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[XB1, PS4] Destiny 2 - Forsaken - Legendary Collection $28 (Plus Shipping or C&C) @ EB Games


Good price on Destiny 2 at EB Games.
Also I can see Skyrim Special Edition and Mudrunner - American Wilds for $28 if they are your thing

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    Skyrim is $15 at Big W right now

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    Reminder that Destiny 2 + Year One DLCs will be free for all players from September 17th https://www.gamesradar.com/au/destiny-2-free-to-play/


      But also keep in mind forsaken will only really be half/less included in the free version. So this is still a good price as forsaken alone will likely not go cheaper than this.
      For clarification you wont get the Raid, the dungeon (like a mini 3 person or solo raid), the exotics quests, the actual; story campaign of forsaken and i think a couple other bits and bobs. So essentially you just get the planet to free roam on which doesn't give you much to actually do.


    I hear this game, and it's predecessor are total grind fests. I'm interested to see how the transition to F2P treats it, would be funny if there was zero changes and tweaks.

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      They can be if you really want to 'grind' for everything, but really to get the main points done it can be a nice lengthy but not overly arduous game.
      If anything F2P will make it more grindy to keep players there longer hoping they'll buy more MTX or DLCs.


    I just bought XBone Destiny 2 base game last week at JB for $28. Dammit.