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Logitech G440 Gaming Mouse Pad $16 @ Harvey Norman


Currently 50% off as per the website. Cheapest elsewhere is $29 at MSY. Good price if you can C&C otherwise delivery of $5.95.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Thank you!
    These are getting harder to come by at a good price

  • Thanks bought one. The only thing I find bad about hard surfaced mouse pads is that the rubber on the bottom of your mouse seems to wear out pretty fast.

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      Been using this mouse mat with me Logitech MX Master (original) for over 12 months and haven't had any issues in that regard

    • yeah been using this for a few years now. never had a problem with the rubber

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      Friend, look into teflon replacement pads.

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        i recommend against using teflon feet with the logitech hard mats. it wears out the mat itself quite easily.

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        They're called skates.

      • I recently switched out the original feet to hotline games feet which can be found for ~$8. Works alot better imo

  • Damn just bought a Steelseries QCK medium mat yesterday for $9
    I’m so bummed

    • I got the QCK small. Was wondering if this would be any better as I'm looking for a replacement

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        I had the QCK. It's fine. But the G440 has a more durable and stain resistant finish. I have an unopened G440 and the one I've been using for five or so years looks just as good. Whereas, the QCK of mine has food residue that just cannot be removed.

  • Got one from Auburn, NSW. 4 left as of 4pm.

    Note: was still marked as $32 so had to clarify with floor staff.

  • mine going strong for a few years now

  • I bought this for 25 just Thursday. Fuuuuuu

    • -1

      Gonna buy two more at Officeworks after getting them to price match, then refunding the one I bought on Thursday.

      Completely avoiding giving HN the sale.

      • don't think it is available at officeworks..? is it?


        • Bought mine from Officeworks…

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    If I buy this, will I be good at fortnite?

    • +2

      In a couple of weeks yeah.

  • Thanks this is the mousepad I currently use. At $16 I decided to order another one.

  • Not a gamer. Mind telling what's the difference between normal mouse pad and gaming pad?

  • Thanks! Ordered one for C&C to replace my old generic gel wrist circular pad from years and years back…

  • Can anyone recommend a 1mm thick mouse pad? I checked these and they are 3mm think. My old 1mm, hard but flexible one i got about 10 years ago at a conference is looking a bit shabby

    • This one has a nice grippy base. I think the surface area is perfect too.

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