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Lebara Mobile: MEDIUM 180-Day Prepaid Plan $130 (With 20GB per mth Data, Unl. International Calls to 30 Countries)


Promotion LIVE now for both existing and new customers.

How to redeem 180-day offer?

For new customers follow 6 easy steps to activate and get the offer:
1. Buy a $2 Lebara SIM at your nearest retail store.
2. Visit www.lebara.com.au/activate.
3. If you wish to port your number, don’t forget to tick the port-in option.
4. Follow the activation steps with your ID details.
5. Select the Medium 180 Day Plan on SALE.
6. Click activate to start using the Lebara service.

Existing customers can recharge using the link: http://www.lebara.com.au/recharge
Sale ends midnight 10/07/2019.

countries included: https://www.lebara.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/M.pdf

Link https://www.lebara.com.au/data-boost

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  • +2

    Finally a good offer with international calls.

    • +1

      I paid $115 for this last month during their Winter sale. It had better data boost and an extra 10gb upfront.

    • -1

      huge delay on lebara int calls, you wont need that if you make many int calls it is so annoying, boost does not have delay i can confirm as ive switched to it

      • Ok. Thanks for that info. Was deciding between boost and this. Current one is catch doesn't have international calls.

      • -1

        True that. Also, voice clarity on International Calls using Lebara (Vodafone) is horrible for certain networks in the destination country. I am not facing these problems with Boost (Telstra) after porting from Lebara.

  • Outthere what about 180 days with small data like last month for 90 dollars.Im getting due to recharge with Lebara if not I'll shop around thanks

  • +1

    What about small plan? No need so much data

    • -2

      Hi simonlee,

      Our SMALL180 Plan is not on promo right now. Please use the link below to have a look at different Plans offered by Lebara Mobile.


  • Boost $100 will give you 60g in 6 months, 10!g a month good enough. Plus international calls.

    This is their normal price with no discount yet.

  • +2

    Whats the point having 20GB for and X amount of money if you cant use it, if you dont have a customer service who respects the customer, where you are just a customer who has prepaid and nowhere to do, whats the point going with Lebara ?

    I used it for 1 year and I have had the worst mobile usage experience in my life…. they refunded 1 month of money to me as credit for their bad service, Not sure I should be happy and thankful.

    Now I am on BOOST and no problems. I suggest steer off the despair.

  • +2

    I am at Melbourne. My family has been using Lebara for 2-3 years,no problem at all even making international calls.

    • -1

      Hi there,

      Thank you for your feedback. Your continued support means a lot to us.

      Team Lebara

  • +1

    used lebara for a year. not very happy with it. the voice quality of international call is very bad, hard to have a conversation as can't hear clearly. no customer service at all. recommend use it for a month first, if you happy with it, you can go ahead buy more.

    • -1

      Hi there,
      We hope that the issue has now been fixed. If you are still experiencing poor quality international calls, please call us at 126122 and our team would be happy to assist you.

  • +1

    Vodafone network. I had a painful activation experience with lebara, everything worked though, international calls worked fine for me. Still thinks it's worth going for boost/telstra/ optus for better off track CBD coverage.

  • +3

    Lebara you will loose plenty of customer if you don't come up with better deals. look boost and catch connect plans. Top in the market. I personally used lebara for over 4 years but i think time to move on with better deals available in the market. few of my friends already left to boost. wake up right now lebara or it will be too late and be left alone like lyca.

    • +2

      Was with Lebara for 12 months.
      First 6 months was $89 Medium Plan (7GB), next 6 months was $99 Large Plan (20GB).
      However, since April-May'2019, Lebara has not got any such competitive plans. Their Medium Plan is now $130 which is very high compared to their offering earlier. Had to port to Boost.

  • +1

    I'm with Lebara for 8 months now. Vodafone network always worked best for me.
    I'm happy with the deal i've got from Lebara. All good so far.

    • Hi Salarweb,

      We are glad to know that! Thank you for the comment.

  • +1

    When my PC/Gmail/mobile phone was hijacked - they ported my number to Lebara mobile without my knowledge or consent and Lebara accepted the port… Sorry Lebara I am still bitter about this.

    • If they have all documentation then why Lebara is to blame? Just curious.

  • Never mind, got the answer after reading at the top.

  • lebaraonline.com.au now redirects to lebara.com.au ?
    They did away with the duplicate URLs?

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