This was posted 2 years 6 months 15 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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WIRED Magazine: $5 USD (~ $7 AUD) for 12 Months (Normally ~ $50 USD)


Nearly IMPOSSIBLE to share this deal… Maybe the mechanical conditions that make it "hard" are there to "weed out" targeted- Offers…?

AFTER A LONG BUSY DAY, Not able to find my way thru OzB's maze!

We've been receiving WIRED news- reports for some time; having never subscribed, I guess it was time to make an Offer I couldn't refuse: 90% Off

(There's a 50% Off "Flash" Deal on their web site)

'Just found an eMail from WIRED with a 90%-Off Offer (1 yr)

I guess they didn't think I'd buy at the ~$50-level….

Right they were! ;~)

See foto

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    I'm unsure that this is a targeted deal - I just went to and clicked subscribe, and it offered me the $5 / year digital only price - normally $10 apparently.

    I guess it's still a deal…

    • Groupon has WIRED's [ IMPOSSIBLE TO POST ] 90 - 92% OFF 4th of July Offers… for 1 or 2 years, resp.

      • No idea what your issue is. Have linked to Wired which is I assume what you want to post? Nothing on OzBargain's side preventing you from linking to that link or Groupon.

        I should add that your library e-magazine program (Zinio, RB Digital) usually has this magazine for free. Always read it on long flights.

        • Glen Eira library does not unfortunately.

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    Not targeted
    us$5? = $7.13
    Not Normally ~$50
    Not 90% off but 50% off us$10 for digital copy

    us$5 Print offer for USA - add shipping for each copy.

    Your subscription will be automatically renewed unless you tell us to stop. Before the start of each renewal, you will be sent a reminder notice stating the term and rate then in effect (us$30/yr)

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      Well, OzB's MAZE wouldn't let me post a photo of the deal (I couldn't find a URL, where were you guys when I needed your URL… ;-) of the eMail that alerted me to 1 of the 2 deals

      • Just click subscribe at top right of linked deal. (Now updated to that link)

        Still those errors!
        11 copies/yr.

        I have print copies unopened from last year - not that interesting for me anymore.

        Free from library or online through libraries.

        Digital copies are frequently offered at this price.

  • The actual magazine I've found to be pretty rubbish TBH.
    Happy to pay $5 for digital though, good value at that price.

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      You'd be getting BOTH for US $ 5, as I read the 90% Deal

      • +1

        Yes, correct I believe.
        But, you have to pay for international shipping (once off, maybe 25USD or so from memory), that's not worth it.

        • Didn't notice that… Agreed

          True for the Groupon ver of the Deal(s)…?
          Just posted URL to it, above…
          No time to do it now

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        if in US though. For Australia its just the digital for $5 USD

  • This mag is still around? Is it still relevant?

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    Shipping is $30 if you want the print version in addition to the digital

  • Ouch, $30 shipping kills Print deal. Digital for $5 is debatable, it's available at the library already.

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      As neil commented your library e-magazine program (Zinio, RB Digital) usually has this magazine for free

      • Worded it badly, but that's what I was trying to say :)

        • Many libraries also have print copies - mine does.
          Either way us$5 saved👍

  • Good deal for $5 a year, my god is the iPhone app rubbish.

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