250GB (12/1 Mbps) Wireless Broadband Plan for $49/Mth + $189 Upfront with Huawei B525 Modem (No Contract) @ Jeenee Mobile


A genuine alternative to the NBN for only $49 per month
***price drop****

  • Free SIM and delivery

  • 250GB included Data

  • No lock-in contracts

  • Speeds up to 12/1Mbps

  • Uses the Optus mobile network

  • Setup is simple, easy, reliable & fast

  • Add your Huawei 4G Wifi Modem - $189.90
    *****can anyone confirm if this is true or could you pick up an Optus modem from Officeworks or Coles and it does the same thing?

Important Info

Home Wireless Broadband is a post-paid month-to-month service. You can cancel at any time by giving 30-days notice.
The service uses the Optus Mobile Network and speeds of up to 12/1Mbps (download / upload) can be achieved where access to the 2300MHz spectrum is possible (speeds of up to 5/1Mbps are achievable elsewhere). A service qualification check will be completed prior to despatch of the modem and SIM to ensure service availability at your nominated address.

The service includes 250GB of data each month. Unused data expires each month and does not rollover. Once you’ve used your monthly Data Allowance of 250GB the speed of your service will be shaped to 256kbps and excess data will be charged at a rate of $12.00 per 10GB billed in increments of 10GB. Data usage includes uploads and downloads. A maximum of 5 x 10GB Data Top-ups can be applied per month. Should usage exceed 300GB (250GB plus 5x10GB Top-ups) the service will be restricted. Please note that any service restriction will occur subject to network delays (which may take up to 24 hours) and you will be charged for any excess usage in excess of 300GB at a rate of $0.002 per MB.
The service can only be used with the supplied Huawei B525 wifi modem. The included SIM card will not work in a different device and should not be removed from the modem.
This plan must be paid via Direct Debit from a nominated credit card. An active credit card authority must be maintained on your account at all times.

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    "The service can only be used with the supplied Huawei B525 wifi modem. The included SIM card will not work in a different device and should not be removed from the modem."

    this is a better deal than the one you posted: https://www.exetel.com.au/broadband/home-wireless


      i use exetel and can confirm that it works if you replace the sim . The Huawei modem with exetel is not locked.

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    "The service uses the Optus Mobile Network and speeds of up to 12/1Mbps (download / upload) can be achieved where access to the 2300MHz spectrum is possible (speeds of up to 5/1Mbps are achievable elsewhere)."

    Echhhh. I'm using Optus mobile broadband and I get between 40 to 70 down and 10-25 up, so you really are taking a speed hit to save some money.

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    A genuine alternative to the NBN

    In the same way a Chrysler Crossfire is a genuine alternative to a Ferrari 488 Spyder. Or even more depressing, in the same way Australian internet is a genuine alternative to internet in Kazakhstan, Kosovo or any of the other 61 nations that enjoy better internet speeds than us


      Not sure where you are getting your figures from, but as someone who has been to Kazakhstan, their internet is definitely not faster than in Australia. Also internet speeds need to take into consideration land mass and population density. For example in the US, I had really fast throughput in Seattle, but the speed dramatically went down in states like Alaska.


      Have you seen the speeds on NBN Fixed wrieless? Many people get 3-6mpbs peak times.

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    12/1 is anciently slow to compare to the NBN for an extra 10 dollar a month on 25/5 speed.


      That's assuming your area actually has NBN available. If you're stuck on ADSL at the end of a 3+km line with 'dial-up' download speeds then 12Mbps isn't so bad. That said, I'd still rather buy discounted Kogan XL sims in bulk and use them up as required at full speed.

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    Meh. I know Exetel's customer service is terrible, but their $39.99 pm with modem $99 upfront no contract, or free modem on 12 month contract, is way better than this.


      Agreed, pity they no longer supply the Cat6 Huawei B525 and instead now offer a lowly Cat4 Netcomm.
      Sure you don't need the Cat6 capabilities to achieve 12/1 speeds, but a much nicer modem to have if you switch out to proper Optus at the end of your contract for the dramatic uptick in connection speed.


        Exetel’s Netcomm modem over the Huawei any day!!! 150mbps over 4G is more than enough!!!


          150mbps theoretical is not what you'll ever achieve.
          My Cat6 Huawei E5186 with external antenna line of sight to our nearest Optus tower 800m away and hard-coded to Band 40 with Carrier Aggregation tops out at just over 100mbps.
          If I disconnect an antenna (thereby disabling Carrier Aggregation and essentially dropping from Cat6 to Cat4) but still hard coded to Band 40, my speed drops to 30mbps.
          The Netcomm is undoubtedly a significant downgrade from the B525.

          As I said, it wont matter on the gimped Exetel/Jeenee service of course, but if you have plans to improve your speeds, it's a factor to consider.


            @scubacoles: I’m about 800m away from the optus/telstra towers and my Netcomm will arrive today so I’ll test it with a Telstra sim and see how it goes. The reason why I say netcomm is a better modem/router is due to its Hybrid nature and includes a lot more features than the Huawei.


              @TomGum: The Netcomm NL1901ACV looks decent as a FttN modem with 4G fallback, but the VDSL features are a pointless (and expensive) additional feature for a dedicated 4G modem…
              I dare say the B525 as a result is not only a far better 4G modem, but also quite possibly a far better network router as the savings made by not paying for a VDSL modem could be invested into a more capable router chipset.

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                @scubacoles: We can probably debate on this based on our preferences, but there are some features such as limiting speeds via MAC/IP address which I did not think the B525 had but is a requirement for me. Also if I am looking for fast 4G speeds in excessive of 100mbps I have a ZTE 4G modem to take care of that.

                So again it all comes down to preferences, but the Netcomm NL1901ACV does more than just act as a 4g modem.


      Yes, Exetel!!

      12 month of service at a cost of ($480 - $20 promotional credit) = $460
      If you factor in the modem value at $99 ($240 RRP), then it brings your monthly (service) costs down to $30 p/m.

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    The max cost of this plan is $109 per month.

    You are charged $12 as soon as you reach your limit, and I bet the shaping doesn't kick in right away, it might even take a day in some cases.

    There's no way in hell I would sign up for home internet that charges such exorbitant excess and then cuts me off totally.


    Other 12/1 plans (spintel and exetel) offer the HUAWEI modem for much cheaper


    Aussie bb says nbn will be available in my area in the next few weeks and I get the first month free with a promo code

    What do I do in the mean time, I kind of want at least 40mbps


    Pretty rubbish deal. Even Dodo has $30/month plan with unlimited downloads


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