Skoda Superb Sportline MY18.5 VS Camry SL V6 MY17

So I am looking to spend about 35-37k on used car

Skoda Superb seems to offer best value on earth.
It has literally everything + 5 year warranty
0-100 in 5.8sec (some say 5.1sec in real life)
Basically Audi A5 Quattro drivetrain with cheaper interior

Camry is well Camry
Who even needs warranty on Camry
V6 is sweet and resale value should be better than Skoda

Any thougts?


  • Heart or head?

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    Test drive both and see what you think

  • Live life on the edge and flip a coin!

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    Lexus ES, thank me later;)

    • 35k budget Sir.

      • I agree that's a stretch. There are some used ones for 35-40, but slightly older than you are expecting as I understand.

    • I second this, ES350 Sports Luxury 2013-2015 an be had for under $40k it will Trump either car when it comes to ride comfort.
      Contrary to popular belief, ES is not fighting against E class or 5 series that's a job for GS, ES is competing with LS, it's a mini LS. I highly urge test driving one.

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        Exactly! And as the cherry on top the spare parts are really cheap when ordered from the US… But it's very unlikely you'll ever need anything.

        • My wife's Is250 was .. expensive to keep

          • @mousie: Care to elaborate further?

            • @pig: 98 ron only.
              Mechanically perfect but super expensive discs and rotors not relevant to mileage, age or driving.

              Batteries was super exxy too. And went thru 3 of them over 7 years.

              Thirsty. Beautiful car to drive but not the performance car.

              • @mousie: This is incorrect information, manual for IS250 last gen recommended U95 but it also stated U91 is possible to use.
                Battery is not super expensive, it's just normal price for a V6 engine.
                Discs and rotors are a fair point, but even then so it's much cheaper than the Skoda in question here.

      • I don’t know
        Current Gen Camry made a huge stride
        To the point where it’s 80% current ES350

        Not sure if it’s worth going for older ES for the badge and sound insultion

        • I've sat in both, the sound isolation and overall NVH is a big difference. You could mistake the es350 for being hybrid as it's that quiet, the Camry on the other hand you know the engine is on!

          Also the quality of material difference is there and is noticeable.
          Plus the Camry V6 will set you back more than the second hand ES

        • The new ES also sets a new benchmark, though from the rear it’s ptetty ugly imo.

  • used porsche

    • You know what? Cayman 981 PDK is not a bad investment

      • I recently rented a 15 year old boxster and a 15 year old merc s class. both very nice, but the merc was in much better condition.
        but luxury and tech fade and the merc felt very dated.
        sports stays fun though, so the porsche was an absolute blast. with a bluetooth radio upgrade it didnt feel like it was missing anything at all. I'm sure the new ones are better in some way, but I struggle to think of how much difference there could be.

        Plus they apparently have good rep for reliability etc… they are pretty tempting

        However, we used to have a new Golf and an old MX-5. The Porsche was like the best parts of those 2 cars put together, and improved. The sporty stability of the mx5, with the smooth engine of the golf (with way more power)
        So if I have the money, porsche. Otherwise, discount alternatives.

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    These questions might help you decide:

    Which one would you prefer?
    A. to buy a car
    B. to own a car

    How long do you plan on keeping the car?
    A. around 3 years
    B. 5+ years?

    Which engine would you prefer?
    A. Turbo
    B. Natural V6

    How important is 0-100 in 5.8 sec to you?
    A. Important
    B. Not important

    Do you mind driving the same car that is driven by taxi and uber drivers?
    A. Yes
    B. No

    If your answers lean more towards A then Skoda, if B then Camry. But as suggested above, test drive both and see which one you'd prefer. Also, you need to take into account the cost of servicing and parts for European cars, not just resale value.

  • Skoda all day every day, twice on sundays.

  • Camry V6. You will never regret it.

  • Will Skoda brand survive in Australia?

    • Look at their sales history here. Also, they are a part of vag group, they aren't going anywhere.

