle since Kindle eBook readers aren't compatible with ePub format (well, unless you convert them, and some of converted files sometimes come out with messed up formats).


      I remember my Kobo Glo could open MOBI files, but I had a massive book (1000+ pages) in MOBI format and it took a while to load and freaked out about formatting. For smaller MOBI books though, I recall it handled them well, EPUB seems to be a Kobo's favourite book format though


        Cheers. I have two Kindle readers (an old one and one of the Paperwhites from 2014 or so), but I always hated that they weren't compatible with ePub format. I managed to convert most of the ePub books with Calibre, but some had half of the paged missing or the format of the paged being all over the place.

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      It won't be for protected Mobi files. All ebook reader owners should have a look at a program called Calibre. It can convert between all formats, and remove some protection(tho setup can be involved for this).


    This or the kindle paper white 7?

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      The selection of free library books puts this a class above for me. Selection isn't incredible but it's saved me having to pay for at least a dozen ebooks in the last months.


    I know 8GB is heaps but seems like it doesn't have a microSD slot does it?


    For those that own this is it easy on the eyes when using or do you find you get fatigued quick?

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      It's very easy on the eyes.

      My wife and daughter both have one. I've used them a bit. I did loads of research prior to purchasing.

      If your thinking about how your eyes get fatigued when looking at lcd screens then this is totally different tech and just does not have a similar effect on your eyes/brain.

      Also, you can adjust, brightness, font size, border width etc.

      Having said that,I think this is pretty much true of all popular modern e-readers - not specific to this brand.

      I went with kobo for the ease of use with libraries and other free sources. But, you need to be aware that amazon e-books are not designed to be read by non-amazon e-readers. People do "break the drm" and convert so they can read kindle books on kobo but it's not convenient/not for everyone. So, if you really want to start reading those 10000 trashy free kindle books you've got then this is probably not for you.

      Otherwise if your in the market for an e-reader AND you don't want it to be water proof then jump on this deal.

      The water proof option is also slightly larger. It's called the Kobo Aura H2O Edition 2.


        Hi thanks for your very helpful response. Do you know what screen this uses if not lcd? I tried googling it but couldn't find that info.

        This will actually be my first Ebook reader if I decide to get it. I don't own any Ebooks.


          E-ink display. I went with the Amazon Kindle paperwhite 4 when i was considering the Kobo vs Amazon kindle paperwhite. Amazon one is waterproof though it only supports the Mobi format i think. Kobo has more different file support. But if you don't mind running calibre on your computer to change the format then it doesnt really matter since calibre can pretty much convert the other ebook formats to work on the kindle.

          Comes down to preference which device you like more because they are both pretty much very similar. Amazon paperwhite 4 also came with 6 months free kindle unlimited subscription.

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          Yep. E-ink display like tomochin said. It really is amazing eye wise. And battery life too.

          Also, for me the decision came down to what was my daughter going to use it for most. And primarily it was so she could borrow books from the library without me having to take her more than every 2nd week. She's a total bookworm and goes through 5 to 10 books a week easy.

          The Kobo has overdrive built in. So, you go to overdrive in the kobo menu. Search for a library that your a member of. Select it. Type in your membership number. Then search for any ebooks that library has. For Brisbane you can borrow ebooks for 2 weeks and they return themselves when that's up. Many libraries also have options for reciprocal membership. So for example, I can sign up to Gold Coast city libraries and add that library to my overdrive and borrow from them too.
          You only have to type in your membership number once when you initially set up your overdrive account. After that, you just search for a book by title, author, etc and click borrow.

          For us it is awesome.

          As tomochin mentioned people use calibre to convert file formats. You can search for info on how to remove the drm from library books but that involves borrowing the book on a pc, removing the drm (which is at best grey area legality) and converting it, then sending it to your kindle. For my purpose this was going to be too much hassle.

          But… if I didn't intend on using Australian library ebooks then I probably would of gone with Kindle. Maybe.

          If you have a US library account and VPN then you can use kindle with overdrive from US libraries too.

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            @chewbot: Congrats on raising a reader.

            Thank you for sharing your experience with using Overdrive on the Kobo. I already have a secondhand Kobo Glo that I only use sporadically, but I have the $14 Visa from the Ben & Jerry deal to spend. More ice cream or another eReader? First world problem.


          Just in case I sound like I'm selling the whole overdrive thing too hard. Please realise it's not like every book your library has they also have on ebook. It's probably only a fairly small proportion (based on the way it is here in Brisbane). Although, for us there are also some books they only have as ebook.


            @chewbot: Borrowing library ebooks direct to an ereader is quite a game changer. Multiple addresses in multiple cities might help expand the choices. Or ask your library for more options.


    For anyone else having issues (like which email is currently valid for Shipster) when you update contact details in guest checkout the price should refresh to remove shipping.


    Thanks OP!
    Got one :D


    Thanks OP gave in and purchased one. Now to find a good case..

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