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Small Sundae $1 @ McDonald's via mymacca's App


only available on Maccas App, enjoy your $1 small sundae on cozy couch :)

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    At least it's not caramel…

  • this or two cones smooshed together. choices choices

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      why not both?

  • Fool me once…

  • New to these type of offers. Can you order multiple or is it limited to just 1?
    (I mean in the one order)

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    Normal price of $3+ for 20 cents worth of soft serve and sauce… Even $1 seems steep. I guess we're paying for the plastic.

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      And the minimum wage of the person who serves you…

  • They have just added an update to the app in the last few days ( it was working on Tuesday when I logged in for Big Mac fail offer ).

    It looks like the maccas app now requires a new version of android.

    Bloody annoying. Opened the app to see 'download new version' then go to google play it says app is not compatible with my device.

    Before it was annoying because it would force an update every week or so, but at least I could still update. Now I can't update.

    Sorry for being someone that doesn't buy a new smartphone every year or so ( no need to have most updated for 99% of things ).

    I have android 5.1

  • My app is currently telling me the following is available at my closest store:
    * Caramel sundae
    * Hot fudge sundae
    * Strawberry sundae
    * Plain sundae

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