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11% off Expedia Hotels when Paying by Mastercard (Hotel Exclusions Apply)


Redemption Period: Valid for use by 11:59pm AEDT, 31 December 2019 (“Redemption Period”).

Travel Period: The travel dates must be before 31 March 2020 (“Travel Period”).

Full T&Cs here. Hotel exclusions here. Enjoy :)

Each Eligible Person can redeem the offer only once and receive [1,000] Expedia Rewards points, regardless of the number of MC Cards saved in his/her Expedia account during the Promotion Period.

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  • Agoda have 12% with mastercard

    • +6 votes

      I've found that the Agoda 12% off price is often more than expedia 11% off price. Best to check comparison site before each booking of course.

    • interesting mastercard has deals with both agoda and expedia at the same time

  • That's a LONG list of exclusions :)

    • It's pretty much all the large chains. The hotels that this is most useful for are the boutique and small, independent hotels.

  • Compare what the hotel price is using this Expedia MasterCard URL to what the Expedia price is if you search for the same hotel on TripAdvisor (where there is competition) and click through to Expedia from TripAdvisor and then stack that cheaper price with the 8% off domestic or 10% off international coupon described here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/463842 - will often turn out cheaper than this MasterCard URL with the 11% off.

  • does this stack with cashrewards / shopback?

    • 100% no. If you use the link for the 11% discount, the sale won't even track as Mastercard will be paid commission:

      Use of any coupons and/or incentive offers/links (including Amex/Mastercard/Visa discounts) will invalidate any cashback and/or any cashback claims, including our cashback guarantee, unless specifically listed on this site.

    • I tried this and I think it worked…
      I used the MasterCard link, looked up my hotel and saved it to my list. Then I clicked on the shopback link and the MasterCard discount banner was still there (probably with cookies), then clicked on my list to go back to the hotel booking (so it wouldn't open a new tab). Then went through with the transaction, adding the MasterCard code.
      Its registered in my shopback, but it says it's calculating and will get paid after my stay. Not sure if it actually will work but it's worth a shot!

      • Good luck. There is no way Expedia will pay commission to any affiliate more than once. The code triggers commission payment (upon consumption) to MasterCard, and even if by chance you managed to have this track, it will be declined once Expedia consolidates the transaction.

  • Try to book a hotel stay of August, shows "Sorry, this coupon has expired".

  • Is it MC credit card or MC debit card?

  • Tells me it has expired.

  • MASTERAU11 worked for me, but not MASTERAU11H. Someone else please confirm?

    • Cheers that worked for me the original code I kept getting an error "click through original email/website" even though I'm clickign through Ta's link.

  • Any ideas when the deal for travel dates in Jan 2020 will be available?

    • There is a deal available if you have a Westpac Mastercard (or know someone who does and can use the offer for you). It's posted on here.

  • Perfect timing! Scored $20 off my weekend away in September, that I was literally just about to book before I decided to do a sneaky oz bargain search. Thanks TA!

  • I could not get MASTERAU11H to work, says the offer is expired. MASTERAU11 worked for me.

  • how do you redeem the coupon

  • Thanks OP.

    MASTERAU11 worked for me. Couldn't get MASTERAU11H to work due to an error saying "should access direct website or click through the link in email" or that sorts.

  • If you don't want to bother with MasterCard and/or exclusions, ShopBack currently has 11% cashback on Hotel bookings with Expedia… but only via the ShopBack app.

  • just saved me 80 bucks :D excellent deal!

  • will the code work for multiple (and seperate) bookings? i.e can i book a hotel with code, and then book another hotel for different dates with same code?

  • does not seem to work for me??

  • Code giving 10% off price, when header has 11% off.
    edit - found its 11% before taxes.

  • This one has expired :(

  • Was anyone able to get this to work recently? coming up with expired for me today.

  • Just used this today - saved $80, cheers! MASTERAU11 was the code that worked for me.

    • I've now used this successfully on two different hotel bookings. Going through the Expedia Rewards portal and getting the "members prices" on hotel rates, still meant I could include the MASTERAU11 code at booking to get an extra 11% off (in addition to the 20% off or whatever they supposedly give members). I checked it against the going rates on Trivago, and was a good deal.

  • Late to the party but I just compared all the hotels I booked on booking.com last week with the prices after discount on the expedia link here, expedia is more expensive even stacked with the 9% cashback.

    I also compared the price with agoda etc. cashback % difference is actually meaningless. it will just add the difference to the price. Also Agoda and booking share the same review system and the prices are so similar I suspect they are actually the same business running 2 sites.

  • "Sorry, this coupon has expired."

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