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Laser PW-PBWC 3-in-1 Wireless Travel Wall Charger Powerbank $38 C&C/Shipster /+ $7.95 Delivery (Was $79.95) @ Harvey Norman


Don't know if any good, but…
I believe the wireless operates at 1A and the other ports at 2.4A 5v
still $79.95 at https://www.laserco.com.au/PW-PBWC-wireless-travel-wall-char...

Harvey Norman - Website blurb..

With a 6700mAh battery capacity and multiple ports, the Laser Wireless Travel Wall Charger Powerbank
is a convenient solution for charging your compatible devices when you’re out and about.

Key Features

  • Qi wireless charging support allows you to top up your compatible device’s battery levels without the hassle of wires
  • Built-in 1x USB Type-C and 2x USB-A ports allows you to charge multiple compatible devices at the same time
  • Includes four region charging adapters to easily replenish battery levels from different sockets
  • LED display and light indicator let you conveniently determine its remaining battery levels and your device’s charging status
  • High-strength ABS casing and integrated safety circuitry for optimum durability and added peace of mind during use

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    6700mAh battery capacity


    You're kidding?


    its Laser, what else can i say lol..

    thats what the blurb says…

    Anyway, its not just a small battery, its a
    travel wall charger,
    with portability of a battery..
    With wireless capability.
    With 1 x usb c and 2 x usb A ports

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    I have one of this, not so good. Cheap quality. Only 5V input/output, pretty slow charging. Wireless charging is slow and hot. If you put the AU plug on it, it's impossible to do the wirless charging.


      I had been thinking about grabbing this but was holding off until it got a bit cheaper. I appreciate the first hand feedback. I think I might give it a miss.

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    While seems might be a poor product from that review, its Great to get feedback on the product


    btw samsung pay have an offer of a powerbank for free for first 3000

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