How to keep magpies away

I have tried reflective tape. They only work for 1 week before the bird knows it's not harmful to them.

Had anyone else tried other methods ?
Would bird glue really work? Or those ultrasound machines?

They crap all over my back deck, on my drying clothes and my dog barks and chases them like crazy and neighbours gets upset.

Would hunting them down be an option?
There are about 3 of them that keeps on coming to my pool area in my backyard.


        • Oh noes! Cuddles is a Killer!!!111!!1!!

      • Our now dead cat grabbed a baby magpie once and they swooped the shit out of him and he let it go. They never forgot, swooped him everyday and he buggered off every time.

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      Er pretty simple keep it inside? Cats can be trained to stay inside always by you know, never letting them out to decimate native wildlife that is slowly edging towards extinction…

      • The neighbours always let him out and rarely remembers to put the bell collar we bought for him. Unfortunately, there's a not much we can do about it since it's not our cat.

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    You should move.

  • Clearly a raspberry pi powered motion tracking nerf gun is the solution to this problem

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    Electric wire the fence line?
    Would that work?

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      Brilliant idea, the BIRDS won’t be able to climb over the fence anymore and you wont have any more problems.

    • This is the one. Probably easier to get an installer to set it up.

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    Get naked and wear a tin foil hat and flap around the backyard squawking. Upload to YouTube and count the dollars in advertising.

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      Come and do it for me…and I will split 70/30 with you for the dollars earned

      • I don't have a magpie problem fortunately.

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      Factually incorrect. You need to get naked, paint yourself similar to a magpie (black and a bit of white) then get up there on the edge of your roof facing the Magpies and get into a squat like position similar to how a magpie sits and squawk like crazy. If the birds are not leaving, you need stare intensely at what you think is probably the leader of the pack and squawk louder! You have to show them that you are the ALPHA MAGPIE and that this is your land! DO NOT BREAK EYE CONTACT WHEN ACHIEVED! If you do you'll have magpie problems for the rest of your years. Unless of course you can convince your wife to get up there and show them who is boss.

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    Put heaps of 1.25ltr coke bottles on the lawn half filled with water. I'd suggest about 20-30 of them. Maybe about the same on the roof.

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    Show them a premiership flag and they will freeze

    • Beaten by 7 minutes

    • No they'll just wobble around and crap all over the deck still.

  • Watch how to get away with murder

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      The crows will be parked out the front with the engine running.

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    Goodluck op!
    I am in the same situation except they walk into my house. I have a 2 year old who is fascinated by them so I stupidly have been hand feeding them.. well he has been.. now if I ever have the back sliding door open they walk on in and walk around my dining table to find crumbs. Don't feed them if you dont want more. I started with 2 and now I have about 20. My poor neighbors must hate me.

    • But no regrets noragrets, right? 😜

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    Show them a replay of the 2018 AFL Grand Final.

    • Thanks for sharing.

  • I tried nerf gun. Useless weapon.
    Proves to be a loving tickle if it actually does hit them.

    Then I borrowed a bubble gel blaster. These shoots at a good speed…but aiming is bad plus legislation makes it give out a pop sound when fired. So they hear it and flys away .

    The automatic one I used and the closest I got to them before they see me coming is like 10 meters away. And still, I couldn't get any of the gel balls close enough to scare them away.

    Epic fail so far


    Not sure if it works on Aussie magpie's!

  • Hang CDs around your yard.

  • Magpies not a big issue but cucktoos are noisy fckers :)they come in groups.

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    Seeing as it's hard to own an air rifle, a catapult and small ball bearings works really well

    • Where they stand is the glass pool fence

      So throwing rocks at them work work .
      Would be an expensive fix

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    Magpies are a protected species in Australia, it is illegal to kill or harm them so you definitely aren't allowed to hunt them down.

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      Very true

      lovepub: Hope neighbours call Police if you do anything really stupid!!
      Leave them alone and get a life!

      • Fine. I will do it when no one sees me

      • And you get a sense of humour!

