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Johnnie Walker Green Label 700ml $66 @ First Choice Liquor


Found this today, much cheaper than Dan ($84)and Boozebud. Quite a good drink,mix of single malts, if you like peat and single malt whiskey.

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First Choice Liquor

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    "Quite a good drink,mix of single malts, if you like peat and single malt whiskey"

    Thanks for the bargain heads up OP, appreciated. But, as you apparently don't know, so as not to mislead others a single malt by definition can't be a "mix of single malts" because it is ….a single malt whisky. Anything else is a blend. Green label is a blended whisky, made from four single malts, albeit should be a very good one at 15 years on oak. Cheers.

    • i think thats what he meant. its made of a mix of single malts (all which combine to make my fav JW) and the single malts used are great on their own as well esp talisker.

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        No that's not what he said, and couldn't be what he intended if he understood what he was talking about. It's a blend. End of.

        • Single malt only refers to the distiller of origin. Most 'single malts' are indeed from multiple mashes at the same unit. Hence single malt:

          1. Many mashes potentially, must be same distillery.
          2. Must be aged 3+ min years (US and Europe) in oak.
          3. 40% or higher need only apply.
    • True, but I think he's describing the flavour. On the site it also describes the character being like a single malt whisky.

      I personally never had a drop of this so it's quite a simple and "neat" description. ;)

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    should read : if you like peat don't buy this…. buy a Islay single malt.

    • taste is pretty subjective, you might not like it but others might.

      • Edit wrong words

      • true, I think the problem in the OP post is "if you like peat and single malt whiskey.", the reality is if those are what you like you aint likely to be buying a blend, especially when there are so many better peaty single malts than this available.

      • That's so very true xcal. That said, whilst I've found blends I'd rather put down the sink than drink, I've never had a single malt I wouldn't drink, though I might have a preference for some over others.

        • @odal, Not sure that I totally agree. I've had more than one 'single malt' that proved to be seriously mono-dimensional - very much dominated by a single characteristic.

          For instance, I can't fathom the enjoyment some people get from Laphroaig 10. It is so dominated by peatiness that you can't taste anything else. Yet it'd be useful in a blend that needs a bit more peaty oomph. The more $$$ Laphroaig lines are quite another thing - the peat character seems far more integrated and appreciable.

          As for ordinary blends - I'm with you there. Some of them seem so devoid of character that you'd wonder if they contained any whisky at all.

          I'm no great fan of JW blends. The cheap ones need a mixer and the upmarket ones are too expensive for what you get. I make an exception for Green Label - not too expensive (at this price) and with decent and well integrated complexity. I've bought it before and will buy it again!

    • I dunno. I bought a bottle of this on a previous deal, and I found plenty of swamp in it. As a fan of Abalour, this stuff was a bit of a challenge. Just sayin’.

  • It is a very good whiskey for $66

  • My meat pie is a mix of whole steaks.

  • $64 for a litre for BL at DM still values the best for me. Oh yeah

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    It's blended, not single malts

    I don't know why this crud is so popular when you can get real single malts for not much more money - but then I guess some people need something to mix with their coke

    • I genrally drink single malts but for what this is it's a nice drop. Very smooth and i enjoy it.

    • Had many of the single malts in this price range, still like this.

      Funny how my taste buds aren't your taste buds!

    • It’s actually a vatted malt rather than blended malt. Only vatted malt in their line up.

      And it’s actually a pretty good drop. Don’t judge a book by its cover - ‘single malt’ doesn’t always mean good. The blended Japanese hibikis are amazing

    • Single malts are available for as low as $45. Being a single malt doesn't automatically entail better whiskey. Single is the name means it is fron the same distillery and malt means it is made from 100% malted barley. Even single malt whiskeys are a blend of barrels from the same distillery. Distillers job is to maintain consistency in flavour profile by blending these barrels. JW green is a blend of malt whiskeys from different distilleries (4 of which are mentioned on the box). Blended scotch(other JW labels)is a blend of grain and malt whiskeys. If you are putting your nose up because of label, my friend you are truely missing out.

      A true whiskey drinker places taste(highly subjective) above all, and by all I mean the type, age statement, price and label on the box.

  • remember to pour 5 shots for the taxman whenever you take a shot