      • Skoda's sales figures isn't special. Their sales for their whole lineup for the month was <1/3 of Camry's monthly sales.

              • @brendanm:

                Here's a tip, it's going up.

                Skoda sold 5807 in 2018. That isn't much from the 3502 in 2012.

                They were outsold by brands like LDV, Volvo and JEEP. LDV sold 3210 T60. That is impressive for an unknown MIC.

                • @whooah1979: Still about 30-35k in circulation then. Enough now to make money out of their sky high servicing costs.

                • @whooah1979: Of course they are outsold by Volvo and jeep. How is that even a surprise? The point is that rather than declining as a brand they are growing. Jeep sell a million hunks of rubbish to people who want to have "just bought a Jeep".

                  Sorry had to lol at ldv, I've worked on a couple of those absolute buckets of crap, people only buy them because they are cheap, then get the shock of their lives come service and brake replacement time, both in how long they last and how much they cost. Then there is parts availability, which is a joke

      • SEAT came and went in Australia.

      • I'm a huge fan of a group of vag.

    • They've been here since 2007 in their "part of VW" format. That was right through the maximum GFC downturn when Opel came and went in a heartbeat and several other s failed too.

      Sales go up and down at the whim of VW Australia who will never let them grow bigger than VW but won't let them die either.

      The biggest issue with the marque is that they don't keep much floor stock so you often have to wait 6 months if you want a car with a particular colour and options.

  • Basically Audi A5 Quattro drivetrain with cheaper interior

    Lets not get ahead of ourselves here.

    This is coming from a Skoda owner (and I love my Skoda).

    • This. The Skoda is not Quattro. Motor is the wrong way around to start with.

      • I'm assuming the OP is looking at the 162tsi.

        If he wants AWD then he has to spend the extra on the 206tsi.

        • The engine is still the wrong way around, and doesn't use Audi's Quattro system.

          • @brendanm: Skoda is a Haldex system isn't it?

            Audi is Torsen?

            • @brad1-8tsi: Sort of. In this case, the a5 is a north south motor, the Skoda is an easy west. So yeah the Skoda will be a haldex (from memory), and the Audi will be torsen. Skoda should be front biased, Audi rear. They are just different platforms.

              • @brendanm: A5 has North South engine? Really?
                I thought they were using EA888 engine
                Didn’t know you can mount that North South

                • @nurbsenvi:,fl_...

                  A3 and below are east west, A4 and above north south.

                  You can mount any engine in any orientation with the right manifolds and mounts.

                • @nurbsenvi: The Superb is based on the VAG MQB platform eg. the A1/A3/Q2/Q3 little Audi’s and most of the VW range. I think they’re all Haldex AWD systems too from memory.

                  The A5 is based on the MLB platform which most of the A4 and above are based on - also includes the Porsche Macan, (and now the newer Lambo Urus and Bentley Bentayaga in its latest revision).

                  Comparing the Superb to the Arteon is probably a better comparison than comparing it to the A5.

                  • @maybeamacy: Ah I see

                    I test drove Audi TT, A5 Quattro and Superb

                    Experience was surprisingly similar to one another to be honest.

                    A5 and TT were a little more refined but in terms of performance there was nothing in it.

                    I wasn’t impressed I must say

                    Golf R had a bit more shove than all above.

                    • @nurbsenvi: There are numerous different engine options in each of those vehicles.

                      The driving experience is different when driving hard due to the different torque bias.

                      • @brendanm: They all felt understeery and kinda 7.5/10 to me

                        None of them seemed noticeably rear biased.

                        GTI tends to do some sort of lift off oversteer if you do Scandinavian flick despite being front wheel drive… but it’s stupid on public roads.

                        I really couldn’t tell the 20nm torque difference between A5 and the Superb.

                        Superb felt exactly like stretched Golf R

                        As good as the EA888 is it’s still a 4pot engine with lots of plastic parts
                        Nothing special really.

