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Elna EL2000 Sewing Machine White $89 (Was $300) + Shipping @ Spotlight


Take a further $10 with the coupon code - new accounts only

This sensational sewing machine comes with a multitude of features to help you take on any sewing task. With a twin-needle capacity and a front-loading bobbin, this sewing machine can sew anything from satin to denim. The twelve included stitch styles have adjustable widths and lengths, and the convenient thread cutter lets you finish neatly. The carry handle and built-in storage compartments are perfect for sewing on location.

58 Stitch functions
12 Built-in stitches
1 4-Step Buttonhole
Stitch Width – up to 5mm on ZigZag only
Stitch Length – up to 4mm
Clip-on feet for quick changeovers
Darning plate
Needle plate seam guidelines with both inches & millimetres
Extra-high presser foot lift
Heavy duty seamless die-cast metal frame
Free arm/ flatbed capability
Twin needle capability
Machine Weight – 6Kg
Instruction Manual

Edit: eBay store Link

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  • Was looking at the Elna 1000 last weekend and that was $129, this seems to be a better deal. Thanks OP.

    • Who knows, with spotlight's pricing games.

  • N00b q, do you need specific type of table for this?

    • No, just a normal table will be fine.

    • +1

      Opt for one of the ones with more than 3 legs, but definitely less than 5.

      • +2

        3 legs won’t wobble

        • +1

          That REALLY depends on what shape the table is…

    • +8

      If you don't use it often, a periodic table.

  • +9

    Thanks OP, been looking for a sewing machine. Was my first order so the code SPAWELCOM took off another $10.

    • Had to sign up for an account but after that the code worked great! Thanks!

    • +1

      Cool, updated the post with this code

  • Also on ebay with free shipping for ebay plus members.

    • Can you post the link please

  • +9

    Damn need a time machine because it was cheaper 2 years ago. Was about to get it too.

    • +2

      A stitch in time…

    • Investment

  • Deal looks good, but I don't even need one!

  • +1

    Bought one for my mom. Thanks ozp πŸ˜πŸ‘

  • +1

    Thanks OP, saved us a lot of coin and will help my wife start her project early. Really appreciate it!

  • Better off buying a 2nd hand machine, way better quality than this junk.

    • +1

      Why is it junk and what would you recommend for a second hand alternative?

      • +5

        These cheaper machines struggle with thicker material e.g. denim and it's generally just a bigger inconvenience since you'll be manually turning the needle to avoid breaking it. Anyone on gumtree with brands like Janome, Singer or Bernina. You could even buy a broken one and get it serviced or fix it yourself. Can get a high quality machine that way for under 300.

        If you aren't going to be using it much or just to alter basic thin materials then it's a decent all rounder machine but if you intend on doing alterations on thick materials then it's not worth it.

        • +4

          Sounds like you haven't owned one of these and are just throwing it in the basket of cheaper machines

          Even the brands you mentioned have cheaper models that are likely crap

          • +5

            @TEER3X: By all means waste your money lol but I've been doing textile work for 15 years now and service sewing machines on the side. I've spoken to many people about this kind of stuff who DO know what they're talking about. Of course anyone thinking about buying a $90 sewing machine has absolutely no clue what they are buying.

            • +1

              @Broden: We all know you're covering your real job of being a Borden!

        • Slightly unrelated but wondered if I could ask your advice. I have a Janome Combi DX (hand-me-down) which has given me nothing but trouble and has cost hundreds in repairs, and I've decided to sell it - it only has one plastic part and it's broken, and I can't get it replaced and it's causing a number of issues.

          What would you recommend as a replacement? I do a lot of general stuff like clothing alterations but also craft projects and some quilting too. I don't mind spending maybe $500 if I'll get 10 good years out of it at least.


      • +4

        cause he can't Broden these.

    • +4

      Just try not to get stitched up either way.

      • +1

        Bought 2 basic machines of Gumtree and they were only so so.

  • +5

    Going to buy 10 for my sweat shop

    • +5

      Broden already has 10 sweat shops

      • +9

        Broden is on it already by calling it junk but buying the entire stock.

  • +1

    This or the $99 Janome JR1012 (equiv) from Aldi?

  • 4.9% cashback from Shopback.

    • +2

      damn!! i always forget to check shopback

      • Don't see SPAWELCOM code on Shopback website so probably won't get cashback if you use it.

  • +1

    Are orders from website delivery only?
    Can't seem to find click n collect option but it does say my local store has stock.

  • Thanks OP ordered one !!!!

    • +1

      Did you have to pay delivery?

      • yeah $9 for Sydney lane cove

  • +4

    I don't know how to use this sewing machine, but still I bought it, may be I can learn.

    • +6

      I learned , you tube is your friend,
      I just use my machine to fix broken pockets, splits in seams.
      Has paid for itself many times over compared to the prices charged by people that operate that fixit booths.
      Also don't have to drop off and pickup.

      Yes, I'm a single bloke, but I fix my own car, cook my own food, iron and wash own my own shirts, etc so I don't think sewing is gender specific domain when it comes to saving money and added convenience.

  • Thanks OP, just bought one.

  • Thanks OP bought one. Was unable to use the code

    • only works for new accounts

  • +3

    Can you get it from Spotlight website or is it just on ebay? I can only get the full price of $300 on Spotlight website.

  • Broden:

    Could you recommend a specific machine to look for second-hand?

    I'm going to recover a sofa.

    Thank you.

  • +2

    (Was NEVER $300)

  • They ran out of stock last time ($60), held my money - until I said I was gonna chargeback…

    wonder if I'll get it this time…

    • seriously ? were they going to supply once it is available or

      • they never got back to me ~ I chased up 4 times ~

        Forgot bout it, until someone mentioned above about the $60.

    • mine got shipped today

      • mines still "processing"


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