    • Didn't know the rules when I was cycling and the magpies trying murdering me in a Kamikaze way :) so get off the bike and partner and I start throwing rocks hopping we can kill the buggers. Didn't kill any but was told off by a street walker not to kill a icon bird.

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    Magpies live for 20 years, hold grudges against specific individuals, and will pass these grudges down through generations. feeding them (occasionally) is more about bribing them, saying sorry for throwing things and shooting nerf guns at them, and letting them know that your dog is linked to a friendly human.

    by feeding them in a corner away from your deck and clothes, you'll tell them that this is the deal; f**k off to this corner and stop shitting on my deck, pissing off my dog, and sometimes you might get some food from me.

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    Around Dec thru to Jan when the babies start learning to sing is an absolute treat. They practice everyday in a safe tree and improve very quickly. One of the real joys in having Maggie's frequent your home but hey I'm biased.

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    Stackhat with zip ties. Must be classical Stackhat

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    Unlike Pigeons, Magpies are NOT a pest.
    They don't setup nests in your gutters, bring disease and be useless all day

    Magpies are protected wildlife, they hunt insects, and eat carrion, they're good to have around
    Just keep some feeing water/food away from pool

  • You could try hunting them in Queensland 3 magpies would only cost you $30,000 of fines $10k per bird and possibly newspaper exposure and then the hatred of a lot of people

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      Maybe my neighnours will love me for it? πŸ€”πŸ€”

      Question is: DO ozbargain family know where I live?

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        Deceased magpies in a bag and in the bin, who’s gonna know ?

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    Okay….thanks everyone for all the comments.

    I will leave the birds alone for now, and wait till my puppy to grow old and get sick of the birds coming by the house.

    I think I may have found the best way to deal with the birds. And too bad I cant tell anyone about it.

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    If it was me the old trusty slingshot would come out for call of duty lol

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    You can keep [Collingwood] Magpies away by being a dentist.

  • Try doing what farmers do in america against eagles
    (listen to the podcast on the link)
    String fishing line between 2 poles. Birds dont like the reflection of the wire or something
    No idea if it will work. Let us know if you try it.

  • Could it be dog [email protected] on a lawn etc making it a prime place for magpies to find grubs etc? Or maybe the glass fence is reflective and they keep coming back to see if "those other magpies" are still hanging around. Can you put a plant etc in front of the fence where they like to sit to block any potential reflection?

    We have 3 magpies that love to stir the dog (and neighbour complains, so I feel your pain). There was a smaller one that was a bit "speshul", couldn't fly well, bung leg. We called it Straunie. Wasn't remotely intimidated by a German Shephard (whacked him on the nose when he ran up and barked at it). Did help the dog get used to them though as we could pat/ calm the dog etc when it was around. Seems the key with the dog. Unfortunately found poor old Straunie stiff as a board one morning following a cold night.

  • cat

  • I'm a Magpies fan; just sayyin'…

  • Dunno if this is an old wives tale or not, but I've heard if you get a loaf of bread and sprinkle/soak it with chili flakes/sauce, and then feed it to them they will dislike the taste and move on. Might take a few days. Who knows how long till they're back though.

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      I doubt it
      The point of producing the capsaicin is to discourage mammals. Plants still want birds to eat their fruit

  • Don't look like a worm

  • adopt 10 cats and keep them outside

  • Fire works or a drone

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    Magpies are terrified of drop bears.
    Get a drop bear as a pet and keep it in your yard.

  • get one of these babies
    its for insects but i don't see why it won't work on magpies

    • Cool bananas….
      But prob won't shoot far. But I like the idea of shotgun firing

  • They eat meat, if you are feeding your dog in their sight they are keen for a feed. Just feed the dog inside. We had a pack of magpies living on our street and people stopped feeding them and they left.

    • No food outside. Just water from the pool they can get for free.

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        Start charging them for the water.

  • What happened in your backyard stays in your backyard..

    • 😈😈😈😈😈😈 yes sir.

  • from?

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