                        I really hope VAG would continue developing 5 cylinder models

                        • @nurbsenvi: Audi a5 is standard 40:60 front to rear. The east west engines cars typically are front biased and transfer power to the rear depending on how you are driving etc.

                          Generally all front wheel drives will tend to lift off oversteer, my haldex S3 would do it too.

                          All engine have plastic parts nowadays, cheap and light, just sucks for cooling system components.

                          Just get the S5 if you want more poke.

      • I love the rs3..

  • Don't forget to take into account servicing costs.

  • Skoda. That is all.

  • I owned a Skoda Octavia 1.8tsi M6 hatch since July 2008 and have done 195,000km. It's our 11th anniversary in a week.

    It was cheap at $30k d/a and they gave me $12k trade-in on a car that was worth $8k.

    It's been reliable but not as good as a Toyota would be.
    1x fuel pump under warranty. 2 water pumps, a $400 sensor in the turbo and the AC compressor works at about 30% efficiency.
    The dampers were worn out at 95k but that wear was accelerated because of the sports springs i put on it.
    Unlike many VW engines it doesn't use oil.
    It's still on original front brakes. The rears were changed in 2017.
    The ECU was remapped at 30,000km and the engine and drivetrain has been faultless despite the extra 15kw/80nm.

    The Skoda had a lot more "toys" than any Toyota (or other Japanese car). If you tend not to read owners manuals or make use of gadgets then a Skoda is a bit wasted on you.

    It's fun to drive and still puts a smile on my face under all conditions. The turbo woosh in all gears makes me laugh.

    I'd buy another Skoda at the right price in a New York minute.

    I'm not a fan of Camry but the latest model is a nice car if you want a conventional sedan with a boot and I'd get the Hybrid as they have good torque and are fun to drive. It would be my pick if you intend to keep beyond the warranty

    If you want a really versatile hatch that looks like a sedan then get the Superb, especially if you intend to change before the warranty expires. resale is OK, especially if you sell private.

    • What is up with European cars and water pumps
      They always fail prematurely regardless of the brand

      • maybe because they are made of plastic? Housing, impeller, the whole lot.

        Europeans seem to have no idea of our consistently high ambient temps and subsequently extremely high engine bay temps.

      • Agreed. My father got a Volvo XC90 and water pump died which lead to the engine getting cooked. Factory warranty had run out & 3rd party warranty didn't cover it. Lovely…

        My mother has a Skoda Superb & I can say it hasn't given us any headaches for the past 7 years.
        Go for Elegance spec if you're that way inclined (looks more refined).

  • If you plan to keep the car real long term (10ish+ years) maybe go with Camry, no turbo generally means less headache, cheaper servicing and likely better resale value due to brand trust.

    All that being said the Skoda is a nicer car and I would personally buy the Skoda.

    • They're both nice looking for their target market.

    • I've pretty much serviced mine every 12m/15k (whichever is first) and never had turbo issues (sample size of 1). I know many, many turbo car owners and the turbos are very reliable due to better oiling and cooling systems that continue to circulate coolant and run fans after the engine is turned off.

      What you will have issues with after 10 yrs is brittle plastics in the engine bay, interior plastics that can't handle UV or age or body oils, corrosion in electrical connections, wear/work hardening on light gauge wiring at hinge points, inlet manifold carbon on direct injection engines, oil sludging on engines that do lots of short trips without following "severe service" oil change recommendations and a few other items that are a result of poor design and lack of endurance testing.

  • I bought a new 162 superb about 4 months ago and do not regret it one bit. it is a fantastic piece of kit and such a nice place to be in!

  • I'd pick the Camry - but i'd argue Toyota isnt the 'value' brand it once was - there cars have actually become somewhat expensive due to the floor of Korean/Chinese competitors offering a lot more for less.

