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[PC, Steam] Age of Mythology: Extended Edition $10.73, w/ Tale of the Dragon Expansion $12.48 @ Steam


This has to be one of my all time favourite RTS games that I've put hundreds of hours into. The Extended Edition improves upon the original with enhanced graphics and the introduction of Steam trading cards and workshop.

The Tale of the Dragons expansion (released 2016) is meh in my opinion as the campaign story is rushed and the civ as a whole is unbalanced, but I'd still recommend paying the extra $1.75 for the singeplayer alone.

If you want to make the singleplayer extra hard/better I recommend these mods:

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  • Loved this game, but found it to be far too easy and unbalanced.

    Wouldn't mind playing it again

  • etimos

  • If you get this game, is it still worth picking up Age of Empires?

    Are the AoE series completely separate games, or are they 'built in' to this latest Age of Mythology?

    I'm pretty certain that they are separate games but not 100% sure.

    In which case if you wanted to get the whole collection would I need to get Age of Empires 1 2 and 3 with all the expansions and Age of Mythology as well, to get all the content?

    Which games would make a complete set? I've looked online a few times and it's never made clear.

    I haven't played any of the later games, because since the original AoE I haven't played any of them since (lack of time) and I feel like that would be playing them in the wrong order.

    Does it even matter which order you play them?

    • Order doesn't matter

    • +5 votes

      They're all distinct and diff games. Can play them in any order.

      Example this is focussed on mythology and therefore ancient Egyptian / Greek / Norse / Chinese civs and their religions. For Greeks, it is split up into two groups, the new Gods (Zeus / Poseidon / Hades and their progeny - i.e. Olympians), and the old Gods, the Titans (Gaia / Kronos / Oranos) and their non-Olympian progeny.

      AOE I is based on diff ancient civilisations with a non-mythological focus. AOE II is slightly more modern, and AOE III more about Spanish / British colonisation.

    • I grew up playing AOE1 and AOM, so those are my fave. AOE1 is quite basic though. There's the definitive edition available on Microsoft Store though. By the way, Age of Empires 3 was released after Age of Mythology

      • Interesting.

        Actually I wouldn't mind giving AoE 2 a go since I'm not really all that interested in playing as Spanish or British troops (seems kinda limited).

        As for AoE being pretty basic is ok, because I played it and loved it, now I want to get my dad to give it a go on his laptop (his last console was an Atari lol, so simple is good).

      • Just had a look at the page - there is also AoE 3 there for around $14 (75% off).

        In fact all the RTS games published by Microsoft are between 70-80% off.

        And Rise of Nations for around $7 (Rise of Nations is not part of the AoE series I'm guessing?).

        Not that it matters that much (other than the recent mess they had with log in problems) but these games can only be played by using the Steam launcher?

        • I'd keep in mind that there are newly released "Definitive Editions" that are available only on the Microsoft store. AOE2 definitive is about to drop really soon I think - I played a demo of it at E3 and it looks great!

          However, AOE2 HD might be fine too, I'm not sure!

          • @snoopydoop: Thanks mate. You can see how confusing it can be.

            Btw. In addition to the games you listed, on Steam there is AoE Complete Edition.

            I didn't have the time to see what it contains, or if it's the same game with two different names on those two platforms, but I do remember it was 75% off (I think all the AoE games are 75% off atm).

            So, it's as good a time to buy as any.

            Oh, and thanks for the heads up about the new version coming out, I'll keep an eye out for it.

  • I used to love mythology, but found finding opponents to play with less straightforward. is there problems with that still?

    • Just very few users online compared to other games like AOE II :/
      There is still a big competitive scene on Voobly. But rumour has it a definitive release is coming for AoM / AoT.

      • There's always a few people streaming AoE on Twitch still.

        You probably wouldn't get a game with the streamer, but people in the channel chat might be interested.

  • I play this very regularly on Steam. Get on it, great fun, great global online multiplayer community. Games going all the time to join. Recommend!

  • Amazing game, if it doesn't crash, have lat problems or run into one of those unfixed bugs.

  • Does this game still works on window 10?

    One of the games that I played to the max.

  • Dont bother with tale of the dragon

    its horrible

  • My favourite strategy game then red alert 2 then AOE 2 HD Edition.

    Thanks OP!

  • I only remember playing the bog standard AOM when it came out and I think I preferred the AOEs.. But +1 for well written and thought out description.

    • Fond memories of playing it at a LAN with hardcore AOK friends who raged when I dropped the meteor godpower on their built up bases.

  • Unfortunately, sale on the Age of Empire series has expired.

    Just one more question - from the comments I read here, I'm guessing it is better to buy the Steam version of these games because of the community. Is that right?

  • Big patch v2.7 just released in beta with lots of balance patches, bug fixes and just general improvements. Not quite there yet, but it is a lot better! Install by going to steam library, right clicking on aom > properties > betas, and click on 2.7. It will auto install.
    See release notes on steam or aoe website.

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