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1 Free Voss Sparkling Water - (Normally $3.10) Multiple Flavours @ Coles via Flybuys


Not sure if all flybuys members will get the email.

As above, received email from Flybuys 1 free 375mL bottle by tapping activate.

Not much more to say - normally $3.10.

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  • except pick-up point

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    Are these the glass bottles?

    • They certainly are, very popular as a re-usable.

      • +8

        That's handy, cos the water was crap

        • +15

          They get the ratio of hydrogen and oxygen wrong for you or something?

      • Don't get tricked. I have actually seen a 500ml Voss bottle in plastic last week at Coles.

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    FREE BOTTLE! woohoo!

    • -3

      isn't the Voss bottle fad long gone now? Used to be fashionable to have this @ your work desk esp if you deal with external clients.
      an upmarket plastic bottle is lighter to carry, no risk of breaking (or spilling liquid into stuff/laptop) if accidentally dropped or knocked over.

      • +2

        I’ve got a Voss bottle I’ve been using for many years. It’s still just fine.

        I guess it depends on how likely it is to be broken, which would vary from person to person.

      • +1
      • Plastic?

      • What kind of person was impressed by a Voss bottle?

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    I got:

    Collect 1 FREE V8 Power Blend Juice Healthy Greens 300mL

    • Same here

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      Ooooooo unlucky

      • +2

        Collect 150 BONUS POINTS on V8 Power Blend Juice Healthy Greens 300mL.

        not even free

        • same here. it's so disappointing especially when you hear others getting it for free

    • Went to 2 coles in Sydney and didn’t find this. Do they even stock it?

      • +1

        It's in the "Drinks" isle under the sub-area "Juices".

        • Ahhhh long shelf life ones? Thx

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    Got it, thanks.

  • Water Flavoured or water flavoured? What to pick?

  • +6

    Coles must really hate me. Do my weekly shopping there but have never received any freebie.

    • Me neither. Never been targeted

      • Maybe was via the Flybuys app.

        I generally get a freebie every fortnight.

        Past freebies have been; Masterfood mince spice mix, Coles banana bread, Felix 🐈 food (wet) sachet…etc

    • +5

      You sound like the perfect customer going there every week and handing over the money.

    • Nothing for me either. But Woolworths offered me free hummus last week.

      Woolworths wins. I’ll shop there for a while until Coles offers me something to entice me back.

      • I got water from Coles and Hommus from WW (both today). Must be my totally erratic shopping habits at work. Perhaps they KNOW that I went to Costco yesterday.

        Just sayin'. Right Alexa? Ms.Google voice?

    • same for me, you're not alone

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    Got a can of tuna offered- $1 normally

    • +18

      maybe they saw your avatar

    • Same here

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    Got the free tuna lol

  • I didn’t get an email. I must shop too much at Coles.

  • +2

    Never been targeted lul

  • No offer for me

  • Not targeted

    • +1

      I wonder why 🤔

  • 150 BONUS POINTS on V8 Power Blend Juice Healthy Greens 300mL is what I got. Email came in at 1555 today

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    Shoulda checked my e-mail (or OzBargain) before I went to Coles after work. Guess I'll just have to go in again. But I won't be able to use the bottle at work because I just told someone that I thought theirs looked like a shampoo bottle.

    I also got "Collect 250 BONUS POINTS on Arnott's Simple Batch 180g range" and "Collect 200 BONUS POINTS on Heinz Tomato Ketchup 500mL".

  • so what do you do? Just check it out as usual and it will take off the original price?

    • Yep. Make sure you scan the Flybuys card, of course. When you choose your payment method the total price of your shop magically drops by $3.

  • HA! like the last 2 freebies that popped up in our FlyBuys app - decent offers to try something new yes..
    yet [places tinfoil hat on] just a tad convenient that our local had ZERO stock for the entire duration of time to claim and now miraculously shelves are full when free promo over?! :D gottalaugh i spose

  • How do I claim this?, I'm confused

    • You have to be targeted first to be eligible for the offer (which means you get an email from Flybuys stating you can claim for a free bottle of Voss). Then all you have to do is to activate the offer, go to Coles and pick up a bottle of Voss. Head over to the checkout and scan the barcode of the bottle then scan your Flybuys card to deduct the price of the Voss.

      • I haven't gotten any email. Do I just wait?

        • +1

          If you haven't received any emails then you are not being targeted for this offer. No point to wait. I haven't got it either. Probably you don't shop enough.

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