Vodafone Nokia 3310 $29 (Was $79) @ Big W


Found on the product compare app, looks like a good deal if you want some nostalgia! Most importantly includes snake.

$10 Cheaper than the last time it was posted.

The Nokia 3310 is packed full of great features and is incredible value. It’s a perfect introductory phone for kids or seniors as it’s easy-to-use and comes with a sleek yet simple design.

Product Features:

Sleek design with dimensions of 115.6 x 51 x 12.8 mm
Weight of 79.6g
Single SIM (Mini-SIM)
16MB Storage with dedicated micro SD slot (up to 32 GB)
2.4 inch display with 240 x 320 pixel resolution
2 MP camera phone with LED flash (inc. video)
Alerts include vibration and MP3 ringtones
3.5mm audio jack for your headphones or earphones
Includes a flashlight, audio/video player, FM radio
Removable battery
Allows up to: - 744 h on stand-by - 22 h of talk time - 51 h of music
MicroUSB 2.0 - Bluetooth 3.0, A2DP
SMS messaging

Stores spotted with stock:
BIG W North Rockhampton
BIG W Yeppoon
BIG W Gladstone

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    I picked one of these up for $19 from the service desk at a Coles some time ago, don't recall it being in the catalog at the time, might be worth checking as you walk into the mall?

    Edit: Also, it includes a game called snake, it sure isn't snake tho.


    No stock every where I'm looking . No delivery what the point ?

    Waste of space .


      I haven't had any luck with BigW online since forever. In QLD somehow there are only three sites that seem to ship anything, and they are all in the middle of nowhere. Probably give a store a call before you head in, you might be lucky.

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    Assuming these are locked?


    I'm thinking of getting rid of my smart phone and going back to an old school dumb so I can stop being a phone snob!

    But I would prefer it to be unlocked.

    Pretty good price though!


    Very good "smart basic phone". It can sync contact from Android phone, smart dialling. I used it for a while for second number.
    This is 3G version, no LTE at all mates. Don't be ridiculous :)

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    I have just unlocked 4 Vodafone-locked phones for free last week. Did it via chat and used a prepaid (365+) number that was expired with no recharge for almost 2 months. I think the trick is just to be nice and ask if they could help unlock your phone for free. The chat staff seems to have a script saying that because you are a valuable customer, they will unlock it for free for you this one time. Happened to me 4 times in a week lol.

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    Overall the least pleasant phone I've ever used. Especially wouldn't recommend it for seniors mainly due to its poor ergonomics. The d-pad is atrocious and the combined keys to the left and right of it are far from ideal. There are also no accessibility options on mine (e.g. for increasing text size) - I've seen reference to such settings but they're not present on my Vodafone model.

    Only praise I have is for its very long battery life.

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    I can't wait to give one of these to my 9 year old stepdaughter when she wants a phone.


    Are these phones even 3G or GSM? I thought Telco's where switching off those networks? or what network do these units use?


    Is there LineageOS support for this?


    This, or a rotary phone? It can double as a weapon during a bulldogs game.

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    Showing no stock anywhere in perth

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    Great for christmas raffles, prizes and gifts!


    Does anybody know whether this can be used with the ‘boost’ sim card? Just because I had an old school phone (a slide one) and the boost rep said that I couldn’t use the current sim with it because of the network connectivity or something.

    Even though this is supposed to be a 3310, I thought somehow they’d make it compatible with current simcards. Anybody know about this? (If it’s unlocked of course)

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      I think it should work if you unlock it first. But boost is Telstra, and it surprisingly works with most telstra locked mobiles, even when Aldi and Belong (who are both telstra too) don't work.


      It works with the four common 3G bands, 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100.


      850MHz (B5) – Telstra
      900MHz (B8) – Optus, Vodafone
      2100MHz (B1) – Optus, Vodafone

      Mandatory handset band support

      Telstra – 3G 850MHz (B5)
      Optus – 3G 900MHz (B8)
      Vodafone – 3G 900MHz (B8)

      The old school phone would have been 2G only which was retired by Telstra in 2016. This will work if it is unlocked.


    Spewing just got one last week for mum for $68, and had to go through dealing with Harvey Norman’s attempted sales funnel to get it.


      I got one for someone technologically challenged last Christmas and even then stock was thin on the ground.


    burner brick wooooooo


      Only problem is you can't destroy the phone so you can't get rid of the evidence


        no witnesses … the only witness now has an autopsy report that says deceased: blunt force trauma


    I got the Optus locked model for a senior the other week for 15 bucks from Australia Post (but good luck finding stock).

    I had a crack at it this week and I hsvr to say the Opera browser just doesnt work properly. It seems to load the google search page, but wont load the optus home page and also do t load OzBargain! Bit of a deal breaker in my opinion. Strangely the error is something like "server error" which seems misleading. Also Optus support are as usrless as tits on a bull, they were srriously useless. Anyone else used one and can comment?

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