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Domino's Value or Traditional Pizza $5.95 Pick up When Ordered from Mobile Site


Pretty self explanatory, all large value and traditional pizzas are $5.95 each pick up when ordered using the new Dominos mobile site.

Also available for $9.95 each delivered.
Note that there is NO SURCHARGE for public holiday orders!

As pointed out in comments, you can also trick your browser into loading the mobile site to get this deal from home, using the following Firefox add-on..
Thanks to charlesqi for this hint!

OR go to www.dominos.com.au from any browser using this website
thanks scrimshaw

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  • $10 delivered.

    • ….except the minimum delivery order is $20!

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    You can use a user agent switcher and do this if you don't have a schmancy mobile.

    https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/user-agent-sw... (For FF)

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    on the ads also mentioned no surcharge on public holiday, it seems this big company not realize it is illegal to add surcharge on public holiday.

    • They removed public holiday surcharge quite a while ago…

    • But the vast majority of the public doesn't know that. Brownie points for nothing.

    • +1

      Actually its true that while illegal to say there is a surcharge on public holidays (or any other day), it isn't illegal to have a separate menu and charge different prices on public holidays. What Domino's is saying is that they are playing by the book. Dread the day that they do have a separate menu for public Holidays, some restaurants already do.

  • Cheers scrimshaw and charlesqi!

  • Works great, thanks for posting!

  • Opera order works :)

  • The code 13869 makes it $5.95 for traditional pizzas too.
    I think it's meant to last till the end of this year too.

  • +1

    Couldn't get any working $5.95 or under codes so used this with the firefox add on for yesterday's dinner.

    Nomnom :)

  • Last weekend I ordered $5.95 Dominos pizza from their website, then when I drove there to pick up my pizza I saw an ads at the store "Weekend special, large pizza for $4.95". I was like… WTF, I should have ordered at the store instead :O

    So check with your store, maybe you can get even cheaper deal on weekend :)

  • used this tonight and it works in FF, great stuff!!

  • when does this expire?

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