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Free 15 Day 500MB Data Sim Card for Japan - WAmazing


Reposting this deal since it's quite old and a few things have changed since then.

English support
Android and iPhone apps available
Register using app at least 4 hours before picking your sim card up at the airport.
1 free SIM card per account.

Additional data can be purchased, which also adds 5 day's use.
500 MB 999 YEN
1 GB 1499 YEN
1.5GB 1999 YEN

Uses Docomo network.

If a Chinese reader could dig up a promo code for extra data, that would be great.

It's not much data, but if you can use hotel wifi or Boingo with 28 degrees for most of your browsing, this may be enough for the times you're not covered.

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    Thanks OP, I am going to Tokyo in Sep2019.

  • Anyone know how much it costs to buy additional data? 500mb is not nearly enough for 15 days if using maps and stuff.

    • Around $13AUD for additional 500MB.

    • I usually just rely on Pocket Wifi and only use data for backup.

  • +5

    No disrespect to the above deal, Can't complain when its free.
    But This gives a better piece of mind.

    • 1GB per day 4G Data (limit resets daily)
    • Unlimited 3G Data (128kbps speed)
    • Triple Cut SIM Card (Normal, Micro, Nano)
    • Super fast 4G LTE internet up to 110Mbps download
    • Supports iPhone 5/6/7/8/X and Android (APN settings may be required)
    • Softbank Mobile Network 98.8% coverage of Japan
    • SKT Mobile Network coverage in Korea
    • Hotspot available for Android and PocketWiFi devices
    • +1

      Thats not even in stock and it has a small activation window.

    • I've dropped an email to them, will update once get anything.

    • 1GB per day or in total? Description says "With 1GB of 4G LTE data you’ll have more than enough to travel connected!"

    • +5

      Thanks for the kind words alihozefa.

      We'll be restocked by July 2nd and the activation expiry well be updated to reflect the new stock.

      And to clarify it's 1gb per day for 7/14/21/30 days.

    • +2

      Can vouch for these guys once it's in stock, used it for my trip earlier this year and was very hassle free was never without a connection during my entire trip.

    • +1

      Take care with Northsim. Purchased for our trip in May, Arrived in Tokyo inserted sim and nothing.Tried setting the AP manually and still nothing (Pixel 2). Phone could recognise the sim but it obviously had no data on it.Stuck in Tokyo at night time with the family looking for a free wi-fi to get maps to our accommodation. That's when I found out how awesome the Japanese people are!

    • +8

      I went to japan last year, and found there were a lot of expensive data sim cards.
      1GB a day still isn't much.

      If you want something that is great get: https://www.japan-rail-pass.com.au/services/simcard
      It's unlimited data, and it worked everywhere I went in japan, which included a few rural areas. I was gone for two months, so I ordered two sims that covered that period - played pokemon go non stop!
      You can activate it once you're in japan!

  • Thanks for the deal, just wondering if anyone knows if I can 'book' the SIM card pick up for a later date since I won't be in Japan till December.

    • +2

      Should be fine, I would just wait till a few days before your trip to register.

      This is an ongoing deal, I don't think it'll expire anytime soon.

    • +1

      I've already booked one for myself for my visit in August end.
      They ask date and airport of arrival while booking

      • Thank you, appreciate the reply

  • Any other better deal with higher data?

  • Thanks OP - going to Japan in a couple of months.

  • Aware it says this:

    1 free SIM card per account.

    Is it at all possible to make more accounts for more SIMs/data?

    If not, it's really good that it is free.

    • There's nothing stopping you from creating multiple accounts, as long as each has a unique email address.

  • This is a really good deal. I used it in December/January and the speeds were great

  • Just tried this. Can confirm it's still working/running and speeds were pretty good!

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