  • Skoda Superb all day. Got one a couple months back and can not fault it at all!
    Servicing is cheap as they arrange annual fixed prices servicing and 5year warranty. Which I believe can be extended for an additional couple years for a cost.
    Recommend second hand with low k’s from a private seller (not dealer) though, as depreciation is a bi+ch on them

  • If you drive the wrong way on freeway onramps, park inside cafes and enjoy hanging off the side of multistory car parks, go Camry.

    If you haven't given up on life, anything else.

  • Skoda Superb is a fantastic car. So Much fun to drive. I have driven Camry and it is not exciting. Interior is bland. I have been driving Skoda for the last 5 years.I will buy another Skoda in a heartbeat. Life is too short to buy a boring car. Camry will probably last for a million Kms but boring to drive.

  • The Camry, like many Toyota's, is an appliance. A reliable one at that - but that's all it ever really will be I'd imagine.
    The Skoda is definitely a more enjoyable choice to drive, tech, interior etc.

  • Lots of other factors to consider. Im in the exact same boat coming from my early 2000s Civic and looking to buy a Superb shortly. Things to consider include:

    • Fuel type (91 RON vs 95 RON)
    • Insurance
    • Servicing
    • Reliability
    • Spare parts availability
    • Indicator stork difference
    • Euro brand vs Asian brand
    • Options available (i.e. sunroof, virtual cockpit)

    I have a lot more pros than cons which is why im looking at Superb over a simpler/regular car.

  • I have the MY 18 Octavia and would have definitely bought the superb if I could afford it back then. Servicing is cheaper but definitely won't be as cheaper as the camry for the first few years. If you need to make the best use of it I would recommend that you tune. The guys at the "Auskoda " page on Facebook will be able to give you some recommendations and tips

  • Take a look at used Lexus, you can pick up a 2015/6 IS200t. Great chassis, solid build quality, and torquey turbo engine. Happy car hunting!

  • I'm glad you narrowed this discussion down to the Best value on Earth.

  • Is it really a choice. You get a free umbrella with the Skoda in the car doors.

    Case closed.

  • Camry

    At least the Camry won't dump its guts after 40,000km

  • "Basically Audi A5 Quattro drivetrain with cheaper interior"

    I think you need to open the bonnet on both and not listen to the Salesman. You'll see the EA888 mounted differently and they have different 4wd systems. They will drive pretty different.

    • Agree they're not the same but I'd still take the Superb over the A5. No point having a north-south engine if it's still going to be slung so far ahead of the front axle

      • Yup I don’t know wtf Audi is trying to do with that
        Especially when it’s not even rear biased

  • Are you mechanically minded?

    The Toyota is a boring, safe car for commuting. Will be able to resell at a decent price shes ready to go.

    Post wty Skoda you do not have a lot of after market service options. Small spare parts pool equals higher cost.

    But if TCO isn't as important as performance. SKODA.

    The Lexus is a good option. Not as perky perf wise.

    I've driven the Octavia GS, but I preferred the Passat. Current car I bought a Kia Optima cause I'm a tightarse and got a deal and do way too many ks so was a factor. I have found a new Holden Calais for 41k, two weeks ago which was compelling. Brand spanking new. If i hate the car in 12 mths. Might lose 10k. But holden… ugh

    • I hate GM products with passion
      They are crooks

      • So is every democratically elected political party. But this is not a question on ethics. What is important to you?

        • I don't know something about GM products that are off putting to me
          It seems like they don't give much crap about what they make.

    • Skoda use vast majority of the same parts as in other vag group cars, Audi, VW etc, parts are everywhere. Anyone that can service a car can service a Skoda, it isn't a mythical beast. If you really get excited and want a "specialist" any of the standard Audi/vw guys will be all over it.

    • Agree..wise to about resale and maintainance costs and not just up front costs

  • I vote Mazda 6 Atenza. The Skoda is one hella ugly car.

  • Kia Stinger 4 cyl turbo. 0-100 6 seconds:

    Or haggle them down for the V6 twin turbo 0-100 4.9 seconds:

    Both get very good reviews, run on 91 RON and have remainder of the 7 year warranty.

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