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Sierra Nevada Tropical Torpedo IPA (6 pack, 6.7%, 355mL) $20.88 @ Dan Murphy's


From Dan's: Inspired by the island life, Sierra Nevada Tropical Torpedo is an IPA created to completely disconnect from the mainland. Using their one-of-a-kind Hop Torpedo to deliver an intense rush of hop flavor and the lush aromas of mango, papaya, and passionfruit with every sip. Enjoy the tropical twist on the American IPA.

Normally priced in the high $20s/early $30s. Purchased Friday night and mine were "Best Before: Feb 2020".

Perhaps not as tropical as the name would have you think but a good solid flavour. Enjoy!

Rated 89 @ RateBeer.com https://www.ratebeer.com/Ratings/Beer/Beer-Ratings.asp?BeerI...

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  • Thanks, will try it out

  • Well the label looks good!

    Sierra Nevada are a quality beer.

    Get all my beers on member specials at Dans these days

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      Well the label looks good!

      Yep, that's my key criteria for choosing a beer too…

  • You can also buy the case of 24 for only $75.89 after a 5% coupon PARSLEY on their eBay store :


    Free delivery if you are a Plus member too.

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    Normally priced in the high $20s/early $30s.


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    $3.48 per bottle is a good price.

  • For those playing at home there is also a 6 pack of Ballast Point IPA in this month Dan Murphys sales for $19.

    Tastes great

  • Nice. Hop Hunter is my preferred

  • If I still drank alcohol I would get this deal

  • Using their one-of-a-kind Hop Torpedo

    Do they fire it from a submarine?

  • Thanks, will have to give it a go theie other IPAs I have tried have been great

  • Do the hops not go off after 6 months?

    • In craft beer circles there is an obsession with "freshness", but the reason why IPA exists as a style is because the extra hops act as a preservative.

      George Hodgson, a London brewer in the late 1700s, used his connections to the East India Co. to dominate the export market to the (British India) colony. Among other beers, Hodgson exported a strong pale ale. It was probably brewed with extra additions of hops and at higher alcohol levels, both of which act as preservatives. The long voyage transformed the beer into a wonderful drink.


      If anything the hops just mellow out a bit over time and you're still left with a nice beer. It won't go "off" and taste horrible if you drink it by the best before date. If it's on special then taking a small hit on the hop freshness isn't much of a compromise.

      • I'm familiar with the (arguably ironic) history.
        Only commented because I haven't had a drinkable IPA (including cans) older than 4 months. Especially with the major retailers not keeping them in cold storage, and not to mention the heat exposure with international shipping.

        • I agree with you. Fresh beer (regardless of style) always tastes better and there is definitely a noticeable difference when compared to older beer.

        • Personally speaking I've never cracked an imported IPA and thought it tasted "off". Could be that I've been lucky or it could be my tastebuds.

          I've always thought that imported IPAs taste different from those produced in Australia, but I've generally put that down to the use of different hops and depth of brewing knowledge. I'd definitely be interested to take a imported can of something overseas and taste it side by side with the same beer direct from the taphouse.

          Certainly Sierra Nevada and Ballast Point suggest that their packaged products be consumed within 120 to 150 days of packaging, but neither manufacturer mentions anything about a "best before" date on their containers. I'm assuming this gets stamped on some time during the Australian importation process because the manufacturers only talked about packaging dates on their respective websites.

          During the special that DM had on the BP Big Eye a few months back I couldn't make head nor tail of any of the codes on the cans. Nothing seemed to align with the info about packaging dates on the BP website. Would be interesting to email BP/SN and ask for their take on it.

          At the end of the day for around $20 a six pack you're getting into pseudo-craft price territory with the likes of John Boston, Cricketer's Arms etc. I'd wager that even a less than fresh Sierra Nevada beer would be better than those.

          • @Nomadesque: Over a year ago, Ballast Point's BB date was a code including the day/365 of canning. I had half the six pack taste fresh.

            Given the positive feedback on imported IPAs, I'm tempted to give this Torpedo a go. Dan Murphy's has given me to full refunds on 5/6 6 packs which I complained were oxidised.

            It would be hard to try a US tap and bottle side-by-side unless the bar had both.

  • Gees one bottle of this will over the limit :)

    Have to give a try!

    Have to pick it up @Alexandria prefer to be @strathfield :(

  • $79.88 at boozebud with 7% cashback. Brings it to $74.29 + Shipping, not bad either :)

  • So when i order this, they will deliver just one bottle?

  • Do these taste like the wild yak beer ?

    • I doubt it.

      4.2% vs. 6.7%
      IPA vs. Pale Ale

      I find the Wild Yak pretty insipid for a Pale Ale. Just hints of the flavours that should be a lot bolder.

    • Nothing like it at all.

      I had this in the US. I love the standard Sierra but found this too hoppy for me. Very strong.

      I do like hoppy bear but don't think I'm a "hop head"

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    Pretty average beer, I'd give it a miss, especially if it's 4-5 months old. I'm sure it is. I'd recommend Mornington Peninsula IPA instead. With a $30 Boozebud Online Credit you can get a case for $65 + delivery.