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[SA] Commercial Vinyl Planks 0.7mm Wear Layer, 3 Colour Choices: $27/m² (RRP $59) @ GwFloors


Good Evening all Ozbargainers,

Been a member of Ozbargain for quite a time now
I am in the Floors and Blinds industry and never had posted a deal affiliated on any of our business part.

I had created a forum Poll to see if I should post or not. The majority said " Yes" and here I am.

At this stage is pick up only in Adelaide, If more interest. Then I will have to look into it more in regards to national shipping.

The Manufacture was able to offer me a huge saving on three color choices. Industrial looking design ( Carbon, Pewter and Grey )

If you are renovating, refreshing your home or business then this maybe is for you.

Vinyl Planks are quiet underfoot when you walking on them and waterproofing as well.


PLANK SIZE: 228.6mm x 1219 x 5mm

You can either choose to loose-lay or direct stick on the concrete slab.
If you have another different subfloor please do comment and I will explain what needs to be done in terms of floor preparation.


To give an idea about the Wear-layer

0.3 mm Suitable for Residential/very light commercial.
0.5 mm Commercial application, shops and cafes.
0.7 mm Commercial suitable for Shopping Malls, Supermarket traffic

Products are Supply only if required installation please do contact us

Thanks all in advance, if you do have any inquiries please feel free to contact us.

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    For going over tiles mate, should I screed the grout flat to minimise sag over time?


    You can get wood style plank tiles for less than this price which would be much more hard-wearing and longer lasting. Would cost more to install than vinyl though.


      Don't really wanna deal with expansion gap and bead around skirt.

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      Vinyl would cost more install depending on the subfloor.

      But this product will achieve waterproofing and quiet underfoot.
      In terms of plank tiles did you mean the laminate floors?


        No, ceramic tiles that are shaped like wood planks. Doing a lot of jobs with these at the moment, very popular. Although if you live in a high-rise, acoustic underlay would most likely be required too which would add around $35 per m².


          Tiles are another ball game and option. Tiles have dropped in sales overall in the industry. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against tiles.
          Although have reports from the customer that managing the grout is a bit of pain since its slimmer type meaning 3x or 4x more amount of grout to maintain. If you were more a DIY person then its great choice, but if you were to get professional trades to come in to do the job, they will most likely to charge more then usual rate, due to time-consuming.


    If using adhesive, what is a ballpark figure to budget for? Also, does it require any underlay?


      This type of product does not require any underlay. But importantly the preparation part.
      It is subject to your floors. May I ask what type of floors do you currently have and what is the subfloor?

      If your direct sticking yourself then allow $100 for a 10lt TUB covers around 40m2.

      If you wanted to get a professional trades to do it budget yourself around $23 -$29pm2 in the market


        Same situation as @maxwellish, 10mm tiles with 15mm carpet at the doorways. We would screed and then raise the carpet slightly to allow for the planks. Tiles are ceramic with a semi gloss finish. Plan would be to get a concrete sander for a day to knock of the top of the tiles and then screed.


    How much does this weigh per sqm? Im looking for a floor covering for my RV. It has 12mm hard plywood subfloor.


      I would say approx 11-12kg pm2. But Don't forget when you installed it in your RV the load is spread evenly around not just one point the weight should not be an issue.

      But the Fuel consumption maybe it's like having 1-3 people on the RV continuously depending on the size of the RV of course =)


        That seems really quite heavy for 5mm thickness, is it mass loaded vinyl?
        I would like it to be heavy for sound deadening. I currently have 10mm thick solid rubber tiles which are 10kg/m2 but they aren't very nice under foot.


    Getting rid of the tiles is the best thing, to be honest, It just depends on each individual.
    It is messy in terms of dust but the end result is the best.

    We have to determine if the subfloor is suitable as well. IE is the tiles cracking, is the subfloor moving etc etc. Each case is abit different.
    You can raise the area if you wanted to but make sure it's flush against the tiles. This product that I promoted is a direct stick ( If in a large area recommend direct stick or can be looselay in a small area) However I still recommend to direct stick down.

    Another option you can choose to avoid sticking is the Hybrid Type of Vinyl Planks.

    A similar product, ie waterproof and quiet. But in a click lock system. More easy and less headache for installations.


    Could this be used outdoors undercover, like a verandah or entertaining area? Do you install?
    Do they go on concrete/paving? What about if it’s not completely level. I’m in Adelaide metro. Thanks.


      Unfortunately, the product is suitable for indoors only even with undercover. Exposing the outdoor elements may damage the products.
      By going with the manufacturer, it will void the warranty.

      I do have a handful of customer that had installed it to like alfresco area undercover likes yours, subfloor concrete. No issues.
      The customer didn't need to worry about the warranty side of things.

      But as for a business concern, we have to say NOT SUITABLE

      I will suggest maybe external tiles- non-slip type?


    Npz =)

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