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28-Day Unlimited Plan 30GB: Unlimited National and International (10 Countries) $10 @ amaysim


Hi all,

Long time lurker, commenter, and usually too slow to post deals, but happened to come across this one and I couldn't find a duplicate / previous post.
Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

Don't feel like you have to go easy on me.. I've been around for ages…
rip me to shreds.

$10 for UNLIMITED 30GB plan on your first purchase. Use promo code SAVE20. Ends July 17. Online purchases only. T&Cs apply.
(It's usually $30)

Expires 17 July 2019.
New customers or New Numbers only.

Referral Links

Referral: random (539)

$10 credit to both the referrer and referee.

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  • Thought that was for roaming from a sec.

  • New customers or New Numbers only.

  • +6 votes

    Plan on your first purchase - Reverts to $30 after

  • Same deal in Woolies from Wednesday.

  • Don't forget $21 Cashback from Shopback. So a profit of $11.

    • yeah I was wondering how cashback works with this….
      Is shopback better than cashrewards? And do they actually pay you to join them? sounds crazy

    • Not always, as you are using a Coupon Code. Unless the coupon code is listed on Shopback it may not get paid out.

    • Seems like CR is $23, so might be better off going with them? The coupon seems to be listed also which is good.

    • I actually can't even use this deal… gotta port my number today and I"m off to the US next week. Not gonna get the sim in time and I'm planning on porting to amaysim using a $10 starter pack i got ages ago (for $1) to bridge me until sunday…. Hope this deal helps someone else!

    • Only if you never got amaysim cashback before and they ackonwlege this code.

    • Now increased to $40!

  • +3 votes

    anybody know what is the latest I can activate this after receiving it? Can I buy now and activate mid-August? couldn't find anything on T&C

  • Just so I get this straight,

    - I've claimed a cashback offer on Amaysim
    - with cashrewards previously,

    am I eligible for this deal? even though I'll be getting:
    - a new number,
    - with new email address (for Amaysim account) but
    - same cashrewards account email as the previous time

  • Does the "international" 10 countries include data or just sms, mms and calls?

  • Does anyone do a pre-paid Mobile plan for an emergency phone in a kids school bag. Hopefully will never get used but I don't want the credit to be expired.

  • When do the promotional benefits expire? Just reading the t&c's.

  • rip me to shreds

    Get an original picture mate! You're just copying everyone else! 😜

    But seriously, thanks for posting OP

  • Hi,

    I have a decent amount of good #'s with amaysim.

    Besides renewing once a year at $10 each is there a more ozbargain way of keeping them alive?

    I.e. I have 2 that I need to renew in about a week otherwise they go through quarantine.. since they are not new I can't even get 60gb (30 + 30) for $20 out of them.

    Can I buy bulk $10 codes at a discount (got a large batch to renew in coming months)..afterpay/zip to spread it out maybe?


  • Seems the code is listed on Shopback not Cashrewards at the moment.

  • Do not change an important number over to these pack of fwits. In May I changed a favourite mobile number over to these dogs I used a voucher for 8 renewals.
    Well I just turned my phone on its not working I tried calling it and optus advises your service has been disconnected. WTF what a pack of incompetent morons they are scum and I hope they rot in hell.So do not repeat do not trust these idiots.
    I should have known better than trusting these morons because a friend of mine ported from optus to amaysim and they ended up after 7 days trying to port her number over losing it so she had to get a new number. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.